Freebird Circles Quilt

You just might remember these blocks I started putting together at a quilting retreat a couple months ago?  They are now part of a finished quilt. woo!

I can not take any credit for the awesomeness of this quilt. It was designed by my friend and co-worker, Sharon, at the shop where I used to work, American Quilting.  She put this quilt together using lots of fabrics from one of my favorite recent fabric collections, Freebird by Momo.  (Which actually, now that I think about it, came out almost 2 years ago. Wow, time flies!)
I rarely buy kits (mainly because I have enough fabric as it is to make a kajillion kits of my own) but I decided I couldn’t pass up this one.  All the strips were pre-cut and I knew I could whip it up quick. And I got a discount. :) I bought this kit over a year ago and sadly, they are long gone.
Here is the back.  Once again I pulled the backing yardage from the stash and added a few left over blocks. I have more blocks yet that are left over, so I think I’ll make them into a little table-runner.
The quilt size is only about 60″ x 60″.  I debated making it bigger, but decided to keep it the size it was.  It’s a perfect lap quilt (I’m sitting under it right now as I type this post) or table topper.  I like the colors a lot. They don’t clash with my Christmas stuff (so I can leave it out during the holidays), but at the same time, there’s nothing really Christmas-y about it so it doesn’t need to be only used at Christmas time.
I think my favorite part is the big dotty fabric in the center. The quilt was machine quilted by my friend Monica.  She outlined all of the dots which really makes them pop, especially now that the quilt is washed and dried.  Kind of makes them all look like they were appliqued on.  Isn’t that tricky?
 I also love how the circle quilting looks on the back.
Felt good to have a quick new project to kick off the new year. Also felt good to finally finish another UFO (un-finished object) that was sitting around giving me a guilt trip.


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    Wow, that's a great quilt! And I love that you used a print piece in the center – it makes it really quick to whip up, but looks awesome! And yes, I had to check twice to be sure that it was a print and not appliqued!!

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    I kept reading, hoping for details, because those dots DO look like they were appliqued. Very cool quilting trick! Love the pretty colors and your back is really fun too!<br /><br />xo -E

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    I really thought they were appliqued! That&#39;s a really good trick that I will store away. I love the frabric too – nice finish – well done!

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    I LOVE it! I&#39;ve always thought that big circle print was too big for anything but the back of the quilt but I love how this quilt uses it as a panel instead. Beautiful.<br /><br />Freebird is my favourite line of all time and I made a quilt for my living room from it.

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    Love that quilt! Your quilt shop wouldn&#39;t have anymore freebird would it? I bought a few charm packs when it came out and I&#39;ve been looking for some more for ages. I want to make a quilt for my brother with it and it&#39;s about the only color scheme he likes, go figure…

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    Amy, that is darling! I love it and I love how the circles look appliqued on! Genius! Great photos too.<br /><br />I need to get back to you…I&#39;ll email you soon. Take care!<br />Amber

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    i was thinking when i saw this, &quot;oh my goodness, she appliqued all those perfect circles!&quot; you&#39;re pretty tricky, or maybe it was monica&#39;s mad skills. but i love still love it, deception and all. 😉

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    i absolutely thought that they were applique…that was the first thing i thought(&quot;man that is so cool, but it looks really hard&quot;)<br /><br />this is really fun!

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    This quilt is beautiful! When I saw the pics, my initial thought was to ask how long it took you to make so many perfect appliqued circles, and how long to piece it. Hah!! Great job Monica!

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    I LOVE this quilt. With the big piece of unbroken fabric in the center and the pieced blocks on the outside, its kind of an inside-out quilt. As much as I would love the kit, I&#39;d be happy with a pattern or measurements. Is that available anywhere?

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