Jedi Robes

Since I mentioned, prior to Christmas, that I needed to make Jedi Robes, a couple people asked me to share my thoughts and process.  I used this Jedi Robe tutorial and they were a snap!  Remembering the ease of the SuperHero cape experience, I made my robes out of fleece – no hemming or edge-turning at all. I found the fleece for $2 a yard. Nice. (Extra nice since I won’t worry for a second as these robes get trashed.) The first robe took maybe 30 min to put together, but I think I made the second in 15 minutes. Seriously, that easy.  
To figure out the yardage, measure your kid (or grown-up) from the shoulder to the ground and double that measurement.  Add 12″ for the hood. I needed 2 3/4 yards for my 7-yr-old and 2 1/2 yards for the 5 yr-old.
The great thing about this pattern is by leaving off the hood, you could use the same method to make a Snuggie.  (Just put the robe on backward.) Think how popular you will  be with your kids.
It was a very Star Wars Christmas at our house. Not only new Light Sabers, robes and legos, but our super-awesome Aunt sent Star Wars pancake molds. Wow. Could life get anymore exciting? She got these from Williams-Sonoma.  I’m still pretty good at free-handing Alderaan, Deathstar, and Moon of Endor pancakes on my own.
SInce then I saw the Star Wars Craft Book on Vanessa’s blog.  Cracks me up, but I don’t know if I’m truly dedicated enough as a mother to make Washcloth Wampas. We’ll have to see.
Also for Christmas, basketball jersey of our other favorite inter-galactic hero: Jimmer.
Next time, I promise we will return to the quilt-y posts. 
Thanks for your patience with this little sidetrack.
May the force be with you.


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    Loved the "digression"! Those robes are so fun! I tried to make BYU jammies for the kids. Wasn't as successful as I'd hoped…they were all a size too small, so we passed them down the line and the oldest still doesn't have his pair yet!! Maybe next year?

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    My husband's been a die hard star wars fan since he saw the movie when he was 11! Our son's not a fan though…. I should totally make one of those robes for Jeff (my hubby) for halloween next year LOL!! Love the idea to make it out of fleece!!

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    I just showed your jedi robes to my 7 year old Star Wars obsessed son – they are now very high on my to sew list. In his words totally awesome!

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    I love getting side-tracked by Star Wars! Continue! :)<br /><br />Love the robes — and we have those pancake molds but I can never get the pancakes to release from them! Need more practice, I must. ;)

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    Love that stripe… I have a bunch of it in a few colors and it truly goes with EVERYTHING! Also, it&#39;s good to have outside sewing projects, it makes us fabric nerds seem more well rounded ;)

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    Your robes are just too cute Amy!! What fun having a Star Wars Christmas! It seems like yesterday we were doing the very same thing (minus the awesome Jedi robes). :o) Happy New Year. :o)

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    Very cute! I don&#39;t need the force to tell me I&#39;ll probably be attempting this for my son in about 3 years. And well, I was Princess Leia for Halloween once (white robe and buns) :)

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    Oh man, those are awesome! My kids would LOVE them. I will definitely be checking out that tutorial as I see a few of those Jedi robes in our future. Thanks very much for sharing them.

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    I love it. My husband&#39;s aunt bought my daughter (23) the Star War&#39;s cookie cutter set last Christmas. She bought my son (26) a Darth Vadar pancake turner.<br />I wish I&#39;d thought of making Jedi robes when my kids were little, but there wasn&#39;t polar fleece in those days.

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    Great robes! The homemade snuggies that I made for my kids for Christmas were a big hit and so quick to put together. I&#39;ll have to tell my son to put his on backwards and turn it into a Jedi robe!

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    &quot;I&#39;m still pretty good at free-handing Alderaan, Deathstar, and Moon of Endor pancakes on my own.&quot;<br /><br />LOL!!! I almost woke my kids up from their naps and had to stifle my laughing! I&#39;m hoping my kids love Star Wars as much as I do and I have a few jedi robes in my future. :)<br /><br />-Amanda-

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    You are the coolest mom, ever! Wow! Such a fun collection of Christmas gifts.<br /><br />Also, I&#39;m amazed that you free-hand pancakes of any kind. Go you!<br /><br />xo -E

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