Good Getaway

We took a nice little family getaway over the holiday weekend here in the U.S.  We visited southern Utah including Kolob Canyon (snow) and Snow Canyon (no snow). This time I did not have any quilts to make my husband pose with unlike our trip to Bryce Canyon National Park last fall. :)

We stayed in the town of St. George – I love the pioneer architecture in St. George – party because I’m just a sucker for old stuff and partly because some of my progenitors helped to build these buildings: St. George LDS Temple, Tabernacle, and Jacob Hamblin home. Couldn’t leave out the picture of the quilt! (My husband cracks up every time he sees me pull out my camera to take pictures of any quits that cross our path.)

I also got a lot of stitching done on the road. I love that time to talk with my husband and sit and stitch uninterrupted (well, mostly uninterrupted). Thank heaven I don’t get car sick.  And now, back to the craziness at home. Time to catch-up on laundry, emails, school work etc.  Sometimes I think you need a vacation to catch-up after your vacation.

Okay, thanks for indulging me in the travelogue.  Later this week I’ll be sharing my block for Jackie’s Block of the Month.  Now’s your time to catch-up on the others before Saturday. (At least, that’s my plan. 😉


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    So pretty, I love southern Utah. I don't get down there nearly enough anymore! I love the old quilts you can see in all the old pioneer buildings.

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    Sounds like a perfect weekend! Your photos are beautiful. When I was a kid, we lived in So. Cal. and I used to love the drive up to St. George — right through Santa Clara with it's fruit stands and pioneer homes. Then the built the interstate and took all the fun out of it!

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    Yay for getting so much stitching in :o) It's been fun travelling along – I'm just in the process of sorting out the mad road trip Laura (Quokka Quilts) and I will be going on after Sewing Summit in October – so far in the 2 1/2 weeks we've got we'll be hitting Arches/Canyonlands, Mesa Verde, Canyon De Chelly, Sedona, Grand Canyon, Mojave National Park, Vegas and Bryce Canyon

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    How fun! My grandma lived in St. G. for most of my childhood, a few blocks from the temple. I love visiting the pioneer sites. Cove Fort has some pretty quilts too and I got some ribbing about taking photos of them.<br />Are you making a family tree? Where did you get it?

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    I saw and took pictures of many quilts in the Brigham Young Winter home when we were in Southern Utah last April. We had snow coming back up towards SLC from there. Nice you missed the snow this trip. I&#39;m working on my Block as I read your post, I had to come back online and re-read the directions.

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    So fun to see pictures of St. George. Our house was quite near Snow Canyon, and I used to love to go walking there. I think it&#39;s a well kept secret, and still one of my most favorite places to hike.

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