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Not much sewing time for me this week.  We’re working on a giant basement room swap-er-oo right now, which includes all of my sewing stuff junk mess crapola supplies. It’s kind of scary to find out how much there really is in that room. Yikes. But I’ve actually been so excited to just DO IT because it forced me to clean out, inventory, (try not to want to throw-up at the thought of all that’s there), and get organized.

Everything has been relocated to a new room.  (Can I just say that I realize how lucky I am to even have a space like this at all. Incredibly lucky. I do not take it for granted.) This room is snug, but I really like the location of this room – much more a part of the action for one thing. It’s right at the bottom of the stairs off the kitchen. I feel like I can keep a better pulse on what’s going on in the house from here. My other sewing space was in the basement, around two corners and far removed from any crisis. So I rarely felt I could work from there and as a result, my projects seemed to migrate all over the house.  This space is going to be awesome.

Look how clean and organized it is already.

Oh wait. Maybe not.  There is still much to go through and reorganize before things are functional, let alone pretty. But fortunately the process is fun.

The best part of this room are the built in shelves. 
They were here when we bought the house a couple of years ago.
They are perfect for this. Fabric storage.  It’s easily accessible and stays neat and tidy and lest dusty behind the doors. And I can still see the pretty colors through the glass. I love it! Thanks to whoever out there installed these babies. Little did they dream the amount of fabric they would hold. Probably the last thing on their mind, actually. (And this is again why I cringe at the thought of my neighbors reading this post. I mean who in their right mind needs that much fabric?)
I will promise to give a real tour when everything is neat and organized. I’m excited to actually have a sewing space (or what my husband calls “the place where the magic happens”) that I actually want to show to people. First time ever for me.
A BIG thanks for the sewing machine input in the lat post. It’s so much fun to hear the love out there for everyone’s sewing machines. Some great advice in those comments. THANK YOU!
Finally, our friend Emily Herrick is giving away TONS of her newly released fabric collection Hall of Fame.  Check our her block contest for all the details!


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    how great! those shelves are amazing! i often think i need to do something about the upstairs location of my sewing room…but its always the clutter that i worry about bringing it downstairs…no where to hide anything!

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    I love those shelves! My current space is an unworkable mess … if I get somewhat organized, I may have to treat myself to some built in storage (looks like something I saw at ikea recently)<br /><br />Sarah

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    You mean not everyone has stashes of fabric? Oh. A quilter in the craft store told me that whomever dies with the most fabric wins. I just assumed that meant we were to stockpile like made whenever possible. At least you&#39;ve given me a great idea on how to store it! I love the glass cabinets so you can see the colors! Awesome!

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    Hey! That&#39;s what I&#39;m doing today, too! I love that your shelves have glass doors! So nice! I&#39;m looking forward to the &quot;after&quot; pictures! Keep up the good work! :o)

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    That is really great that you will be on the same level as all the action!:) Just off the kitchen AND the stairs is a great place to be!!<br /><br />The in-laws moved yet?

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    I don&#39;t believe you can have too much fabric….the problem is too little shelving. I&#39;m constantly re-organizing mine. This spot should work much better for you.

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    That location sounds great! My sewing room is on the third floor of our house- which is a nice getaway on the weekend when my husband is there to watch my daughter, but impossible to use during the week unless she is napping!

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    I love those cabinets!! You don&#39;t have too much fabric. I do. That&#39;s why I&#39;m not in my right mind. Going down hill quick. Your room will be so pretty. Thanks for sharing with us.

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    Thank you for sharing those pictures of your lovely fabric. My hubby used to say I had too much, but I just show him photos like this now and he shuts up! :) Re the sewing machine; I have a Pfaff 2020 which was recommended to me for the dual feed. It really does make a difference, especially when quilting.

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    That space is going to be amazing and you will create even more wonderful things there. Those cabinets are to die for. I&#39;m jealous. <br /><br />My hubby has no idea how much fabric I have. He doesn&#39;t look, but it isn&#39;t nearly that much so I don&#39;t feel bad.

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    We recently got rid of the guest bed so I can put my sewing table and cutting table in the same room. We decided the inflatable double high beds are comfortable enough since we only have guest maybe 4 to 6 days a year. It is way down in the basement several turns away but that make&#39;s it quieter down there :) and I can still use my baby monitor if I need to.

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    Your space is so nice. My family calls my room &quot;Mom&#39;s little room of sin&quot; I too am working on decluttering my room this week. The hardest part for me is not jumping right up and working with the cute fabric I am folding at the time!! So much fabric so little time.

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    The new sewing room is going to be awesome, I am sure. Have fun with it! I agree that quilters really do need all that fabric. It&#39;s what keeps us going.

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    Is it bad that I just want to jump around in all that lovely sewing stuff?!! But that would mess up your organizing so I&#39;ll leave you to it and look forward to the pictures! I am wondering why you were sewing in the corner of the basement when those lovely shelves were clearly crying out to be filled with fabric?!! :)

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    I too love your cabinets!!!! I don&#39;t think you have too much fabric at all!!! You should come to my house….that that my dear is almost too much fabric!!! Almost!!lol

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    I so get you on the neighbor thing! Mine stayed hidden for so long, until our basement flooded and I had to have guys come in and move my giant sewing machines. Now people in the neighborhood shop in my fabric collection since we&#39;re so far away from any stores.

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    It&#39;s so nice to see how a &quot;real&quot; stitcher lives. Not every sewing/craft room looks like a stylized photo shoot!<br />And I so appreciated the sewing machine comments, it gives me a much better idea of what I should do :)

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    Ohh…I so envy this space Amy! I love the shelving, that looks so perfect for fabrics. I am trying to ignore the mess (fabrics, ribbons, bead and so forth) behind me as I type this comment. :)

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