Nine Patch Mini Quilt Tutorial

  I am excited to be a part of Melissa’s Simply Charmed Blog Hop today.  

In thinking about what I would like to make with a Charm Pack, I decided to replicate this little mini-quilt/table-topper that I made last fall. I loved having a little zing of color on my normally ‘blah’ boring kitchen table.

Thanks to the generosity of the Fat Quarter Shop I was able to make a festive Valentines mini to festoon my kitchen table for February. (Try saying that 5 times fast.)  And today I’ll share how I did it. Pretty simple – definitely not rocket science, but it’s always nice when someone else does the figuring, right?
In addition to the Charm Pack I used ¼ yard of sashing fabric, ¼ yard for binding and 2/3 yard for backing. You will only need 21 squares for the pieced blocks, which means a couple of things: 1) you could make another set of blocks=another mini quilt for a friend or 2) you could use your left over squares to piece a back or as a scrappy binding. So many options.

1. Take 21 of your 5″ charm squares and cut them into quarters = (4) 2½” squares.

 2. Mix-up the 2½” squares and lay them out into 9 sets of 9 squares.  Sew each set of squares into 3 rows of 3 squares each using a scant ¼” seam allowance.

 3. Press the seams toward the outside on the top and bottom row. Press the seams toward the inside square on the middle row. This will help in matching up all those little square points.

 4.  Sew 9-patch rows together. Seams pressed to opposite sides will butt up against each other, matching the square points at the corners.

6. Press from the front.  Here is what the pressed back will look like.  Make 8 more blocks using the same method.

 7.  From sashing fabric cut 5 strips 1¾” wide x the width of the fabric. From one of those strips, sub cut into (6) 1¾” x 6½” pieces.  Sew strips between the 3 sets of 3 nine-patch blocks.  Press seams toward the sashing strips.

 8.  From 2 of the remaining sashing strips carefully cut (2) 1¾” x 21″ sashing strips. (If you cut carefully, you should be able to get (2) 21″ strips out of a 1¾” x width-of-fabric strip.)  Cutting the sashing to the correct size, rather than just sewing it on and trimming the end, will help your mini quilt stay square. Pin the strips to the the sets of 3 blocks.  Find the center of your strip (10½”) and the center of your set of blocks. Pin at the center point and then pin at either end of the strip/set of blocks.  Then evenly space the rest of the pins along the edge to be sewn. (If you need help visualizing this technique, go here and scroll down to the part about pinning.)

 9. Sew sashing strips as shown at the top and bottom and between the three rows.  Press toward the sashing.

10. From your remaining sashing strips cut (2) 1¾” x 23½” strips for the final borders on the quilt. Use the same method as above for pinning on the strips before sewing to help keep your quilt square.  Sew using ¼” seam allowance. Press seams toward the sashing strips

11.  After carefully pressing quilt top and backing fabric (use at least a 25″ square piece of backing”) pin-baste the back, batting, and quilt top together.  (For more on quilt basting go here.)

12.  I chose to machine quilt my mini and I used this binding method.

And there you have a quick little mini.  I love how the simplicity of this quilt shows off the fabrics. It’s a quick project and using a charm pack is a simple way to get a variety of prints. 
It would be very simple to make a larger version – 4 blocks by 4 blocks using a single Charm pack as well.  You would need 36 charms for 16 finished blocks, 5/8 yard sashing, 1/4 yard binding and a yard for backing.
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As part of this Blog Hop we have another giveaway thanks to Leah offering a $25 gift certificate to Burgundy Buttons. Just leave a comment on this post to be entered. If you want to make it interesting, tell me what your favorite Valentine’s candy is. Or you can just say Hi. GIVEAWAY CLOSED

Cute little quilt!
My favorite Valentine candy is Dove truffles.

And if you want to win something really juicy, be sure to stop by Melissa’s blog (and check out her darling apron tutorial) to enter to win a $200 (seriously) gift certificate from The Fat Quarter Shop.

Thanks again to Melissa for inviting me to play along and thanks to those of you who stopped by. Happy Hearts to you.


  1. says

    oooooooooooh, nice! I think I have some leftover charms from Always &amp; Forever and a few more days till Vday to whip it up! Thank you!<br /><br />Francine

  2. says

    I love the &quot;Simply Charmed&quot; feature! It is so wonderful to see what can be made with a smaller amount of fabric. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial. Reese&#39;s Cup Eggs would have to be my favorite Valentine&#39;s treat. It is hard to improve on the original, but something about the eggs and the trees is just a notch above :-)

  3. says

    GREAT tutorial!! Such a cute mini!!<br /><br />My favorite Valentines treat (and don&#39;t laugh!) are Wendy&#39;s frosties with french fries. My hubby and I made this our V day tradition when we were poor starving college kids. It makes me smile.<br /><br />Conversation hearts are a close second, though… :)

  4. says

    This is really nice! I believe it&#39;d be perfect for our kitchen table. I bookmarked the tut. Thank you!<br /><br />PS Chocolate, especially Hershey chocolate, is my favorite!

  5. says

    I love your table topper!! Thanks for the tutorial–I need someone to figure things out for me! :) My favorite Valentine candy would have to be chocolate–any type!

  6. says

    Super cute! I&#39;m not a big fan of Easter candy… at least nothing in particular jumps out at me. It all just feels like the same candy repackaged in Easter pastels. Don&#39;t even get me started on the eggs filled with goop… gives me the heebeejeebees 😉

  7. says

    Cute table topper! If we&#39;re really industrious we could make them for every holiday and/or season! How I wish I had 30 hours in every day. My favorite Valentine&#39;s candy is anything with chocolate and coconut, but I try to keep it out of the house to avoid over-indulging!

  8. says

    What a great looking Valentine&#39;s Day table topper Amy. Thank you. Thank you for the quick figures on making it larger as well. I might decide to use this for the baby quilt that I should have already started given the fact my Granddaughter is due in less than -ACK! just realized – a WEEK! Ooh this old Grandma better get stitchin. LOL <br />Oh wait….. Valentine&#39;s Day. Yes, I need to get

  9. says

    Darling little quilt, and nice tutorial too. Especially for a new sewer like me– I need all the help I can get with just the techniques of stuff. Fave candies are chewie ginger candies! or is it chocolate covered almonds, dipped in cinnamon? Mmmmm….

  10. says

    Very cute! My favorite is dark chocolate, any time of year. My Mom always gives me some Dove Dark Chocolate hearts (still, even though I live 2 hours away and have my own kids now) and I try to hide them from my husband and kids! 😉

  11. says

    I really like simple patchwork squares. There is just something about their simplicity that is so appealing and attractive yet peaceful all at the same time. I like &#39;um, a lot.

  12. says

    Love this! I have this thing for nine patches lately. Well bear paws too, but that is it&#39;s own story! A favorite valentine candy. Hmm…I&#39;d rather have a small box of chocolates from a &quot;real&quot; candy store than a large box of the &quot;commercial&quot; chocolates. Oh, and soft centers too!

  13. says

    I&#39;m definitely a sucker for those little candy message hearts – especially the white ones. 😉 <br /><br />Great tutorial and thanks for the chance to win!

  14. says

    Love this mini! I am usually very practical in my quilting (I make it, someone uses it) I don&#39;t often think about decorating…but I might have to go dig up some &quot;happy&quot; scraps &amp; make one to keep the winter blues away.<br />Favorite Valentine candy? Sarris chocolate covered pretzels! Don&#39;t know if I will get any this year as they just had a fire at the candy shop…*sigh*

  15. says

    Great table topper–thanks for sharing! My favorite v-day (and any day) candy used to be M&amp;Ms, but since they changed them, I&#39;d have to say reese&#39;s peanut butter cups. Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. says

    So Cute! Love that idea! I&#39;m thinkin&#39; you could do that with any holiday charm pack…..hmmmm. I am addicted to Lindt Dark Chocolate w/ sea salt and almonds. Yum.

  17. says

    Thanks for sharing this very clearly written tutorial. We all have scraps that can be turned into usable charms.<br />My favorite valentine candy is anything made of dark chocolate. Chocolate covered cherries are high on the list.

  18. says

    Mini&#39;s are always so cute and easy to finish for those of us who have a hard time with finishes….:)<br /> I like cinnamon red hots for Valentines…that and caramel filled chocolates…I could eat the entire box!

  19. says

    Adorable project, thank you!<br /><br />As for favorite candy, well, it has to be the little hearts with messages on them. They taste gross (of course they do, they&#39;re not chocolate!), but it wouldn&#39;t seem like Valentine&#39;s Day without them. :)

  20. says

    I really like your little charm pack mini-quilt. It&#39;s darling! I have never been big on making decorations of any kind for Valentine&#39;s day, but I think I&#39;m tempted to after seeing your cute pink/red/white mini. <br />I love anything chocolate!

  21. says

    What a cute quilt! Thanks for doing the math so I wouldn&#39;t have to!<br /><br />My favorite candy, Valentine or otherwise, is Peanut Butter M&amp;M&#39;s or Peanut M&amp;M&#39;s!!<br /><br />Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. says

    The only thing I like better than Chocolate at V-day is Strawberry Tarts. Maybe I&#39;ll have to drizzle some chocolate over them this year…just for fun. Thank you for the Tutorial. 9-patch cutie!

  23. says

    Very cute project! And so easy to make. My favorite Valentine candy is anything chocolate. Here in Missouri, Russell Stover&#39;s candy is made in Kansas City and is poplular sold in big red hearts. Yum!

  24. says

    I love your sweet mini quilt! My favorite Valentine&#39;s candy, besides dark chocolate, is Brach&#39;s cinnamon gummy hearts. Thanks for the tutorial and the chance to win.

  25. says

    I just love Dove chocolate – I can keep them around though because I don&#39;t know enough to stop, they just melt in your mouth with a cup of coffee – yum – homemade mocha!!!<br /><br />

  26. says

    What a darling table topper! Brightens up the table for sure. Thanks so much for the great tutorial and the figures for making it larger. Would be cute in brights for summer or in autumn colors as well. Well my favorite candy is chocolate and if it&#39;s combined with carmel or peanut butter, all the better. hehe.<br /><br />Thank you and Burgundy Buttons for the great giveaway and a chance to

  27. says

    You&#39;re right, it is nice to see a tutorial and not have to do the math yourself. Thanks for the giveaway! I love Valentine&#39;s cheesecake, no chocolate for me!

  28. says

    I love the cinnamon hearts :) I wanted to let you know that lately I have been not so hot on the 9-patch, but seeing the sashing and everything reminds me why the have been around so long :)

  29. says

    My favorite type of candy is dark chocolate. (Surprising, huh?) I like plain dark chocolate but nuts are an OK addition. Thanks for the tutorial.

  30. says

    Thanks for the great tut! I always love chocolate of course, but I also love Valentine&#39;s sourballs. Our local grocery store gets a mix in with cherry, lemonade, and grapefruit. Yum!! Too bad they are already out for this year. <br />As a PS: I just finished a table runner using your tutorial. It turned out so cute!

  31. says

    Thanks for the fun tute. Valentines is fun because it brings red and pinks into the boring after Christmas blags.Unfortunately, almost any chocolate is my favorite, and pretty much any time. My palate is not discriminating at all. I try to enjoy the holiday and I love the excitement in the air, I just try to ignore the food clues.

  32. says

    This was so cute that I copied and made one from an old charm pack I bought a couple years ago. I love quick projects when I have a sick kid! Thank you!

  33. says

    Cute wee mini! We don&#39;t do much for Valentine&#39;s Day sweets over here other than chocolates and love hearts, and being without a Valentine (and on a diet) I&#39;ll not be enjoying either of those this year lol<br /><br />Thanks for the chance to win :o)

  34. says

    i love the way the naturao colored sashing makes those colors pop. i can&#39;t seem to resist Brach&#39;s Valentine strawberry marshmellows. Thank you!!

  35. says

    Hi, my favorite Valentine&#39;s Day candy is anything dark chocolate. Mmmmmm! Great table topper, thanks for the tutorial you made it look so easy. ;-&gt;

  36. says

    wow this looks beautiful. I have a couple of charm packs that i couldn&#39;t decide what to do with but now i think i will bw using your tutorial. Oh and my favorite candy for Valentines day is Chocolate!! who doesn&#39;t love chocolate!

  37. says

    Ooh, a project I can do! 😉 I love your directions. I have a charm pack that I&#39;ve been waiting to use until I find the perfect project. I think I might make this one!

  38. says

    The mini quilt is gorgeous, especially being in my favourite colour. My favourite valentine candy – forget the candy and go for Chocolate. Any type is good but dark is the ultimate.

  39. says

    I&#39;m working on a nine patch quilt right now but hadn&#39;t thought to make a smaller one for a table topper – good idea! Candy…how can I choose? The new cherry M&amp;Ms are good. :) But I&#39;m a bit old fashioned so I&#39;d have to say Millionaires! blessings, marlene

  40. says

    Hi! Valentines candy fav has gotta be chocolate covered cherries, right? Oh and I adore that sweet little table topper. I want one NOW… guess I better get to work. hee hee Thanks for the giveaway and the pattern.<br /> – sunshdws at yahoo dot com

  41. says

    Great design, really great for any holiday or festivity! Perfect fabric for Valentine&#39;s Day!<br />My favorite candy? Chocolate, caramel, gooheyness!<br />Thanks for the giveaway!<br />Take care, Leslie

  42. says

    This is a gorgeous quilt. I think it would look lovely draped over a dolls chair or as a quilt for a doll. Thanks so much for sharing this great tutorial.

  43. says

    Your topper is beautiful! All you need to go with it is some yummy Dove chocolate. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely pattern with us.

  44. says

    pink frosted sugar cookies :) I know not really candy, but that&#39;s my fav. valentine treat <br /><br />one of my sisters birthdays is St Pats day, I think I will make her one of these in greens. Thanks sew very much.

  45. says

    I love the Valentine mix from our local candy store. YUM! <br /><br />I love nine patch and yours is extra beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial!<br />Genevieve<br />jenny(at)ykwc(dot)net

  46. says

    This is such a cute little quilt. Love how the colors pop in it. Thanks for the pattern and giveaway. I am a chocolate fan at Valentines and anytime of the year.

  47. says

    Love your table topper and that fabric pack is perfect for it.<br />When I could eat candy, I loved a box of chocolates, nothing like a variety of chocolates with fillings.<br /><br />Debbie

  48. says

    I just love this table topper. I am new to Sewing and fell in love with all the different quilt designs.I am working on my first baby quilt and can&#39;t wait to start another project. I love Peanut Butter and Pretzels. Thanks for being part of this great blog hop and for giving away this great charm pack.

  49. says

    I love this – so simple and cute! I definitely need more Valentine&#39;s Day decorations and this would be perfect for my end table. Thanks for sharing (as you rightly point out, it&#39;s always much easier when it&#39;s someone else who does the figuring!).

  50. says

    Oh, this mini is destined to be a classic! In blues and whites, it is perfect for a snowy winter day. In green and whites, it is perfect for St. Patrick&#39;s Day! Good design, and your directions are clear and complete.

  51. says

    Your table topper is so cute. I would love to make a rainbow colored one. That would be really cute. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial also. My favorite valentine candy is any chocolate!

    • says

      Thank you so much for the great idea. I think I need to make that one and practice my free motion quilting! My favorite chocolate, for Valentines or any other time, is Lindt truffles, especially dark chocolate – yum!

  52. says

    my favorite isn&#39;t really a candy, but a candy coated… and that is Chocolate Covered Strawberries.. I make these every year for the girls and we pick them up for a lunch at Red Lobster with Mom and Dad, we take them flowers and these strawberries and little heart boxes of chocolates for their children.

  53. says

    This is just way too sweet! And I just happen to have a couple of charm packs with nothing better to do than to become a couple of runners… fancy that! Thanks for sharing!

  54. says

    What a cute little table topper! I love it. I do have a question though:<br /><br />You said &quot; Cutting the sashing to the correct size, rather than just sewing it on and trimming the end, will help your mini quilt stay square.&quot; This was an ah-ha moment for me as I have always just cut the sashing a little bit longer and then trimmed it off. I&#39;m just wondering if you could explain

  55. says

    Love your mini quilt and thanks for the great tutorial. My husband and I don&#39;t care much abour valentines but we both love chocolate so it&#39;s as good an excuse as any other to grab some chocolate :)<br />Thanks for the chance!<br />ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  56. says

    Hello and thanks (always!) for your inspirational quilting and cheery conversations; I really enjoy your blog so much. Candy? ummm, notsomuch. Crazy as it sounds I&#39;d rather have a new pack of sewing sharps or machine needles or someone else vacuum and/or put away laundry one time! Thanks for the chance!

  57. says

    Cute little table topper! <br />My favorite valentine&#39;s candy in a box of chocolates is the square shaped caramel candies or the ones with toasted coconut in them. YUM! But if I don&#39;t get a box of chocolates for Valentine&#39;s Day, I would happily settle for some Dove chocolates with bits of almonds! :)

  58. says

    Isn&#39;t it great how many wonderful things you can make with a simple nine patch? Thanks for a lovely idea! My favorite candy (any day, not just Feb. 14) would have to be high quality chocolate, say, Moonstruck. Just delectable!

  59. says

    Favorite valentine&#39;s candy? Exceptional dark chocolate. Which means I don&#39;t get much of it – I&#39;m a bit of a chocolate snob.<br />Thanks for the adorable table mini tutorial – can&#39;t wait to make one!

  60. says

    Thanks for ANOTHER great tutorial, Amy. (It has been re-pinned many times already in the 5 minutes since I pinned it!) Best Valentine&#39;s day treat. Duh… chocolate. Dark. A little sea salt doesn&#39;t hurt, either. 😉

  61. says

    I really like the way you quilted this and your binding choice was inspired. I may have already posted a comment (I&#39;m soooo confused). Favorite valentine (or anytime) candy is Hershey&#39;s Special Dark Chocolate kisses.

  62. says

    Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I love trying new things and always learn from the tips offered in tutorials. My favorite Valentine candy is Conversation hearts, the original flavor, which is sometimes hard to find/

  63. says

    I love love love this little table topper! Thanks for the tutorial. My favorite Valentine&#39;s candy is the little cinnamon red-hot hearts. Childish, I know, but I love those things!

  64. says

    Hi there! This project has two of my favorite things–scraps and 9-patches. My favorite V. Day candy is chocolate-covered cherries. Mmmmmmm

  65. says

    Oh my gosh. I absolutely love this. Thank you so much for the great tutorial!! My favorite Valentine candy is Hershey&#39;s Raspberry Filled Dark Chocolate Kisses. Yummmm.

  66. says

    Hi! I never thought of cutting charm squares into smaller squares, but it&#39;s a great way to make a postage stamp quilt top! Thanks for the great idea and tutorial :)

  67. says

    This is a great tutorial. You could switch out the Valentine themed fabric, and replace it with another holiday too. If I had to pick just one favorite candy, it would have to be milk chocolate, and then either covered caramels or cherries.

  68. says

    Love this, I don&#39;t have a charm pack so am going to cut some same-sized squares from my stash of scraps and give this a try. New follower. My favourite candy is the foam/gum hearts you get in haribo, yum!

  69. says

    My favorite used to be the Milky Way&#39;s with just caramel that came out only on Valentine&#39;s day. It&#39;s a good thing they stopped selling them cause I could eat the whole bag by myself. Of course now they sell them by the bars now. :0

  70. says

    Can you tell me how much fabric I&#39;d need to make a lap quilt like this? I really love the pattern, trying to figure out how much fabric I need, just a beginner quilter. Thank you.

  71. says

    I know you posted this almost 2 years ago, but I just wanted to say that I&#39;ve been following your blog for a few months, and used this tutorial to make my first ever quilt! Thanks so much for posting such a fabulous tutorial (and your binding tutorial also!). I linked back to you from my blog!<br /><br />Lorraine at

  72. muzikalmama says

    Amy – Just came across your tutorial from FaveQuilts!!! Didn’t even register it was yours until I Pinned it! Can’t wait to try it out for a little table topper. 😀

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