A quilt for Grammie

This weekend my husband’s grandmother turns 87! When I looked up how old she would turn this year I was shocked by the number. For as long as I’ve known her (14 years) she has been such a goer and doer. How on earth did she get to be 87?  We visited ‘Grammie’ this past summer in New Hampshire and Maine.  It was the first time we’d seen her in a few years and it was bittersweet to see her in decline for the first time since I’ve known her. So we (and by ‘we’, I guess I mean, ‘I’) decided to make her a quilt. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

Adding to the feeling of urgency, we had planned to visit my husband’s other grandmother while on the same trip this summer and she suddenly passed away 2 weeks before we came. Sadly, she had been suffering from dementia for years and probably didn’t remember us, but we would have liked our kids to see her one more time so that they could remember her. I also feel bad that I never made something similar for Nana Jean. That experience was a good reminder not to wait when Grandmas are concerned. Because you never know. So I feel relieved that this quilt is on it’s way. 

I made the label using AmandaJean’s tutorial. It was SO ridiculously easy. I am finally committed to doing this for every quilt. In the past I have been terrible – I never do it. Honestly.  I am finally getting my act together.

Grammie decided when she became a great-grandma that she wanted to be called Nonna.  Both her parents and her husband’s parents were Italian immigrants to the United States in the early 20th Century. So even though she grew up in Maine, her family was very proudly Italian.  (See? You can tell by the tomato harvest.) I’m glad she has passed that heritage on to her great-grandchildren and glad that they will always remember their Nonna.

This quilt has a good backstory.  See how the 9-patch blocks are rectangular? Well, that wasn’t on purpose.  These blocks were part of a kit we sold at American Quilting. One afternoon I was working alone and a lady who’d purchased the kit called to ask for help and I (really helpfully) gave her the wrong measurements. As a result, her blocks ended up as rectangle instead of square nine-patches.  So I remade all 80 blocks for her. And in return I’ve had these rectangular blocks hiding in my fabric mess collection for the past 7 years or so.  
I came across the blocks again this summer, right before our trip and halfway thought of trying to pound a quilt together in a couple of days while trying to get ready for the trip itself. Then I came to my senses and decided to take my time and put it together for her birthday.  Good decision.  I pulled all the fabrics from the stash and was happy to use some patiently-waiting fabrics that have been sitting around for a long time, and finally give them a good home.
Two quilts finished in the past two weeks – one modern and one that’s more traditional. It’s been good to have quilts to bind recently so that I have a good excuse to just sit still and watch Downton Abbey. :)


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    What a beautiful quilt and a wonderful gift. I&#39;m sure she&#39;ll love it. :)<br /><br />And I agree — I need to find something for myself to do so I can sit and catch up on Downton Abbey as well. :)

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    What a lovely quilt for Grammie – I&#39;m sure she&#39;ll appreciate not only it&#39;s comfort but the thought you put into making it!<br />I made both my Grandmas quilts last year – they&#39;re 95 and 97 (we go on for ever in our family!) My Mum had to have words with the younger one when she found the quilt folded up because she was &quot;saving it for best&quot;!!

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    So lovely and even more special. No doubt she will love it and think of you every time she sees it/uses it. I know what you mean about not waiting…I finally made both of my Grandmothers a quilt but I didn&#39;t get serious about it until after both my Grandfathers passed away. Hope your Saturday is sunny (it&#39;s kinda dreary here). Smiles~Beth

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    Beautiful quilt! I am sure it will be very much loved and I love the stories behind this one. Including the blocks which I think look fabulous. Hope it arrives safely at it&#39;s destination.

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    It is beautiful, and I know she will love it. My husband&#39;s grandmother was the quilter of the family, and she was my inspiration to start quilting. I set about making my third quilt for her, but she passed before I could finish it. So I am very happy yours will be received and appreciated.

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    I never made a quilt for my grandma. She made quilts, Crocheted bookmarks and Dresses for me and my children and it never occurred to me to make her one. She&#39;s been gone for a while now. She lived to be 97. What a great way to honor her birthday! Will you get to deliver it personally or send it to her?

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    oh, Amy! it&#39;s a wonderful quilt and a beautiful story to go with it. i made a quilt for my grandma a few years ago and she absolutely loved it (we all kinda wondered if she would) and i&#39;m so glad that i gave it to her when i did. it&#39;s fun to bless your grandma with a quilt.<br /><br />p.s. so glad that you liked the quilt label tutorial! (i need to get better at labeling my quilts,

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    I didn&#39;t notice that the 9 patches weren&#39;t square til you mentioned it but it doesn&#39;t matter because the colors are so lovely. I&#39;m sure Nonna will treasure it! Toni

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    ohhh I can relate to the joy of watching Downton Abbey .. sadly I&#39;m already through with it. Any reccomendations? <br />And I really liked the un-square nine blocks, if you hadn&#39;t said anything Iwoudl have taken it to be purpose.

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    Beautiful Quilt. For a beautiful lady… <br /><br />I understand how important Grandmother&#39;s are (and not waiting, either)… one passed away in November, and my other one isn&#39;t doing well.

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    The quilt turned out really great and I&#39;m sure it will be well-loved. It really is important to stay close to the grandparents because they slip away from us way too soon.

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    What a beautiful quilt and a great gift. The story of how you ended up with those blocks is pretty hilarious. I&#39;m glad those blocks found a home in such a beautiful quilt. I spent the last day and a half binding two baby quilts. I think I&#39;m ready to do some piecing again!

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    What a sweet quilt! I&#39;m sure your Grandma will love it. My mom is 89, and I know she would. I like the rectangles – something different.

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    Happy Birthday to Grammie! What a special gift to her. I&#39;m sure she will love it. Thanks for reminding me of the importance of labeling quilts. That&#39;s something I need to make more of a priority.

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    I do love the quilt. I guess those are really my colors. I like your new colorful quilt, too. They really both have their place in my heart! Thanks for sharing.

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    Amy<br /><br />I too was planning on making my Nana a quilt for her 91st birthday last June. (I have just recently started quilting – probably less than a year since I made my first quilt). Unfortunatly she passed away suddenly last March. I know that she would have loved anything made by me, but also loved the fact that I have been sewing/quilting. <br /><br />I am glad that you were able to

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    Living life without regrets is true freedom. Don&#39;t wait on telling others you care and/or doing acts of kindness. I feel like the real winner when I follow through with my own advice. Blessings to your Nonna<br />Gmama Jane

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    What a beautiful post to go with a beautiful quilt. And I am very glad that you are committing to labeling every quilt now. Preserving that information is so important.

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    A beautiful quilt for you&#39;re grandmother. Our grandmothers have been gone for a few years now, but our mothers are both in their 80&#39;s, and they are in nursing homes within 10 miles of our home. We see them several times a week, one has Alzheimers and the other has dementia. The one with dementia my wife&#39;s mother quilted faithfully until about 5 years ago when she suddenly couldn&#39;t

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    Pretty quilt! I&#39;m sure she&#39;ll love it. Great tip for labels too.<br />Grandmas are the best, I just spent the weekend with mine, she&#39;s 93 and we had a great time. I think she had me eating cake 2 minutes after I stepped in the door!

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    Amy, have to laugh at how in sync we are at times. Just finished giving a lesson on Family History, watched Downton Abby while binding a quilt (luv sunday @ 8pm.)&amp; made a goal this year to gift more quilts to those important people in my life. Your awesome, love the quilt &amp; so will Nonna! Take care my friend. You are a jewel.

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    i love that quilt! I didn&#39;t notice the rectangular blocks at all until you told the story and that&#39;s kinda neat, too, but I bet it was a major &quot;arrgh moment&quot; at the time. i really love the binding. You do such great work. xo amy

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    I love it Amy! And I don&#39;t usually love 9 patches. I think I love that little corner piece in the sashing and also that they&#39;re rectangular. Funny – your story.

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    Amy – I&#39;ve been a blog reader (or perhaps &quot;lurker&quot; is the better word) for a while now and have continually been impressed and inspired by your work. But, as I read this post, I could help but tear up. My grandmother passed away in November and in October I hand delivered a quilt I made for her, so your sentiments struck home. Thank you for sharing your story. And, of course,

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