Craftsy Free Block of the Month video tutorials

Today, I am so excited to share with you lovely readers about the new Craftsy Block of the Month, taught by the very delightful, Amy Gibson.
Have you heard of Craftsy?  Craftsy is a new site online with courses in all kinds of craftsy fun – sewing, knitting, quilting, even making hand dipped chocolates!  The classes are taught in video courses that you can access at your own pace and schedule.  Other benefits include being able to ask your instructor questions and get personalized responses and bookmark your favorite moments in the video.  You can even take notes right under the video to refer back to. You can sign up for a free account at and poke around the site for any classes you might be interested in. Most of the classes have a class fee.
For all you visual learners, this is the place for you.
Today I’d like to share a little bit about the FREE Block of the Month video courses taught by Amy. (I met Amy at the Sewing Summit and she was absolutely lovely. I can think of few people I’d enjoy watching more than Amy.)

Each month Amy will teach how to make two different blocks in a 30 minute video. Each block teaches a very different quilting technique to add to your repertoire.  Towards the end of the year she will teach techniques like adding borders, quilting and binding.  Did I mention it’s all free? There are already over 53,000 people signed up from all over the world for this course. wow.

February Blocks- HTS
You can watch a preview video here, but you need to click Sign-Up to see the full video tutorials, access the message boards, etc.  I think that this is such a brilliant idea.  All of us learn techniques differently and for many a video tutorial is the most effective way to learn. I love that this option is now available and put together so well.
In honor of the Craftsy Block of the Month Blog Tour, The Fat Quarter Shop is giving away a $25 gift certificate to one of you readers. Oh the possibilities. Maybe some of that Flea Market Fancy that just came out??  To enter, leave a comment on this post.  Giveaway will close on Friday, March 16 at midnight MST.  GIVEAWAY CLOSED

And there are other opportunities to enter for additional gift certificates.  Visit any of the stops on this Blog Tour (that are still open) and you can enter to win again!
Feb 24 – Miss Print
Feb 25 – Hoosier Toni
Feb 27 – Fresh Lemons
Feb 28 – Qubee Quilts
Mar 2  – mon petit lyons
Mar 3  – Mel’s Own Place
Mar 7  – Sew Paint Create
Mar 9  – SoChick
Mar 14- Ellison Lane

Thanks so much Amy, Craftsy, and Fat Quarter Shop!

Live a Colorful LifeMar 12, 2012 01:29 PM
I follow Craftsy on FB but I’m heading over to check out the classes. Thanks!


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    I'm also loving Amy's tutorials- love learning new techniques. And having a goal to finish each month. Your blog is great- love your post about gratitude- very true. Happy quilting!

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    This is my first BOM and so far I totally love it! Amy is a great teacher and the videos go really well with the written instructions for each block. I totally recommend joining in no matter what level of sewing you are at!

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    Craftsy's BOM is just fantastic! But it is nice to see a lot of my favourite blogs participating in the blog tour. Thanks for hosting the give away!

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    I LOVE the BOM! I made a sock monkey baby quilt with the wonky pound sign block and it's up for sale on my etsy site. I love love love craftsy :)

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    I signed up for the class last month and am having so much fun. As a beginning quilt-a-holic (I just started making quilts last September) I am learning so much about all of the possibilities I have with fabric.<br />Thanks for putting the class out there, I have learned a lot, and I&#39;m sure anyone else could learn from it too.<br />Em

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    Would love a chance to win! Craftsy BOM is wonderful. I am always waiting for the next installment. Really enjoying the classes so far.

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    I love craftsy…I am a visual learner and it is a wonderful tool for learning things you cannot imagine ever doing.. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.

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    I am really enjoying Amy&#39;s class and learning so much! She&#39;s an excellent teacher! Thanks for the chance for a wonderful giveaway!

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    I&#39;m following Amy&#39;s BOM tutorial and I really like her presentations. Thank you for the giveaway and I love your blog and your tutorials! You do lovely work!

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    I&#39;ve watched the first couple of videos, but haven&#39;t made any blocks yet. I love the efficiency of chain piecing and cutting strips, so sampler style doesn&#39;t appeal to me most of the time. However, I may eat my words and join in at some point anyway!

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    I&#39;m going to have to check out that free BOM class! I didn&#39;t even know Craftsy existed. What rock have I been hiding under?! LOL Thanks for the info and for the giveaway!

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    YEAH! I&#39;m super excited about this giveaway! I&#39;m about to go down and work on my March blocks right now. I have so much from the FQS that I want that a GC would be super helpful!

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    This has been so much fun and just getting started! I&#39;m looking forward to how this will turn out and what blocks are coming up in the coming months! The blog tour has been fun too! Thanks!

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    I need to get going on my Craftsy BOM quilt now that I have scrounged up all the fabric I want to use (Central Park by Kate Spain). I am so behind!

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    I&#39;m still pacing myself. I&#39;ve done the first BOM for March, and I&#39;ll do the second one in the next few days. I decided not to rush and do them both on the 1st, since March is a long month! Lol.

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    Oh, I could find so many things at FQS to spend a gift certificate on!<br />I am enrolled in this class, but haven&#39;t made any of the blocks yet. Life keeps getting in the way (migraines, storms, cleaning, etc.)

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    I was floored to see the number of people signed up for the video course. I love the thought that people all over, in different countries, and on different continents are participating.

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    Yes, yes, Flea Market Fancy for me, please! I wasn&#39;t quilting the first time around. Thanks for the chance. Gonna go check out the Craftsy now . . . .

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    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. I really am enjoying the Craftsy BOM video tutorials. I haven&#39;t done any of the blocks yet since I&#39;m still trying to decide on fabrics to use.

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    I signed up for this course! Of course, I am behind—-I am new to finding all of the QALs and such–and as a result, have joined too many! LOL<br /><br />I was hoping to get some of that Flea Market Fancy, but my favorite prints are gone already! Not to worry, my wishlist is still very long!

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    I am really enjoying the BOM class as well as the Blog Hop. I hope to win at one of the sites so I can expand my stash with bright, jewel tone colors. I am often a little too hesitant with color.

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    I am curious what these blocks would look like in a full quilt. I&#39;m having a hard time liking the zig-zag one, but am with-holding final opinion till I try it. I am interested to see how these all look in different fabric choices and layouts. I hope craftsy has a plan for a &quot;show and tell&quot; area (:

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    I&#39;m still trying to decide what fabric to use for the BOM course. I&#39;m glad the videos are available whenever I&#39;m ready to get started :)

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    I&#39;m loving the videos and each block Amy&#39;s doing each month. Seeing them done really does help those of us who are more a visual learner. <br />Thank you for the BOM and the blog tour.

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    I have been doing the Craftsy BOM and posting on Flickr, just &#39;cos thats where i put my stuff. It been great to see 2 different techniques each month.

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    THanks for the giveaway! I have already signed up for the block of the month class and am up to date on my blocks. Now I just have to wait for April to get here to move along.

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    I just signed up for the class and took the first one ~ its delightful! I can hardly wait to view the next two and get all caught up. Thank you so much for sharing!<br /><br />Delinda Lea

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    Oh my gosh! Craftsy is a GREAT idea! I might finally learn to knit that way! Love the giveaway– my FQS wishlist is a mile long :)<br />~robin<br />

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    Wow…Craftsy is new to me; I&#39;ll have to check it out. Please enter me for the gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop!<br />Thanks, Beth in AL<br />bhambeth at gmail dot com

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    I would have no trouble at all spending that $25 at FQS. I think I&#39;ve already got about $250 worth of fabric on my wish list.

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    Thanks for the chance to enter this giveaway PLUS the introduction to the craftsy free BOM. I&#39;m working on getting my registration squared away so can read about the project.

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    I&#39;m in !!!! And I love the BOM!!!!<br /><br />Thanks for the chance to win …. It would be great to win and in my wishlist to Fatquartershop the Flea Market Fancy is the first choice

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    Wow! This is wonderful! Thanks for the chance to win, but even more, thank you for sharing about craftsy! I&#39;m so excited about the possibilities!

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    I got an email about this site and I just need to find time to check it out further. I&#39;m guessing that I will want to watch every single video.

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    I watched the first two BOM lessons on Craftsy. Must get the March one soon. I&#39;d love to win some fabric to use with some great patterns I&#39;ve downloaded.

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    Can&#39;t wait to check out all of Amy&#39;s blocks, what a fun way to learn new techniques. Thanks for the info and for the chance at the giveaway! Smiles~Beth

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    I joined the Craftsy BoM and I&#39;m loving it! Its great to try new blocks and the videos make it really easy! I&#39;m thinking my finished quilt will make a great picnic blanket!<br /><br />Thanks for the giveaway :)

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    I love the BOM club and Amy is an awesome teacher, I just wish I had her skills.<br />Thanks for sharing…<br /><br />Carri<br />

  39. says

    Loving the blog tour, Amy and Craftsy. You are right, the video lessons are the perfect way for us visual learners. hehe. <br /><br />Thank you and FQS for an awesome giveaway and a chance to win.<br /><br />usairdoll(at)gmail(dot)com

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    Thanks for the chance to win a little spending money! I need more fabric like I need a hole in the head but oh well! We quilters can never truly have enough fabric now can we? I have been dying to get my fingers on some Flea Market Fancy fabric! I just love her fabrics.<br /><br />The craftsy site sounds like a great idea. I&#39;ll have to check it out, being a visual learner myself.

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    This BOM sounds great. I&#39;ll definitely be checking it out.<br />Thanks for the wonderful giveaway – I&#39;d love to get hold of some Flea Market Fancy :)

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    The block of the month videos sound interesting. I have never tried to learn a block by video. Will make sure I check it out during some much needed me-time.<br /><br />Thanks for the opportunity to win the gift card. I already have my fabric picked out. :)

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    Thanks for the giveaway, I love The Fat Quarter shop. Craftsys online videos are such a good way of building up patchwork skills without having to drive anywhere first;-)

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    I am registered for this course. Like all BOM clubs I am glad that it is something I can get to now or eventually. I am hoping to have time to do it NOW. The blocks so far are so cute!

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    I just have to say, Amy, that you are great. I love your pins (on pinterest) :) You probably don&#39;t remember but I &quot;met&quot; you a way back….I am Sarah Jane&#39;s cousin (I love all the work you&#39;ve done for her) and you gave me some advice about fabric a while back! I still want to make it to your quilt shop. And now I love that you know this Amy bcse we went to high school

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    I love Fat Quarter Shop!! It is definitely one of my favorite online stores!! :-) Also, LOVE the quilt with the black sashing– beautiful!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!! :-)

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    I signed up for the Craftsy BOM, and I&#39;ve been following along, watching the vids, etc. Although I love the concept and plan to do the quilt, I can&#39;t get into it without seeing what the final quilt is supposed to look like. How can you plan a quilt color scheme without having the final picture in mind so you can coordinate your colors appropriately for the blocks?

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    I was just perusing Craftsy the other day – and I love this blog of the month idea. <br /><br />Thanks to Fat Quarter Shop for the giveaway!<br /><br />–andy

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