I get around.

The Modern Quilt Guild blog featured my Spectrum Half Square Triangles quilt this week. How’s that for making me feel cool? There is so much awesome inspiration to be found at the MQG blog.  I felt starstruck at the thought of one of my quilts deemed worthy to hang out there. Thank you again, Elizabeth.

Also, last week my simple pennant tutorial was featured at the Land of Nod blog. Fun times.

That’s all.  I’m currently working on an etsy shop update for this week. It’s return of the i-spy kits + some serious de-stashing. Stay tuned.


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    That turned out beautiful. I remember that you were finishing it at the Sewing Summit last year. I was amazed at how seamlessly this quilt flowed from one color to the next. Another winner for the Amy Smart team. :)

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    There you go…..hanging out with the cool kids again! <br />Oh Fransson and Land of Nod. Doesn&#39;t get much better in my book!

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    Your quilt is so beautiful!! I love the colors!! I am so thankful to follow you. Your blog about the King Tut thread had me commenting on all of them and I won! Yes, from Elizabeth of OccasionalPiece–Quilt. So a big thank you to you and Elizabeth. I left a comment on my blog. You both are wonderful!

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    You should see how your quilts get around on Pinterest, too. There&#39;s a reason we all check quite oftan to see if you have a new post 😉 You do a wonderful job with your quilts and blog.

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    I love your quilt! I will be looking for that Etsy update because I need some i-spy squares! I have a new grandson on the way and I think he needs a quilt! :)

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