Make It Sew Modern review and Giveaway!

I was lucky to get my hands on a copy of Vanessa Christenson’s new book, Make It Sew Modern last week. (It even arrived on my birthday. How’s that for awesome timing?) I’ve been so excited to peruse the projects in this book ever since I first knew of it’s inception.
And let me tell you, there are some beauties. 
This book is all about creating with texture.
And there is a big variety of projects to choose from: bags, wreaths, quilts, home decor, rings and bracelets…

This throw pillow is on my to-do list now. I love the simplicity of the two solid fabrics and the pop that little bit of pleated texture brings.

The book itself is so pretty – lots of eye candy to get those creative juices flowing.
And guess what? Vanessa is generously offering to give away a copy of Make It Sew Modern to one of you readers. It doesn’t even have to be your birthday.
To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post. If you want to, share which of these projects intrigues or inspires you most.  Giveaway will close Saturday, March 24 at midnight MST. GIVEAWAY CLOSED.
Happy Belated Birthday!! :) I hope you had a wonderful day! This seems like a great book! Thanks for doing a giveaway! Hope you have a beautiful day! :) xo Heather
Good luck, and thanks again V!


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    yes please! I follow both blogs. there is not a project in this book I don't want to try, but am especially excited about all of the different flowers! thanks so much

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    I love the gathered blue flowers and the baby quilt. Actually all the project are very appeling and pretty, but those two are the ones I could use the most right now. Thanks for the opportunity. I'll buy the book for sure if I don't win!

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    Good Morning Amy. :o)<br />I have this book and may I just say *I love it*.<br />Vanessa did an amazing job with her gorgeous creations<br />and instruction, so that we too can create something<br />lovely. :o)<br />Have a wonderful day.<br />hugs, Trish

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    I love the gathered blue flowers and the baby quilt. Actually all the project are very appeling and pretty, but those two are the ones I could use the most right now. Thanks for the opportunity. I&#39;ll buy the book for sure if I don&#39;t win!

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    The bag on the cover is my favorite! I&#39;ve been wanting to make myself a fun bad and this looks perfect! I especially love the flower detail.

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    I&#39;m always looking for a new idea for a bag and really…that pillow with the ruffled insert would be an amazing bag…making the ruffled part a pocket!:)

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    Please enter my name in this special giveaway..I would love to have this book. I am trying to adjust a pattern for the perfect handbag for my daughter. This book would help.

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    I love the bag with the bow in the last picture. That would be such a fun summer bag. My daughter is learning to sew and we might try this as a fun project. A girl can&#39;t have too many bags, right? 😉

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    Ruffles! I Love Ruffles! I so need a granddaughter so I can ruffle all kinds of pretties! Thank you for the giveaway! I am a follower of V and Co. blog.

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    Definently the gathered throw pillow. I have never tried gathers and this would look great on my couch. Thanks for the giveaway!!

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    Thanks for sharing these sneak peaks! I am inspired to try more ruffles after using a bit of gathering to fit the skirt to the bodice of a dress I am making ( my first!) this is quite a leap for me since I love the neatness of rotary cut squares and HST&#39;s. <br /><br />Thanks,<br />Sarah

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    Wow, thanks for the opportunity to win this givewaway! I&#39;ve been looking for a good pattern/tutorial for gathered throw pillows. I can&#39;t wait to get my hands on this book!

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    I&#39;d love to win this book. I love Vanessa (as only one can from reading another&#39;s blog) and was sooo excited to see she is know a teacher on Craftsy!

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    I&#39;d love a copy of Vanessa&#39;s book. The only thing that would make it more wonderful is if Vanessa was the model. She is so pretty, they really should have used her. (although the model they chose is beautiful too!)

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    I like the pleats on the edge of the quilt or any kind of pleat at all!<br />thanks for the giveaway! I&#39;d love to have the book!

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    I&#39;d love to be entered in your generous giveaway! I think I&#39;d love to try making that pillow. The idea of adding ruffles to quilt squares is something I&#39;ve always wanted to try. (I saw a pattern once that intrigued me!)<br />Thanks again!<br />Donna

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    I like the pillow – I&#39;ve been meaning to try a textured quilt top for a while and just haven&#39;t found the right project.

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    I LOVE the 2 solid color throw pillow with the POP the pleated fabric in the middle it gives out. WOW, I have to have this book and go crazy making these beautiful items in it. Thanks for the opportunity to win it!! :)

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    I have been ooggling her book ever since she posted it on her blog. There are so many thing I want to make in it that it is hard to pick one. Right now however, I am thinking about a quilt so the quilt with pleats intrigues me. Tell Vanessa thanks and thanks to yourself as well. -Nancy (

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    EEK! This book looks amazing! The ruffles on that quilt are so clean! But i&#39;m also loving that gathered/ pleated pillow! Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Such a great book! But, pleats on a blanket&#39;s edge?!?! YES please! haha<br /><br />Thanks for doing this giveaway!<br /><br />Andrea – prajaline (at) gmail (dot) com

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    I love this book and I don&#39;t have the confidence to do ruffles, gathers, and pleats. I think I need it so I can learn. I would have so much fun learning ALL of it!!!

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    Oh gosh, those bags are *hands down* the very items that are inspiring for me! I just made my first bag and feel the need to make more! :-) Thanks to both of you very much for doing this giveaway! :-)

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    It was my birthday on Sunday – does that count?<br /><br />LOVE that bag on the cover. My daughter wants one. Okay, I want one too. So pretty – thanks to you and Vanessa for a fabulous giveaway!

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    I really like the pillow with the gathered fabric in the middle and the bags are all cute!!! This book looks like a definite keeper with a ton of cool projects to make :)

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    the pleated flower or the cushion. I&#39;m generally not much of a ruffle fluffle fan – but I like to pin flowers on my bags and jackets and that would be a new way for me and the cushion is not overly ruffly as it&#39;s enclosed and I quite like that effect.

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    Hello Amy – thanks for the opportunity – I think the shirred pillows are a great idea – and one I will make for our master! – what a brain spark can do for your outlook on a dreary day! Thank you!

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    I think the bags and pillows would interest me first because that&#39;s out of the norm of my usual sewing. I would love to win! If not I hope to get it for my birthday…in July. Now would be more fun :)

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    The pleated trim on that quilt is so delightful. I love the attention to detail. Funny you should mention birthdays- my 30th is on Easter this year!

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    What a clever concept to organize the projects by technique. I am really interested in pleats–I used to love pleated skirts but that was a long time ago! I&#39;d like to pleat some other projects.

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    I love the look of the gathering section, not least because I&#39;m looking for an excuse to get a ruffle foot ;o)<br /><br />Thanks for the chance to win :o)

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    Love the quilt with the pleated edging… After making a Kilt, I&#39;m not sure I&#39;d attempt a quilt with all that pleating though.

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    Gorgeous ideas! I&#39;m in the market for throw pillows, too, so I like the gathered one you highlighted as well as the pleated one that was hiding on the left of another picture.

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    I&#39;m in love with the pillow you highlighted as well. I also like the yellow pleated pillow! What gorgeous inspiration!

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    I&#39;m in love with the pillow you highlighted as well. I also like the yellow pleated pillow! What gorgeous inspiration!

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    I have yet to make a bag that I didn&#39;t love, and I think I would really love to make the bag with the ruffle around it – using some solids and a vintage sheet perhaps…Or that pillow with the pleating is also calling my name. I have the sudden urge to make pillows to pizzazz up my living room. But first I have to get through a birthday party and Easter holidays before I tackle that!

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    This looks to be an AWESOME book!! I am finally at a place in life where I have a bit of time to develop to sewing interests, and catching these glimpses . . . I AM INTERESTED!

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    I don&#39;t know if this will be a duplicate comment as the first one doesn&#39;t display and there wasn&#39;t a confirmation message.<br />From the photos, my favorite section is pleats. The project with the pleated quilt is especially pretty and inspirational.

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    Bags, Bags and more Bags. Can you have too many? I also love the pleated trim on the baby blanket. I have no idea how to attempt that one!

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    This looks like a book I would enjoy adding to my shelf and actually making a few of the designs. I love the bag on the cover–just my style! Thanks!

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    The book has so many cute projects it&#39;s hard to choose, but I&#39;m really inspired by the gathering ones. The pleating projects have lots of possibilities too.

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    Thanks for the chance to win the book! I love the pleated pillow! Would definitely find more than one project from the book. I actually perused through the book yesterday. Love it!

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    The green pleated pillow is my favourite. I was looking at buying a couple just like it recently. Thanks for the chance to win the book.

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    MY BIRTHDAY was yesterday – March 20! How wonderful we share a birth month! I love the bag on the cover of the book, and I&#39;ve always wanted to learn to make fabric flowers too. It looks like the book just gets better after that!

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    I&#39;ve been a follower of Vanessa&#39;s for over a year now and am always excited to see her latest project. She has such feminine stylings without being frou frou. Just a very clean and enticing appeal consistently!

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    How Wonderful! Looks like a super book that&#39;s inspiring as well as helpful. I love the bag on the cover and the pillows with the pleats. I&#39;m sure there is more in there that will catch my eye as well.<br /><br />Thank you and Vanessa for a great giveaway and a chance to win an awesome book.<br /><br />usairdoll(at)gmail(dot)com

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    The pillow and the quilt are so cute! I would really love this book, I&#39;ve been following Vanessas blog and I&#39;m loving her projects! Thank you for the great chance!

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    What a great book! Looks like there are so many nice ideas and a whole lot of inspiring things in there. I&#39;d love to win a copy, but I&#39;ll put it on my wishlist anyway ;)<br />Thanks for the chance to win.

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    I&#39;ve had my eye on this book for awhile now – looks great! Pleats – would love to add more style with pleats. So the quilt with the pleats all the way around would be my first adventure. Thanks for the chance.

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    The pillow with the gathered center caught my eye first ~ then the bag with the pink bow and I can go on more. What a lovely book.

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    Our 1st grand baby is on the way and a just got a new sewing machine. Could life get any better?? Maybe.. If I am the winner. Thanks for the giveaway.<br />Kathy Davis<br />

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    I have been trying to stretch my sewing machine skills beyond just quilting – this looks like the perfect book for both ideas and inspiration. I am almost invision the bag I might make with Moda&#39;s California fabric collection.

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    Wow! I would think all my birthday&#39;s and christmasses have come at once if I coulld win this wonderful book. Thank you for a chance to win one :) I love the cushion cover :)

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    This looks like an AWESOME book with so many great projects! It would be hard to choose the first project, even from the few pictures you posted! Love it and would love to try some out…maybe the crib blanket:)

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    Hi: I would love to win the book. A friend referred your blog to me as I am a &quot;newbie&quot;, and I look forward to reading your tips. <br />Thank you for the chance to win such a great book swith great projects in it<br />Sandy

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    Oh my goodness I would love to win a copy of this book! I am excited about all the different techniques and playing with all that texture! Looks like there are so many fun projects to try!

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    This book looks like it could keep me busy for a loooooooong time. : ) I LOVE the bag on the front cover!! That would definitely be my first of many projects!

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    This book would keep me busy for a looooooong time. :) I LOVE the bag on the front cover! It would be my first of many projects!!<br />

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    I saw that pillow somewhere recently and it is on my to-do list too! I&#39;m going to make mine out of poly shantung–brown with red in the middle. I&#39;m so excited–it must be on my couch.

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    Oh my I think I was intrigued by every picture you posted. I am sure i would find many projects I would like to make. Thank you for a chance to win and Hope you had an awesome birthday!

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    I love all the neat ideas in this book…pillows are my thing to make right now so would enjoy this book!<br /><br />Quiltingolfer

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    Great giveaway – I would love to win so I could learn the finer details of sewing :) Thanks for the chance!! amysalbums2004[at]yahoo[dot]com

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    your gathered-panel pillow is good, but i think i like the rows of close-set gathered rows for, i don&#39;t know yet – something<br />like a baby dress or down the front of a shirt for me to wear on MY birthday. yeah!

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    Oh, I&#39;ve been waiting for this book and would love to win a copy! I love the many ideas with the ruffles and the pleats, and would definitely do the pillow first, followed by the cover&#39;s bag with the flower! Thank you for the give-away!

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    This book looks fantastic. I love the black and white bag with the flower. thanks for the giveaway. <br /><br />

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