Quilting Retreat

This week I got away for some lovely sewing time at a quilting retreat hosted by American Quilting.  Good times. (Many thanks to those who made it possible – especially Grandma.) The two quilts above were made by talented quilter, Ann Lewis.

It was held at the lovely Zermatt resort in Midway Utah. You may remember I went for 24 hours last year where I got to meet my quilting idol, Sandy Klop
 Well, no Sandy this year, but still plenty of fun, entertaining people (shout out to you, D!) and this time I got to stay for two whole days!
There was still plenty of inspiration 
 and quilt eye candy.
 And real candy.
I basically pigged out while I was there.
But I was also SO productive. I brought a bunch of works-in-progress. (Some of which were 4 years old. Seriously.) And I finished them! I will share them in future posts.  (Which was another bonus side-effect – lots of good future blog-post material.)
I even started a couple of new projects – including cutting up the pile of Dream On fabrics I’ve been hording saving carefully for a couple of years. I’m going to use this pattern with a green solid sashing.  It will give it such a different look. I’m excited to see how it turns out.
 In the process I added a lot of thread to my lint collection. Occupational hazard.
(Memo to self: bring a lint-roller next time. At least I was among understanding folks.)

Good to get away.  And the productivity was awesome. Sleep was minimal, but I’ll catch up on that later. I had to come home early for events at home, including the 5th-grade “Maturation Program” – I mean, who wants to miss that??


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    Wow that sounds like a real treat! Those quilts are beautiful. Maybe when my kids are older and/or I&#39;m done having kids I&#39;ll be able to go on a few retreats.<br /><br />I love Dream On. I have a layer cake and some yardage squirreled away myself:)

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    Sounds like you had a great time! I would love to go to a quilt retreat one day! I always look like that when I am sewing. My lint roller gets a lot of use!! Have a beautiful weekend! xo Heather

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    Sounds incredible restful and productive at the same time! I love the picture of your sweater…I often go like that on the school run and then have fellow moms trying to pick off the threads…LOL – it&#39;s an endless job!

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    I love going on a quilt retreat! I&#39;m in a great group of women and we got twice a year ~ to a place where the hostess feeds us! it&#39;s so nice to just focus on sewing and not worry about food, washing up or taking care of anyone. <br />Lots of pretty quilts were made, especially love the one that looks like an asterisk.

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    Always look forward to receiving your blog updates in my emails. Thanks for sharing the awesome photos, not only of the quilts but also the absolutely gorgeous places you visit and live in. I will probably never get back to America (there as a teenage visitor), so it is like armchair travel, Vicki from Australia xx

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    Looks like loads of fun! I just love the lint, like I tell my hubby who always is laughing at me and my sweaters cause I look like that: &quot;I just come with strings attached&quot; 😉

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    Good grief, what on earth is a maturation programme?! It sounds a bit scary. Glad I&#39;m not the only one who carries lint like a fashion statement :)

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    Im so glad to see someone else has been hoarding their dream on fabric! until i read your post i forgot i have a pile in my cupboard – i can&#39;t wait to see your quilt finished – its inspired me to go pull mine out and see what i can make!

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    I am so glad you had some time to refill your cup! Shout out to all the Grandmas everywhere who recognize we all need a break once and a while. Amy M. Does a fantastic retreat. It is on my wish list one day.

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