Reunion quilt-in-progress

Sharing a work-in-progress today. Because pretty much everything I’ve got right now is a ‘work-in-progress.’ I decided to try a dark version of the Brickyard pattern using a Sweetwater Reunion layer cake and some Kona Charcoal for the sashing.

 Love the prints in this collection – esp that little pennant print.

My major work-in-progress over the past weeks/days is cleaning out our basement. I have done some impressive work there but pictures would be pretty boring, so here’s another gratuitous fabric shot instead.

I found a bunch of mix-tapes from my past in the great basement clean-out of 2012. I found a functional cassette player too (talk about vintage!), so I’ve been enjoying some serious blast-from-the-past tunes as I’ve worked lately.  A little Paul Simon, John Denver, Billy Joel, Police, Van Halen… you know I was rockin’ at that sewing machine yesterday.

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P.S. my quilt for Grammie is being featured at A Quilt Story today. Thanks Heather and Megan!

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P.P.S. Happy Pi Day to all you fellow math-nerds out there. My husband recently brushed off his dormant rapping skillz and wrote a music video honoring the BYU Mathletes.
So in case you’ve been searching for a song to celebrate factoring polynomials, you’re in luck.
As for me, thank goodness for quilting because it keeps the math part of my brain from total atrophy.


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    I love the reunion quilt – I just love that line of fabric. I used it in a t-shirt quilt I made – just got it back from the quilter, and now I need to get it bound! Anyhow, hang on to those cassettes….. what do your kids think of them?

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    cassette tapes! classic! i work at a high school and there is an art student working on her portfolio who is knitting the tape from old vhs and cassette tapes into a blanket…can you imagine?!

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    I love your quilt! Reunion is one of my favorite lines right now, well I love everything sweetwater comes out with! Awesome about finding your old tapes, I was listening to my Van Halen record, yes vinyl, the other day. :-)

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    Love the dark solid with the Reunion, I have a jelly roll that I may just have to get out now. Hope you get some more sewing time in so you can rock out to those tapes some more…what fun! Smiles~Beth

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    I have been gazing at my reunion fabric (fabric and two charm packs with coordinating solids) and I can't get up the nerve to cut into it! Your quilt looks fabulous. Great job.

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    Thanks for reminding me that it is pi day. I usually give my son a gift certificate to get some pie. One year I made little dessert plates and wrote pi around the outside rim….<br /><br />Your quilt looks great with that dash sashing.

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    That is a wonderful quilt! I&#39;m going to get that pattern. Your quilts are so inspiring. I have many tapes but can&#39;t find a tape recorder. Glad you enjoy those oldies. I sure do.

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    your quilt is looking gorgeous Amy. I love a mixed tape….my best friend and I have done many a road trip in our day and making a mixed tape for each one was always a tradition. Even now when I hear certain songs it transports me into my ancient Toyota Corolla and onto the open road.

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    I am loving the colors on this quilt! I need to go run to the fabric store and make something like this! Although I have many quilt tops that need to be quilted, its ok to start another one, right!? LOL.<br /><br />Thanks for the inspiration, love your blog!<br /><br />Jo Ann

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    Would you believe I have also been playing my tapes! Did you have a hoarse voice from singing along? I used to have some much fun making my mixed tapes.Who needs an MP3 player set on random when you can play a mixed tape (lol). Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

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