I-spy Baby Quilt

We had a new baby in our extended family which means time for a new baby quilt.
(Pattern available here.)

This new little guy has a big sister, so I thought I would send them an i-spy quilt to give big sister something to distract entertain her as well. (I am experienced with the reaction of older siblings to new babies. Distraction is a good thing.)

In keeping with my “no-more-hoarding” mentality that I mentioned in the Reunion quilt post, I even broke out the American Jane stash for the back and borders. I know. Shocking right? But you are so proud. I can feel it.  The ‘i-spy’ blocks (squares with the novelty prints) came from the i-spy charm packs in my etsy shop. (EDIT: They are sold out! So sorry.) The offset blocks are Essex linen/cotton blend. I love the contrasting texture. You can find it here.

Speaking of American Jane, a little doll quilt for big sister to take care of her own babies. The novelty blocks from this quilt are from a collection called Look and Learn and is a few years old. Again, part of the stash.

In other exciting news, I got my braces off! Yeehaw!! Even though I tried to tell myself the braces made my lips look full like Angelina Jolie’s, in reality it was more of a Jar Jar Binks look.  Yesterday I passed some chocolate covered cinnamon bears in the store and thought, sadly, “Those look good, but I can’t have them.” And then I realized, “YES I CAN!” So I bought a ton. Happy day.

New Quilt Blocks and tutorials

Being the 25th of the month, there is a new, free quilt block tutorial in the  Block of the Month series over at Jackie’s blog, Canton Village Quilt Works. This is month 8. I have had so much fun making each new blocks. This month’s design is by Amy of Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts and you can find the tutorial here. I love it!

Last month’s block was designed by Allison of Cluck Cluck Sew and you can find her block tutorial here.

And here are all of my blocks thus far.  They are looking so cheerful all together.  I’m starting to work on ideas for assembling. I can’t wait to see how Jackie assembles hers. And, can I just say here, isn’t it fun to see how different the same block looks just by using different fabrics?

And while we’re on the subject of quilt blocks, here are a couple for a new quilting bee that I’m a part of called The Bees Knees.  This month the quilt is for Sherri and she sent us each a fat 1/8th of Monica’s Happy Mochi Yum Yum and asked for a 12″ block.  
The Bees Knees - A Quilting Bee
It is so much fun to see the blocks people come up with and there are already some cute ones. You can see the progress at the blog which as been oh so cutely designed by talented Shari of Doohikey Designs. (Who also has a crazy cute new fabric collection for Riley Blake called Dress Up Days. Man, some people are just talented.)
I also made this block for Sherri. I’m not trying to be an over achiever, I swear. Here’s the story. Sherri said she wanted a 12″ block, and gave some ideas of things she likes, one of them being houses.  I loved the big yellow print she sent and thought it would be a cheerful sun above a little cottage. So that is how this block came to be.  But seeing that the other blocks submitted are all star blocks, I felt like this would be too much of an outlier, so I made a quick star with the rest of the fabric so it looks more cohesive. But I’ll still send the little cottage to Sherri as a little bit of extra love. 
Next month is my turn. I have some ideas but I need to start cutting fabric!

Finished Reunion Bricks Quilt

Finally – a new finish.  Hooray! This quilt is mostly made from the latest Sweetwater collection for Moda fabrics, called Reunion.  I love the colors and prints in this one.  I used my Brickyard pattern for this quilt. I’ve been wanting to try that design again (esp since I don’t have the first quilt), but do it in a completely different color scheme.

I used a Layer Cake (stack of pre-cut 10″ squares) for the bricks, which gave me lots of prints and colors to play with. The sashing is Kona charcoal.  I did not do the quilting – it was done by Becky Heslop (hi Becky!).  I gave her free-reign to do what she wanted, and love the outcome. 
I especially love the simple way she quilted the chevron fabric on the borders – totally changes the look of the fabric.  The binding is a red dot leftover from Freebird.  I’m trying to only use the fabric I’ve already got on hand – even if it’s something I was saving for another project. (gasp!) Because who knows if that project is ever really going to happen.  It’s time to use that stash.

I think that I love the back equally much.  That little pennant print is charming.  I also used the left over 10″ squares from the layer cake to piece the back, but I needed more fabric to supplement so I used some solid red. In looking for a few more blocks to add, I pulled this plaid from Denyse Schmidt’s latest collection, Aunt Edna at JoAnn’s. It was perfect! It was so perfect – I wished I’d used it in the front too.

Reunion fabrics are available at Fabricworm, Little Fabric Shop, and Burgundy Buttons. Pattern available in my pattern shop
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Want to be a fabric designer?

Want to be a fabric designer? Well, now’s your chance! Robert Kaufman Fabrics and Spoonflower are sponsoring a new fabric design contest.  Go to Fabric8 to learn more.  Entries (one design) are due next week so don’t delay. If you win, can I make something with your fabric?
In other news, I am thoroughly enjoying the SNAP conference.  Sorry I was being Eeyore yesterday. (Why do I worry so much?) I have been inspired and motivated and met such lovely, creative people. (No junior-high behavior at all. Not even one person has called me ‘brace-face.’) Some of my favorite thoughts from today: “Don’t be afraid to share. Creativity is contagious” and “Don’t compare yourself, blog, etc. Be genuinely happy for the success of others.” Equally great: the tulips. 
Not great: the part about trying to publish a pre-scheduled blog post from my phone. Somehow I deleted it instead. D’oh! Sorry if you were wondering what the heck was going on with the blank post earlier.
Happy weekend. I’m off to get ice cream with the kids. :)

Fabric + taxes + feeling dorky

I’m starting (another) new project, this time all solids.  I think this is my first all solids quilt and I’m excited. I’m using Konas: Aqua, Peacock, Snow and Corn Yellow. I promise to share an actual finished project later this week. (Finishing the binding tonight.)
Today I am going to a blogging conference called SNAP here in Utah.  I’m excited because I’ve watched how much work has gone into it and I’m sure it will be very cool, but at the same time, I’m feeling nervous. I always feel kind of like a dweeb at things like this – sometimes feels like the first day of Jr. High all over again. And the fact that I’m the one wearing braces adds to that lovely dorky-jr-high feeling. :[ 
But I know it’s good to get out of my comfort zone, and each time I’ve done something like this, I’ve met some really lovely people and been glad that I made myself go, even though I’d much rather stay home with my sewing machine and watch reruns of MASH and Downton Abbey.  Plus, I’m SO technically un-savvy, that it’s always good to learn something new in the realm of html or seo. 

Finally, I laughed when we submitted our taxes this year.  I guess it’s official: according to the IRS I am a professional Quilter. I wonder what the accountant thought on that one – probably doesn’t see many of those. :) Got to do something to keep those accountants entertained during tax season.  What it should really say is “vacuumer-washer-chauffer-soccerfan-chef”, but I guess there wasn’t room.


A week or so ago I received a very welcome little parcel in the mail.  (Is there anything more fun than getting a bundle of fabric in your mailbox? Well, maybe not if you’re an anxious 6-yr-old waiting for a turtle Webkinz stuffed animal to arrive for your birthday. But for me? I’ll take fabric.)  Anyway, this bundle is a sampling of Lucie Summers’ upcoming fabric collection for Moda, aptly named, Summersville.

I love Lucie’s hand drawn designs. The words ‘clever’ and ‘whimsical’ come to mind.  I mean, there’s even a cute little fabric shop right there in Summersville. Who wouldn’t want to live there?

If I had to pick, I think that this print is my favorite.  I need to get a bunch more of this one – it would be so much fun to fussy cut for blocks or to use for a whole quilt back. Love it. Especially in red.

I’ve been itching to play with these fabrics ever since they arrived and now that spring break is done, this is what I’ve created so far. I love using the Bella solids for some colorful contrast. It’s still a growing work-in-progress.  Stay tuned for further developments…

Thank you, Lucie! Summersville will be available in real live fabric shops this month! Lucie also has a very charming etsy shop with screen-printed fabrics of her designs and other fun things. This tape is seriously calling me.