Fabric + taxes + feeling dorky

I’m starting (another) new project, this time all solids.  I think this is my first all solids quilt and I’m excited. I’m using Konas: Aqua, Peacock, Snow and Corn Yellow. I promise to share an actual finished project later this week. (Finishing the binding tonight.)
Today I am going to a blogging conference called SNAP here in Utah.  I’m excited because I’ve watched how much work has gone into it and I’m sure it will be very cool, but at the same time, I’m feeling nervous. I always feel kind of like a dweeb at things like this – sometimes feels like the first day of Jr. High all over again. And the fact that I’m the one wearing braces adds to that lovely dorky-jr-high feeling. :[ 
But I know it’s good to get out of my comfort zone, and each time I’ve done something like this, I’ve met some really lovely people and been glad that I made myself go, even though I’d much rather stay home with my sewing machine and watch reruns of MASH and Downton Abbey.  Plus, I’m SO technically un-savvy, that it’s always good to learn something new in the realm of html or seo. 

Finally, I laughed when we submitted our taxes this year.  I guess it’s official: according to the IRS I am a professional Quilter. I wonder what the accountant thought on that one – probably doesn’t see many of those. :) Got to do something to keep those accountants entertained during tax season.  What it should really say is “vacuumer-washer-chauffer-soccerfan-chef”, but I guess there wasn’t room.


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    I'm so interested to see your solid-color quilt! I've always wanted to try one, but haven't been brave enough yet. For some reason it seems harder to pick solid colors that would look great together in a quilt!

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    I so understand what you're saying! I also feel out of place at events like that. I won't go unless I can take someone along. Misery loves company!

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    LOL about your taxes, but I think you are going to have a lot of fun at the Snap conference! I hope you have a great time!! I love Kona Peacock, one of my favorite Konas, I can't wait to see what you're up to :)

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    It will be fun to see your new quilt made from solids. Well, you really ARE a professional quilter, so can't think of a better title to fill in as your profession.

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    Hey, if it means you can write off fabric, thread, batting and sewing machine maintenance, being a quilter by occupation is AWESOME.<br /><br />Have fun and remember that each and every one of us feels like a dork most of the time. :-)

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    I love all solid quilts! Have fun and I totally get what you mean, I&#39;m already nervous about the FQ retreat in June and trying not to think about it. Silly really.<br />I long to be called a quilter, that&#39;s awesome!

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    This is my first tax season as a Quilter, and it&#39;s scarey, isn&#39;t is? And I did them myself, we don&#39;t use an accountant. So far, so good. But talk about being out of your comfort zone!<br /><br />I&#39;m also working on a (commission) quilt that is almost all Kona solids. They are great to work with, all starched up and spiffy.

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    Have fun at SNAP! It will be fun hearing about it on the blogs. :)<br />I like your fabric colors. Those are some favorites of mine. My wedding colors were yellow and blue, though not that shade of blue.

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    Enjoy the conference. I&#39;d rather sew and watch reruns of Mash too over many other things.<br /><br />And what would I put on my return if I made money from my sewing along with my normal work? I&#39;m an accountant already!

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    Congratulations on becoming a professional quilter!!! I love the colors you&#39;ve chosen for your quilt. Am looking forward to seeing what you create.

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