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Being the 25th of the month, there is a new, free quilt block tutorial in the  Block of the Month series over at Jackie’s blog, Canton Village Quilt Works. This is month 8. I have had so much fun making each new blocks. This month’s design is by Amy of Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts and you can find the tutorial here. I love it!

Last month’s block was designed by Allison of Cluck Cluck Sew and you can find her block tutorial here.

And here are all of my blocks thus far.  They are looking so cheerful all together.  I’m starting to work on ideas for assembling. I can’t wait to see how Jackie assembles hers. And, can I just say here, isn’t it fun to see how different the same block looks just by using different fabrics?

And while we’re on the subject of quilt blocks, here are a couple for a new quilting bee that I’m a part of called The Bees Knees.  This month the quilt is for Sherri and she sent us each a fat 1/8th of Monica’s Happy Mochi Yum Yum and asked for a 12″ block.  
The Bees Knees - A Quilting Bee
It is so much fun to see the blocks people come up with and there are already some cute ones. You can see the progress at the blog which as been oh so cutely designed by talented Shari of Doohikey Designs. (Who also has a crazy cute new fabric collection for Riley Blake called Dress Up Days. Man, some people are just talented.)
I also made this block for Sherri. I’m not trying to be an over achiever, I swear. Here’s the story. Sherri said she wanted a 12″ block, and gave some ideas of things she likes, one of them being houses.  I loved the big yellow print she sent and thought it would be a cheerful sun above a little cottage. So that is how this block came to be.  But seeing that the other blocks submitted are all star blocks, I felt like this would be too much of an outlier, so I made a quick star with the rest of the fabric so it looks more cohesive. But I’ll still send the little cottage to Sherri as a little bit of extra love. 
Next month is my turn. I have some ideas but I need to start cutting fabric!


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    I love, love, love your blocks! I wish I had your eye for color! Being new to quilting, I am hoping through practice and getting inspiration from your blog, I may get an eye for color, too! :)

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    This months bom is lovely and goes really well with the others. Love your version. I finished mine yesterday but still need to take a picture. I too am thinking about how to assemble it but haven't really made any decision yet.

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    What lovely blocks Amy!! Love all the fabrics, especially the Michael Miller strawberry one!! I bought some of that print, and have been waiting to use it! Now I must go use it!! 😉 xo Heather

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    Your blocks are really lovely. So fresh! I particularly like the first block with the multicolour plaid fabric. And you little house for Sherri is super cute – I'm sure she'll love it.

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    Lucky Her, both blocks look adorable! I love the fabrics and that yellow print for the sun looks like it was made for it. So cheerful! (It's my second time to write the comment, an error message came with the first one, so forgive me if you get them twice:)

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    Amy, I've gotta say that the colors in your bom blocks have been the inspiration for mine! I'm doing them in Ruby and am waiting for some Vintage Modern to arrive to see if they'll mix well for the rest of the blocks. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    Amy: The star block you made for Sherri, do you have a tutorial anywhere for that one? I like it tons. I didn't see it in the pervious tutorials…? THanks.

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    I like all the blocks you have made, but I especially like the house block! They are all so sunny and bright, it just added some cheer to my day = )

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    How can I find a great BOM series like these adorable things from Canton Village Quilt Works and join it as it starts instead of trying to play catch up? I feel like I am arriving at the party way too late!

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