Sponsored Giveaway from Poppy Seed Fabrics

This week’s sponsored fabric giveaway is from Poppy Seed Fabrics. Poppy Seed Fabrics is a darling etsy shop full of lots of beautiful modern designer fabrics. Here are a few of my favorites:
Flea Market Fancy.  Poppy Seed even has a great deal to pick your own 10-piece FQ bundle of Flea Market Fancy at a great price!
Steel Orchid Cascading Ruffle Fabric, 1 yd total
Hello Kitty Licensed by David Textiles - 2 yard bundle
New arrivals include Peak Hour by Kellie Wulfsohn for Riley Blake
and a beautiful collection of those Chevrons 
– including another create your own FQ bundle!
Today Kim from Poppy Seed fabrics is generously giving away a Layer Cake (bundle of 42 10″ squares) of Aneela Hoey’s latest collection, A Walk in the Woods. This collection is so darling. Adorable novelty prints of Little Red and and the Wolf as well as great blenders in gray, sky blue, pink and red.  Cute, cute.
To enter to win this giveaway, take a quick peek at Poppy Seed Fabrics and tell me your favorite thing you find.
For an additional entry, follow the Poppy Seed Blog, and leave a comment telling me you’ve done so. This is a great way to be alerted to any special sales and deals going on.
Giveaway closes Saturday, April 7 at midnight, MST. GIVEAWAY CLOSED.

Winner: Mom2RyandSis said…

Lots of great stuff!! My favorite item is the Designer solid and Chevron half Yard bundle!!

Kim is also offering a 10% discount on all orders through Saturday with the coupon code diaryofaquilter10.

Thanks so much, Kim at Poppy Seed!


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    Am I first? Darn! #1 never wins. Anyway, I really like the pick your own 10 yards feature. How can you beat getting to put together your own favorites at sale prices. Thanks for the chance to win the Walk in the Woods layer cake. I am planning my granddaughter's first 'big girl' quilt and I want to use Walk in the Woods.

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    Definitely LOVE the Walk in the Park. When my daughter was little everyday she dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood…would love to make her a quilt out of this wonderful fabric! Thanks for the chance!<br />Paulette

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    Something that caught my eye was the Indian Summer quilt kit, I&#39;ve been crushing on this fabric for ages, and it&#39;s a bargain, if I didn&#39;t already have so many projects on the go, I would be there!

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    I love Poppy Seed Fabrics and top of my wish list right now is those chevrons!! Love them! Thanks for the chance to win the layer cake – A Walk in the Woods is a wonderful fabric line, too!

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    Yeah! Another blog to follow! I added myself to PSB – love my RSS feed. As far as my favorites – I can&#39;t decide whether I like the &quot;A Walk in the Woods&quot; or &quot;The Ghastlies 2&quot; collection better!

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    I really liked the pink, chocolate brown,and green of Indian Summer by Zoe Pearn. BTW your April Fool&#39;s dress really had me going for a minute.

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    Hi<br />OK so my favoriete thing I found on Poppy Seed is lots of gorgeous fabric. <br />Thanks for the chance to win.<br />Sandy

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    I love the Echino Fabric Fall 2011 by Etsuko Furuya, Bond Savannah in Neutral. The mix of safari animals and florals that don&#39;t necessarily go together, but work magnificently together is magical.

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    I love the Pearl Bracelet bundle from Hello Pilgrim and Outfoxed by Lizzy House and Andover Fabrics! The circles are just so spectacular.

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    I just found out about the Ghastlies – what cute but creepy pictures! Don&#39;t you want to know the back stories on some of those characters?

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    Oh my. What a grand giveaway! I&#39;m crushing on flea market fancy. Oh! And some of the gingham. LOVE gingham. She has a lovely blue gigham and a yellow one.

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    I&#39;m now so in love with the Aneela Hooey prints (any of them) .. It helps that I met her this weekend at our quilt guild meeting :) The Hello Kitty prints are pretty cute though and I have a niece named Kitty :)

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    It was so hard to narrow down a favorite! I landed on Designer solid and Chevron half Yard bundle, 12 total. They perfectly match and I can imagine so many fabulous things to do with them!

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    The Peak Hour collection has caught my eye – with 3 little boys, there are plenty of fun things I would like to make with that line!

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    I know we all see chevrons everywhere, but I still find them so crisp and fun. I think I&#39;d have to go with those. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    So many wonderful fabrics! I love the Where&#39;s My Mustache novelty fabric! Thanks for the giveaway :)<br /><br />mcclurehs@gmail.com

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    What a great selection – I will have to remember this etsy shop when I purchase fabric for a future project. If I were making a purchase today – I know the &quot;Peak Hour&quot; fabric (I would go with a layer cake) would be a hit with my three boys.

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    Love the Ghastlies, amongist all the other fabric goodness. I really can&#39;t imagine what it would be like to be surrounded by shelves of beautiful fabic.

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    I added Poppy Seed&#39;s blog to my list! I am really loving the Fly a Kite by October Afternoon for Riley Blake fabrics. So cute. I&#39;m so in love with the cutesy juvenile prints right now!

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    I&#39;ve been drooling over their chevrons and the rose cuddle fabric. Well, and the ruffle fabric, but I finally caved and bought that last week!

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    Well for starters, I love &quot;A Walk in the Woods&quot; but also &quot;Peak Hour&quot;, &quot;Chevrons&quot;, those Daiwabo elephants, and I could go on &amp; on ;&gt;) Thanks for chance to win this lovely prize! (marshudson at comcast dot net)

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    How could I have missed Poppyseed Fabrics? What a cute shop. I loooove the Hello Kitty fabrics. I have a HK sewing machine &amp; I think perhaps it needs some of those fabrics for a cover! Thanks for the chance to win!

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    I love the Walk in the Woods fabric! I have been eyeing it for sometime for a quilt for my daughter as she moves into a big girl bed. Adorable :)

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    I checked out the Poppy Seed Fabrics blog and plan to make this a regular site I visit – I really want to try the bag tutorial as a gift bag for an upcoming baptism…

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    Hi. I have been and seen what there is to offer at Poppy Seed, become a foolower of their blog and am in love with the ruffle fabrics and Daiwabo Japan Fabric, Little White Elephants ……. Aroha form New Zealand :-)

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    So hard to choose but I guess I would go with the Ghastiles part 2… I loved following the blogs last year with all the creative uses of this fabric.<br /><br />Thanks for a chance at the great giveaway.

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    YOu already posted two of my favorite items–the Flea Market Fancy collection and the Chevrons! Both on my wish list!

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    I love, love, love the Flea Market Fancy bundle that you posted!! I also love the Riley Blake and Doodlebug designs, Tuxedo Main in Black bundle– black and white quilts with just a touch of red, or electric blue, or lime green, or hot pink are just gorgeous! :-) Thanks so much for the chance to win!

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    The Ghastlies really make me smile. I know it&#39;s one of those lines that folks either love or hate, and I just love em. <br /><br />I also follow the Poppy Seed blog. <br /><br />thanks for the opportunity!

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    I always love the sale section and go there first…and of course FMF, which my daughter and I PRE-ordered from a co. in Cali. and still don&#39;t have it…the money has been taken from the accounts, so we&#39;re hoping we didn&#39;t get douped! Love Patty Young fabric and AnnaMaria too. Thanks for the chance to win!

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    I love the Tuxedo collection in black, and all the variety of bundles she offers in the Ghastlies part 2! I missed them the first time they were out and will have to get some soon! :)

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    I adore those &quot;Nice Threads.&quot; I&#39;m also kinda tossed about the Peak Hour….It`s so cute, but I have really girly girls and wouldn`t be able to work toy trucks into a quilt for my husband!

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    Kawaii Hopping Rabbits….my daughter was born in the year of the rabbit, I used to design stuffed rabbits….I just love the traditional rabbit design…it is delightful!

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    I am so glad that you posted about this. I really like the Heirloom by Joel Dewberry collection. It is really nice and I have a project for it in mind.

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    I&#39;m loving the Flea Market Fancy choose your own fat quarter bundle – gorgeous fabrics &amp; a great idea. Thanks for the giveaway.

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    My favorite fabric line for the last several weeks has been Walk in the Woods. I find it utterly charming and can think of so many sweet little things I&#39;d like to make with it! Thanks for an opportunity to win some wonderful fabric! Be especially blessed, Kathy

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    Oh no not another fabulous fabric shop to spend my money in :-) I love the ability to create your own bundles and if I don&#39;t win this giveaway I will be purchasing a Walk in the Woods bundle of my choosing.

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    As soon as I went to Poppy Seed&#39;s shop I saw what I would love – Peak Hour – My grandson would love it:)<br /><br />Great giveaway- thank you!!!!!<br /><br />sandyb720 at gmail dot com

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    Can my favorite thing be ribbon? Because I love the little red riding hood ribbon. Guess that layer cake is stuck in my head and that ribbon is adorable!<br />Thanks!

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    Oh gosh, SO many choices. I really love those yummy blue fabrics in Patty Young&#39;s Grand Bazaar but the bundle of Riley Blake and Doodlebug designs, Tuxedo collection in White is my favorite. I just love those black and white fabrics in that bundle.

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    And I have been a follower of the blog for a while now – it&#39;s so nice to get notified of the sales and new arrivals that way.

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    Thank you so much for this give-away! There are so many fabulous fabrics that it&#39;s hard to chose! But being a lover of vintage, feeling nostalgic, I love the Flea Market Collection!<br />Maureen

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    I love the Anime Japanese Girls fabric in green! Thanks for the chance to win, and for introducing me to a new fabric source!

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    I&#39;m now a follower of Poppy Seed blog. I saw she&#39;s got some awesom tutorials too on top of the sales you&#39;ve mentioned. <br /><br />Thank you for the chance to win.

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    I love the Poppy Seed blog!! I have been a follower for a while now and am always in awe of the beautiful fabrics in her shop. I actually heard about her from one of your blog post this past summer. So thanks!!

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    I checked out the poppy seed shop and I am in LOVE with the new Chevron fabrics! I also cannot wait to get my hands on Peak Hour-AD in grey!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

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    Oh my goodness I don&#39;t know if I can choose! Flea Market Fancy? Chevron?? Walk in the Park it&#39;s to hard to decided! And I do love Piece of Cake!! I want it all!

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    Hard to find a fae fabric but upon searching I found this one: Japanese Fabric – Kawaii Winking Owls. I have added this Etsy shop into my Favourites and shall definitely be buying from them. Thanks for the offer.

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    Ooooh! I would so want to choose the Riley Blake Chevron fat quarter bundle. I am loving the bright colours and the geometric print is perfect for so many quilting projects!

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    Oh be still my heart….they have the newest Ghastlies fabrics!!! I adore Alexander Henry but most of all, the Ghastlies line! I&#39;m collecting for the best Ghastlies quilt ever and was waiting for the new fabrics to come out.<br /><br />shel704 at aol dot com

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    I am loving the Ghastiles Collection, the Tuxedo (Riley Blake and Doodlebugs), the chevrons, the browns stash collection, the chevrons, omg I am having trouble breathing!!!! The remix, nice threads… seriously I could go on, but I think the excitement might be a bit too much. My husband would suspects me of naughty things and worry about the checkbook &gt;.&gt;

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    So many pretty things! I love the Walk in the Woods for a baby quilt…there is even a ribbon that would go with it :) Thanks for the opportunity.

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    So many pretty things! I love the Walk in the Woods for a baby quilt…there is even a ribbon that would go with it :) Thanks for the opportunity.

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    So many pretty things! I love the Walk in the Woods for a baby quilt…there is even a ribbon that would go with it :) Thanks for the opportunity.

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    So many pretty things! I love the Walk in the Woods for a baby quilt…there is even a ribbon that would go with it :) Thanks for the opportunity.

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    I really like the pick your own bundle feature, I am loving &quot;walk in the woods&quot; and &quot;rush hour&quot; for the little men &amp; ladies in my life!

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    I love the NEW Ice Cream Pink , from Fly a Kite by October Afternoon and Riley Blake!!! It&#39;s the inspiration for my next quilt!

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    those new Chevrons from Riley Blake are pretty fab. It&#39;s so hard to pick a favorite – I pick a fav. and when I click to the next page, I like those best too!

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    I love the Haven&#39;s Edge by Tina Givens. All in stock fabrics, Fat Quarter bundle, 12 Total! I love each of the 12 in this listing!

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    The Peak Hour collection is adorable; I especially love the Ad Grey print. My little boy is 18 months, so I always appreciate cute boy fabric. :-)<br /><br />Caryn<br />sweetpeacaryn at gmail dot com

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    The Ghastlies are calling my name — my teenage daughter is drooling over them and I think I have to make something for her . . .

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    As much as I&#39;d love to get my hands on some ruffle fabric, the Nice Threads in Multi, Fabric Spools of Thread from Alexander Henry FQ was really cute.<br />missavene at gmail dot com

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    From the Poppy Seed etsy shop, besides the FMF legacy collection (less 2) I like Vintage Modern layer cake (cannot afford the FQ bundle – and Wow it is lovely) and the Riley Blake Chevrons. Thanks for the chance to win!

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    wow, what a generous giveaway! I had never heard of &#39;Poppy Seeds&#39; before but I have a feeling I&#39;ll be shopping there soon! Love her collections and the ability to mix and match fat quarter bundles. Genius! My favourite find on her shop is &#39;Fly a Kite&#39; by October Afternoon and Riley Blake.

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    Difficult to choose, so many cute things… I love the Fly a Kite in CREAMS and BROWNS bundle by October Afternoon and Riley Blake.<br />Thanks,<br />Cyrille

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    I love those create your own fat quarter bundle, especially the chevron. Looks like I&#39;m going to have to put that discount to good use! Thanks. <br /><br />Rhianneholmes(at)hotmail.com

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    The colors of Indian Summer by Zoe Pearn are right up my alley. Of course, my son would love the Superman fabric, and the Peak Hour. Too bad I&#39;m already working on a quilt for him!

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    The colors of Indian Summer by Zoe Pearn are right up my alley. Of course, my son would love the Superman fabric, and the Peak Hour. Too bad I&#39;m already working on a quilt for him!

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    how lovely! I&#39;m enamoured by the chevron fabric – how would I ever limit myself to just a few! (I&#39;d love to make some cushion covers).

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    Following the birth of my last child, who turned 9 this week (!), I became very ill and spent the next months fighting for my life. I was determined to see my children grow up and I prayed that God would allow me to be here with them. I finally managed to get out of the hospital, but was in and out for the next two years and have been very sick since then. I have a lot of physical problems now

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    Hi, I just love the Flea Market Fancy–legacy collection, from Denyse Schmidt. I am also following the PS blog and have liked on FB. Thanks for a chance of winning this lovely fabric!

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    I love the ghastlies!!! I am so glad they are coming out with another line. I am now a blog follower too! Thank you for the chance to win this incredible line!!!

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    I love the Heirloom by Joel Dewberry Charm Pack<br />Thank you for introducing me to such a great shop!<br /><br />mcintosh dot kimberley at gmail dot com

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    I like Vintage Modern layer cake by Bonnie and Camille and the hello kitty fabric…among many others : ) thanks for the chance to win

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    I could hardly get past the first page! There are Ghastlies on it! I am a sucker for all things Ghastlie, especially the fabrics! :)<br /><br />Thanks for having such a wonderful give-a-way!

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    I love the Playful Paisleys in Turquoise (Grand Bazaar fabric from Patty Young and Michael Miller)! Thanks for the chance to win.

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    NEW Vintage Modern layer cake by Bonnie and Camille for Moda Fabrics, layer cake 42 -10&quot; squares. These fabrics are PERFECT for a project I have in mind. I saw a happy birthday banner photo prop that is turquoise and red. Just perfect. Gonna have to buy these from poppy seed fabrics.

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    Pick one? only one? how bout one of each? :) I am loving black and white so Doodlebug and riley blake tuxedo main in black has my vote- along with all the other black and whites, ooh and those whales, and hippos and the japanese fabrics and and and…

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    I love the &quot;NEW Echino Fabric Fall 2011 by Etsuko Furuya, Bond Savannah in Neutral&quot;<br />Thanks!<br />katelyn.j.stephens at gmail dot com

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    Beautiful shop – my favorite thing on the shop is the create your own bundles! Great idea. I also love, love, love that flea market fancy is back.

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    I really love the Walk in the Parks collection especially the little foxes and Red in the woods. It was my favorite at Poppy Seed.

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    I found out that Poppy Seed has the Ghastlies fabric! I saw this fabric last fall during a blog hop and fell in love with it. It&#39;s a fun fabric!<br />I really want some this year and just waiting for payday. hehe.<br /><br />Thank you and Poppy Seed Fabrics for a super giveaway and a chance to win some awesome fabric.<br /><br />usairdoll(at)gmail(dot)com