Spring Dress using a Vintage Sheet: a tutorial

Today I have a fun tutorial especially for the first of April.  It’s a super-quick dress-refashion using a vintage sheet from the thrift store.  I’ve been collecting vintage sheets for a while now and what better way to use one, than for a new dress for spring!

Because we’re using vintage sheets we can make this really quickly by using the finished edges of the sheet as the hems of the dress. You need to find a sheet that is long enough when folded in half horizontally to be the desired length of your dress. If it’s a large sheet, cut the width of the sheet to the size you like, depending on how full you want your dress to be. I measured my wingspan from wrist to wrist to decide how wide I wanted to make my dress.

Believe it or not, this dress only requires two seams! Easy Peasy!
After you’ve folded your sheet in half horizontally, pin the open sides and sew them together, leaving about a 6″ opening at the top where your hands/arms will come through.
Now to make the hole for your neck, find the center of your dress by taking the sewn dress and folding in half again, this time lengthwise, so that the side seams match up.  Make a neat little cut at the center point depending on how wide you want you neckline and how big your head is.  I didn’t even bother to stitch around the edges – just a nice raw edge to give some edginess to balance out the floral motif.
 And VOILA!!! You are ready to go!

I choose this sheet in part because it already had a ruffle on one edge which makes a lovely decorative hem.  As you know, ruffles are HOT right now. And this dress screams HOT doesn’t it?

Throw on a belt and you’ve got a whole different look.  So versatile! 
This is a Maxi dress to the Max.
You could make this same dress out of a nice bright polyester or velour, wear it with some serious gold jewelry and unleash your inner- Mrs. Roper.
Or just stick with the original and actually look like a walking vintage sheet itself. 
People may even come up to you and ask where you got your vintage sheet so that they can copy your chic-vintage-retro-upcycled-look.  Just don’t tell them where you actually got it. Leave them guessing because there is getting to be a serious vintage sheet shortage out there.  We don’t need new band-wagon-vintage-sheet hunters coming in and diluting the available inventory, right?

I hope you enjoy this new project to add to your to-do list! Happy First of April!



  1. says

    about halfway down i thought 'april fools, i hope'. you better watch out, though. i bet you $10 this ends up on pinterest as a real thing.

  2. says

    Oh, Amy, you made my April 1st! To take the time to make a tutorial and everything. I think you must wear the dress all day today, even if it is General Conference.

  3. says

    I can't believe this hasn't been Fashion Today! My husband is going to love this new sexy look! Maybe Mr. Roper will want to "put up a shelf" LOL! Great April Fool's lol!

  4. says

    Haha! I forgot it was April Fools Day so I was thinking, "Wow… does she really think that looks good? It looks like she's wearing a sheet! I just won't comment…" Ha! Thanks for the laugh!

  5. says

    I loved Mrs. Roper!! And too funny, what you call vintage are sheets I threw out, they look like some my husband and I had when we were first married back in the mid 70's, glad to see they are being re-purposed!! Thanks for the laugh!!

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    LOL!! You totally got me! I was anxious to see the dress that you had made– thinking that I may make one for myself… then as I scrolled down and saw each picture, I was thinking, "What!? Is she serious!?" I had totally forgotten about April Fool's for the moment, even though we *did* remember to fool my Mom and Dad this morning. We stuck bright yellow silk flowers all over a

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    OH my goodness! I thought your were serious for a bit! Seriously crazy! Phew! You actually don't need a fashion intervention!

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    LOL I was about to take your link right off my blog roll! You totally got me. i was like, "She CAN'T really think that looks good." hahahahaha

  9. says

    Oh man, this totally got me until I saw the last picture. For a minute I was in despair – Oh I hope she doesn't actually go out of the house wearing this!!! Nice one. :)

  10. says

    I seriously didn't get it and then thought I'd see if anyone really thought it was cute and maybe it was just me!! Great one!

  11. says

    All I could think is 'how can she get away with only 2 seams, doesn't the neck need to be finished?'. Good for a laugh!

  12. says

    Oh, my!!!! I could not stop laughing, at first I thought What the ..? who in their right mind would even consider wearing a sheet dress. You definitely got me.

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