A week or so ago I received a very welcome little parcel in the mail.  (Is there anything more fun than getting a bundle of fabric in your mailbox? Well, maybe not if you’re an anxious 6-yr-old waiting for a turtle Webkinz stuffed animal to arrive for your birthday. But for me? I’ll take fabric.)  Anyway, this bundle is a sampling of Lucie Summers’ upcoming fabric collection for Moda, aptly named, Summersville.

I love Lucie’s hand drawn designs. The words ‘clever’ and ‘whimsical’ come to mind.  I mean, there’s even a cute little fabric shop right there in Summersville. Who wouldn’t want to live there?

If I had to pick, I think that this print is my favorite.  I need to get a bunch more of this one – it would be so much fun to fussy cut for blocks or to use for a whole quilt back. Love it. Especially in red.

I’ve been itching to play with these fabrics ever since they arrived and now that spring break is done, this is what I’ve created so far. I love using the Bella solids for some colorful contrast. It’s still a growing work-in-progress.  Stay tuned for further developments…

Thank you, Lucie! Summersville will be available in real live fabric shops this month! Lucie also has a very charming etsy shop with screen-printed fabrics of her designs and other fun things. This tape is seriously calling me.


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    I love this fabric. It is bright and cheery and ready to make something with. I love the way your quilt is turning out. It really does frame the pieces well!

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    Thank you for showing us your recent work! Of all the fabrics I seem to be continuously falling in love with, this one IS THE REAL DEAL. Ever since I caught my first glimpse on a blog a few weeks ago I've been smitten. It keeps popping up now everywhere I look. I really love what you have done with it….your design really does the fun print justice. I can hardly wait to find it in

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    VERY cute. I've seen some lovely embroidery embellishments on these fabrics on Pinterest lately–using the black and white one like a fabric coloring book and "coloring" with embroidery. I may just have to get me some.

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