This year’s crop of Union Jack quilt blocks

While I was at the quilting retreat a couple of weeks ago, I worked on my Union Jack quilt blocks. Which is exactly the same thing I have worked on for the past three years, at this same quilting retreat. In fact, Amy McClellan, the retreat orchestrator, laughed when she saw me pull them out again this year. Here’s last year’s finishes. And here are the blocks from the year before.

To my credit, even though I’ve been creating these blocks for the past 2+ years, I’ve given a bunch of them away to other people. Like the pillow for my old friend, the flag quilt for my Norwegian friend who was a flat-mate when I lived in northern England as a Mormon missionary, and the cancer-love quilt for my friend Jenny, who was a flat-mate when I was a student in London.

This year was the year I determined to sew enough blocks so that I can finally FINISH my quilt.  I’ve got the sashing cut and I need to just assemble them all! I used this Victory Garden pattern.  (I modified it slightly to have less fabric waste.) My blocks and fabrics are inspired by Cath Kidston, another UK love. 
image from here
I’m such an Anglophile.  I loved my time living in England in my early 20’s.  My dream is to take my family back and live there for a summer, or maybe longer.  I will keep dreaming that dream and feeding my Britain Pinterest board
…in the meantime I’m lucky to have nice friends who feed my love for all things British like sending me Cath Kidston buttons and making me the world’s cutest Union Jack needle book. Now I just need to find some good fish’n’chips.
Britain in Fabric. I'm in trouble.
POST EDIT: Thanks to the kind readers who reminded me about this new fabric collection. Also available here. Just when I was vowing not to buy more fabric. But how can I pass this one up?
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    I didn't know you served your mission in England. My mom was born in England and lived there for a good portion of her childhood. I know what you mean about some good fish and chips :) That and a lovely trifle for dessert would set me just right :)

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    If you're ever in Washington DC, there's a place in old town Alexandria called Eamon's that makes an excellent fish and chips. I know that doesn't help you now, but one day maybe.

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    The best Fish &amp; Chips in Utah are at Red Robin. Trust me. They are really good. Let me know what you think after you try them.<br /><br />We are headed to New Zealand the end of May where they also do amazing Fish &amp; Chips. We will be enjoying them after attending our daughters wedding there.

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    They are lovely! I&#39;ve been going union jack crazy over here with the Diamond Jubilee and the olympics coming up. Love your fabrics!<br />Sally x

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    Ohmygosh! Those blocks are just adorable Amy! You&#39;re making me want to make some — in a BIG way. I love all things UK too. I&#39;m sure you&#39;ve seen the new Cool Britannia fabric? I&#39;m trying to think of something fun to make with it! (Love your Pinterest board too — I need to copy it LOL!)

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    There&#39;s a couple of fab ranges of fabrics come out for the Jubilee/Olympics this year, if you wish to feed your obsession… Makower and Bernatex are the manufacturers, and both have fun UK/London/Jubilee themed prints

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    cute! I never would have thought I would contemplate a Union Jack Quilt (heck, i am polish and french)….but those squares are tooooooo cute….it has my mind a going….thank you for sharing :)

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    I love your blocks! I am an anglophile myself too, I lived in England a few years ago and I fell in love with the country the moment I set my foot on British soil. I have quite a stash of reds (I am making a Dear Jane in beige and reds) and you have given me an idea about what to do with the remnants. Thanks for sharing them (Nieves from Madrid, Spain)

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    Okay, do you have a good source for the Cool Britannia collection? One of the prints from the collection I really love isn&#39;t listed on the Fat Quarter Shop site. Any other suggestions, because you know I&#39;m just itching to hold that fabric to my chest, breathe deeply, and imagine I&#39;m in London.

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    I though I wouldn&#39;t be swayed by any of the UK/Jubilee/Olympic stuff that&#39;s bound to be everywhere over here this summer and here you are making beautiful blocks and tempting me like mad!! Love the red white and blue squares too – bother! ;)<br /><br />Sandra x

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    Love those blocks Amy! <br /><br />I love the UK too — mostly those wonderful accents. I backpacked through Europe when I graduated college and hoped that I would meet my British husband there so I could live with an accent for the rest of my life (and maybe adopt a faux one myself (a la Madonna!)…LOL!). Alas, that didn&#39;t happen, and maybe I should have specified which accent I was

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    I love your union jack blocks and wanted to &quot;pin&quot; them but the images are distorted and everyting else on your page is the many,many adverts… Wish I coulda shared your blogs with my followers…

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    I love your union block blocks… your color selection is always gorgeous. Is there a pattern for this block? Many thanks for your blogs!! You are wonderful! Betsy

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    My son that lives in Germany just celebrated his 10th Anniversary with his wife. They went to London and saw the sights and attended a performance of &quot;Les Miserables&quot; while there! We are all jealous!

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    Just bought the Victory Garden pattern and I&#39;m interested in how you are saving fabric…can you post or get back to me. <br /><br />I served my mission to the Netherlands…any dutch inspired quilts or fabric you know of?<br /><br />I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

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    I love these! The needle book especially is adorable, and I love your fabric choices. I just finished a small Union Jack quilt for a friend&#39;s baby, and now I&#39;m thinking I need to make some more blocks for myself!

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