Liberty of London Quilting Cottons

Alright, one last Market-y post.  This was my favorite fabric-geek news out of Spring Quilt Market so I decided to give it a post all its own.  Liberty of London has created it’s first collection of quilter’s cottons. 
Previously, Liberty has been famous for their Tana Lawns, which while they were absolutely amazing (I petted some once at Purl Soho -that’s as close as I’ve come) they were also rather pricey. (Around $40 a yard in the US.) Now there will be Liberty prints at more affordable prices at local quilt shops here in the US. (Affordable relatively speaking. They won’t be cheap, but compared to $40 a yard, it will be a fraction of that.)
I lived in London as a student (lo these 20 years ago) and we LOVED to walk through the iconic tudor-style Liberty department store. Back then I used to love to scope out the clothing – especially the amazing (and expensive!) wedding dresses.  If I had the chance to go now: I would scope out the fabric. Obviously.

Fortunately for all of you other fabric nerds out there, we don’t have to wait to get to Liberty of London itself to be able to play with their gorgeous prints! They should be arriving in shops this fall, in the US and elsewhere. UK even sooner.

Now I need to bust some serious stash to make room for the influx.


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    Ok, so you and Jana studied abroad in London– and I WANTED to study abroad in London — now I know why we're all buddies LOL!!! I passed the Liberty booth several times but didn't have time to talk to them — do you know how much their fabrics will be per yard? They sure are pretty!

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    and i WORKED in London right out of college. why or why didn&#39;t i go to Liberty…oh right, because I wasn&#39;t sewing at the time…but I did go to the museums time and time again!<br />really excited for these prints too!

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      That is so cool! The Museums in London were equally awesome, no? Esp the fact that they were mostly FREE. Loved that – much more budget friendly. 😉

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    You are too cute Amy! :o) <br />What an amazing time it must<br />have been for you to live in London!<br />And what a special project you <br />will make with the fabrics you<br />get from Liberty of London!!

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    I&#39;m so glad for this post! My Mom and I are planning a trip to London and Paris next spring, and I was wondering where the good fabrics shops were! Now I have one to visit in London. Any suggestions for Paris? 😀

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      I wish. It&#39;s been a while since I&#39;ve been to Paris, and again, it was not in my fabric buying years. The big departments stores (Galleries Lafayette, etc.) might have fabric departments? Probably not the cheapest option though.

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      There is an awesome (huge!) fabric store in Paris. I actually bought some beautiful Liberty fabric there last spring(maybe $20/yard?). Anyway, fabric in French is tissus… Not sure of the name of the store, but it&#39;s at the base of Sacre Coeur, on the side where the carousel is. Ok ow the word &quot;tissus&quot; is in the name… Not sure if that helps–good luck!

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    Whoa! That Liberty dresden is amazing. Their fabric is charming, but if I&#39;m going to shell out, I don&#39;t know if I can take away from my Melody Miller fund 😉

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    I don&#39;t understand why they are cutting pieces with pinked edges. How do you sew seams accurately with these? I know, I am behind the times!

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    Holy Cow! This is indeed excellent news – I have been toying with the &quot;add to cart&quot; button over at Purl Soho as I hover over the Liberty Tana Lawn&#39;s but now I will definitely wait so I can get more bang for my buck. Thanks for the beautiful pictures! I&#39;m drooling over them. :)

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    Very fun! I will be waiting somewhat patiently to get my hands on some! Thanks for sharing the excitement with us, it is greatly appreciated.

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    Wait, NEXT fall? As in 2013? Or next fall as in the next fall we have coming to us this year? I&#39;m sure I&#39;m over thinking this…

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    There&#39;s something about Liberty isn&#39;t it? You know what- I was a student in London about 20 yrs ago too- we may have been scouting out the building &#39;together&#39;&#39; haha!

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    thats it im not buying anymore fabric till then. especially since i want to make a british lawn dress a shirtdress …..i will use the leftovers for a huge so i need a few

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    Amy, you saved the best news (for me) for your final post from market! A summer quilt made of Liberty of London lawn prints has been on my bucket list for some time but I simple couldn&#39;t justify the expense. I really look forward to seeing — and feeling — these new fabrics when they hit the shops.

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    I found a Liberty of London lawn print that I LOVE. Have you ever used lawn in quilting? Does it need Stacey interfacing or is it strong enough?

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      I&#39;ve never sewn with it (only because I&#39;m too cheap to buy some) but I know that it&#39;s gorgeous. I know other quilters who&#39;ve used it and loved it and I don&#39;t think they backed it with anything. Sorry I&#39;m not too helpful. :[

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