Quilt Market Loot – Giveaway!

In honor of Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day, I am beyond excited to share a little bit of my Quilt Market loot with a lucky winner! This haul includes:
  • a Liberty corduroy market bag (did you know Liberty of London is coming out with a collection of cottons prints. Seriously. My favorite fabric-geek-news out of Market.)
  • The first issue of Fons and Porter’s new modern quilting magazine, Quilty
  • Millie’s Market Bag pattern by Izzy and Ivy
  • Collection of buttons from Robert Kaufman and the We Love Color book by Stash books
  • a collection of 4 mini-charm packs (2.5″) including newly announced, not yet released fabric collections:

The mini-charm-packs include Kona’s newest collection of solids, and for Moda: Eat Your Fruits and Veggies by Pat Sloan, Simply Color by Vanessa Christenson, and Little Black Dress by Basic Grey.
To enter leave a comment on this post. One per person. If you are a no-reply blogger, make sure there is a way for me to contact you. This giveaway is open to international entries. Giveaway closes May 25. GIVEAWAY CLOSED. 
Winner:  hollymade said…
Great giveaway, love the little mini charm packs!
May 22, 2012 8:46 AM
If you’re new, thanks so much for visiting! I hope you’ll stop by again.  If you’ve ever wanted to start a quilt, I have a whole series of beginning tutorials – everything from supplies, to choosing fabrics, to piecing, quilting and binding!  One warning: quilting is highly addictive.  Just don’t want anyone coming back later and telling me that I didn’t warn them.


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    great giveaway! I have never used a charm pack but I've always wanted to! Of course, being number 2 in the giveaway pretty much assures I win't be getting these

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    OH WOW!! awesome awesome give away!! I truly enjoy reading your blog :-) I can't wait to get my hands on some half yard bundles of Simply Color by V and Co!!!! I wish I could have been at Market, I am so jealous… thank you for thinking of those of us that couldn't attend market.

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    Oh my, what yummy mini charms those are. I&#39;ve been on a 2.5&quot; square kick lately. Thanks so much for the giveaway!<br />ealandt@gmail.com

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    Oh man oh man oh man… look at the loot from Market! Please put my name into the hat Amy! Thanks:) hope you will be showing more Market pictures too!!!

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    Thank you for sharing your loot from Quilt Market. It is the closest that I will ever get to going to Market since not in the industry per se. I see some pretty little quilts, button fun, and artistic endeavors using this loot!

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    Oh my gosh! I would love to get my hands on some liberty too! Not a geek out moment at all! :) Sweet Market picks! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

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    Thank You! You&#39;re very nice to share your loot from Quilt Market. The smaller charms are wonderful! No more cutting little squares out myself.

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    Wish I can go someday! The &#39;We Love Color&#39; book is #1 on my amazon wishlist, I&#39;ve been hoping my husband takes notice soon :), so thanks for the chance to win!

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    Wow!! What an awesome giveaway! I can only imagine what a thrill it is to go to market. Thanks so much for a chance to win.

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    What a great quilter&#39;s bag of loot! Very generous of you to give it away too.<br />Thanks so much for the opportunity.<br />Nettie<br />nettiecrain@live.com

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    Wow! WHat a great haul! I am so excited about the Liberty cotton prints. I love them and cannot afford the &quot;real&quot; stuff. :)<br />Thank you for the giveaway!

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    what a lot of amazing loot – the liberty bag sounds very interesting – it all looks &#39;absolutely fabulous&#39;, what more can one say

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    Lovely! I really want to go to quilt market but they have all been so far away from my home in SoCal. Finally this summer, we will be rewarded!!

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    Oooh yes addictive. My first blog/quilt thanks to you. Now I am eager to win fabric to start another project. Love it. If only I could quit my day job. LOL thanks for sharing each day.

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    What a great giveaway! SOMEDAY I am going to quilt market. Until then, I will enjoy hearing the stories of others. THanks for sharing.

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    Oh wow – I would love to go to Quilt Market some time… I think that would be paradise! Great stash of loot too!!! Hope I get picked. <br /><br />Karen in VA Beach, VA

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    What a great giveaway!! I can&#39;t wait until the quilting world is back in my city (Houston) YAY for quilts!<br />Ramsey . weaver at gmail dot com

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    Oh, I thought about Quilt Market all weekend and loved seeing all the pictures on Facebook:) I am so excited about Liberty&#39;s new line of fabric! Thanks for a great giveaway:)

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    What a wonderful collection of items for the giveaway! I do not have my own blog but enjoy reading yours very much. Thanks for the chance to enter.<br /><br />freshman(dot)quilter(at)gmail(dot)com

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    Highly addictive? I think that might be an understatement! I&#39;m in process of making your baby lattice quilt right now for a friend&#39;s new baby (just got it cut out!). I love the simpleness of it. Thank you for all your quilty inspiration!

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    I&#39;m quite jealous of all the ladies headed to quilt market. Hoping to maybe go next spring.<br /><br />Thanks for the awesome giveaway!<br /><br />leighanne1941 at yahoo dot com

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    I am so excited to see Black Dress! I&#39;m super excited about it!<br /><br />Thanks for the chance to win these fab gifts!<br /><br />andrea – prajaline(at)gmail.com

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    Hi there :-) sounds like everyone had a blast at quilt market! Thanks for bring a piece of it home to share with us :-)<br />Please count me in, thanks x

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    that liberty bag is so awesome! what a awesome give-a-way! And you are totally right quilting is totally addictive. I have so many quilts that I want to make.

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    Oh my goodness – I don&#39;t know which of those items I&#39;m more excited about. What a fabulous (read generous) giveaway! I didn&#39;t even know they made mini charms. How cool is that?! Hope you&#39;re having a grand time at market. Thanks for sharing your goodies.<br /> – sunshdws at yahoo dot com

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    Thanks for this cool giveaway chance! As a newbie quilter, you are an awesome inspiration! LOVE your quilts and projects!

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    That IS quite a haul! So sweet of you to share! I&#39;ll definitely bookmark this to check out your tutorials! Thank you!!! :)♥

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    Thank you for sharing! Glad you got to Quilt Market this year! I am also excited about the liberty prints and looking forward to seeing quilty!

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    You are so right how addictive quilting is and so fun! Love your blog and your tutorials, they have helped me so much! Love the products, fun for whoever wins!

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    What a great prize pack! I had a great time watching the Tweets from Quilt Market – I can&#39;t imagine how wonderful it would be to actually attend! Thanks for sharing your goodies with us!

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    Looks like some neat fabric and you are right about quilting being addictive. I need to do another one here soon. Made one for my nephew and his new bride for their wedding last month.

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    Awesome giveaway! I have been lurking for some time but wanted you to know that after finding your blog I have ordered my first fat quarter bundle and am about to embark on a baby quilt for my first nephew. Thanks for all the inspiration!

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    Awesome giveaway. I have been lurking for some time now but I wanted to know that because of your blog I bought my first fat quarter bundle and am about to start a baby quilt for my first nephew. Thanks for all the inspiration.

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    looks like the quilting world has a great deal to look forward to. Thank you for your generosity in hosting a give-a-way. Thanks you for sharing your quilt market experience with those of us not lucky enough to get to attend.<br />kathyrutter@comcast.net

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    I know you said one per person, but I don&#39;t see my comment….I love to ready our blog, very inspiring and I learn so much. Thank you

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    Thanks for sharing your loot with us! I can&#39;t wait to see all the prints in the Little Black Dress line! And I didn&#39;t know about Liberty of London, either!<br /><br />Sandy A<br />scotty4me39 {at} yahoo(.)com

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    Tiny charm packs are adorable! I wish they sold them! I&#39;m also jealous of all the people who went to Market :)<br /><br />sewfestivehandmade@gmail.com

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    Wowzers! What a spectacular &amp; generous giveaway! So sweet of you to share some of your loot from Quilt Market. Hope you were able to get a little rest today. Smiles~Beth

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    I live in St. Louis and would have loved to go to Quilt Market, but I have 2 little ones so it wasn&#39;t possible. This would be so fun to win.

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    I have never had a charm pack before… I do have a little girl&#39;s birthday coming up, so I am sure I would figure some awesome quilt related project for her! Thanks for the chance!

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    Wow, what a great giveaway!! Sounds like you had a great time and seeing some of the pictures out there- wow, some gorgeous fabric lines!! Thanks again!:)<br />Cindy<br />orr20004@msn.com

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    307 comments WOW, I wonder why. :-))))) The goodies are fabulous, a Liberty bag, a bag pattern (I&#39;m a total bag lady), a new mag!!!! I was hyperventilating by the time I got to the charm squares, lol. Please enter me in the draw. cheers, Jan

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    what an awesome giveaway!! I so am jealous of everyone who went to quilt market simply because of all the lovely goodies :)<br /><br />Desi<br />weeshareblog@gmail.com

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    No warning needed here–I&#39;ve learned how addicting just this spring! Your tutorials are helpful, and I&#39;ve learned a lot. Before one quilt is done, I find myself thinking about the next one I want to do. Thank you for giving us the opportunity on these giveaways!<br />Linda<br />lstegall@hotmail.com

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    Oh my goodness! I wish I could go to market. It&#39;s got to be fun. And… what a fun stash of a give-a-way.<br /><br />Thanks for a chance to win.<br /><br />Debbie

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    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway – I just love charm packs!!!! Thank you for sharing great time.<br /><br />Thank you<br /><br />sandyb720 at gmail dot com

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    One year, when I&#39;m all grown up, I&#39;m going to go to quilt market. It&#39;s right there on top of my bucket list. So glad you got to go and you&#39;re sharing some of the goodness with us!<br />xoxo

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    Thanks for the give-away- I&#39;m a little bummed because I was actually IN Kansas City this weekend, but it was for a wedding and other life priorities- still a great weekend, but I might have daydreamed once or twice about sneaking off and sneaking into the Quilt Market :)

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    The next best thing to going to Quilt Market is winning a giveaway. I&#39;m really curious to see what &quot;Quilty&quot; is all about.<br /><br />barbarakeenan73@hotmail.com

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    WOW!! Now that&#39;s what I call a lot of good looking LOOT!! Thanks for a chance to win!! Of course I follow all your events and tutorials!! Keep &#39;er coming!<br />Paulette

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    LOL – quilting is VERY addictive! I love Liberty of London and can&#39;t wait to see what they have. the charm packs are giving me lots of ideas.

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    I was following a few of you guys via instagram this weekend. It was nice to get peeks at all the beautiful stuff coming out. I hope one day to go to a modern quilting event. Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks for the chance to win! I&#39;ve been following your blog for a while now (probably from a previous give-away-day maybe?!) and enjoy reading and learning from your blog!

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    How fun! I am super jealous you had so much fun at quilt market, I kept seeing all these fun pics in instagram.<br />I am super excited about the Liberty of London fabrics.

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    ok, I&#39;m not sure if my comment was actually published, so I&#39;ll try again. It looks like awesome stuff. Thanks for the chance to win!

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    That&#39;s some cool stuff! Thank you for sharing it with us. :)<br /><br />What is it about those mini-charms that makes me want them so? I could cut my own 2.5&quot; squares, but somehow they are so much more cute when they come in a pre-cut bundle like that!

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    Holy smokes what a wonderful pile of goodies!! Thank you so much for the chance to win them! I love reading your blog, always brings a smile to my day and plenty of fabric and quilt admiration!! Thank you!

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    Oh such awesome stuff! I&#39;m loving those cute mini charm packs! And, love love some simply color!!<br /><br />brookeali(at)hotmail.com

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    Wow, Amy! What a generous giveaway!!!! I am glad you were able to go to market and returned home safely! Thank you so much for the chance at this collection of goodies!!!!!! :)Love your blog and have found so much inspiration here!!!

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    Tried to enter but it didnt go through – so here we go again:) Thanks so much for the generous giveaway! Glad you had fun at market!!!

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    My goodness, so many people! I am a beginner and practicing on my baby girl, so any bits and pieces I can win would help in that endeavor, that&#39;s for sure

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    Ooooh! Some day I&#39;ll get to go to market! So fun! Thanks for the great giveaway and all the hard work you do on your blog. You&#39;ve personally taught me so much about the process of quilting, so thank you so much for doing what you do!

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    Thanks for the giveaway! I learned to quilt from your tutorials, and I love it–thanks for getting me started! jillsstorey at yahoo dot com

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    It must be a lot of fun and inspiration to attend a quilt market…through your photos I have some idea of what can be found there..

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    that is one awesome lot of treasure loot! Thank you for making the giveaway open to internationals xx<br />ibs102(at)hotmail(dot)com

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    What a great giveaway thank you for the chance. I love your blog. I am close to finishing my first quilt and I find lots of ideas for future quilts here thank you for that.

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    Wow – what a great giveaway! I would feel chuffed to have one mini-charm pack, let alone the whole lot!!! So gutted that I&#39;m over the pond and not able to go to quilt market (although my bank account if probably thanking me!) x

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    Hey! That stuff looks pretty fun! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win, and I&#39;m glad you had a good time at the Quilt Market! moonens(at)gmail(dot)com

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    Oh boy this is such a fun giveaway!!! Yes I am one of your beginner tutorial children and am now extremely addicted! Thanks Amy for introducing me to something that brings me such joy!!

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    Oh how I wish I could go to Quilt Market some day! Thanks for a great giveaway…I&#39;m really crossing my fingers and toes on this one:)<br />jodym7atyahoo.com

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    Wow, those mini-charm packs are so cute, I&#39;ve never seen them before!<br />Thanks for the giveaway!<br /><br />Best wishes,<br />Tatyana

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    Thank you for offering the generous giveaway. I would love to attend Quilt Market just once and touch all of the goodies they are exhibiting.

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    OOOO, the fruit one looks good! I&#39;ll never have all the time I want to quilt. Too many things on my plate. But I&#39;ll keep plugging along.

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    Love your blog! I have used your tutorials and gone back and referred to them many times. Thank you for taking the time to post them.<br /><br />Jaime<br /><br />ladleboy (at) sbcglobal (dot) (net)

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    You&#39;re right, quilting is addictive. I started again a year ago and can&#39;t quit.<br />I especially love the piecing. Thanks for the chance at all the goodies!

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    You must have had a fantastic time, I can only dream. Someday. Honestly I think I would be so overwhelmed with all that eye candy. I hope you had a great time. ;-&gt; Toni Anne

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    This is an extremely generous giveaway. Wish I could have gone to market too. I&#39;m thankful so many bloggers share their adventure with the rest of us.

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    How fun, a giveaway. The veggie prints look super. I am glad there is a way for me to comment without signing in again. I hope the spam doesn&#39;t come back. my email is tthorme at yahoo dot com. Fingers crossed!