Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spring Eye Candy

In honor of Spring's arrival and official decision to stay for a while, a few random shots of what's been going on around here.
May is my month for to pick fabrics and blocks for the quilting bee. I sent these out last week and already a few new blocks have been made!
A shot of my currently neglected design wall. 
The pieced blocks are all from Jackie's Block of the Month series.
The zig-zag is a patiently waiting work-in-progress.
Soccer games. 
A pretty stroll at a local outdoor market. 
And binding. Lots and lots of binding. Six quilts to do this weekend, in fact. (!) When they're done, I finally get to share lots of new stuff!  What I'm not showing you pictures of: my poor, neglected yard. My house is not in the finest shape either. (Some thing has got to give, right?) Oh well, after next week, I'll get to that too.
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notes of sincerity said...

Such pretty pictures. I am envious of your beautiful climate. Those snow capped mountains are just gorgeous!!
Happy Mothers Day.
love ya. Trish

Katy Cameron said...

Pretty cherry blossom. Our local cherry trees are shedding blossom everywhere reight now - ugh!

Mike and Jen said...

LOVE that zig zag quilt!

Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

That zigzag quilt on the design wall looks really nice! And they're all rectangles, that's such a great idea!

vintage grey said...

Gorgeous spring cherry blossom!! Love your design wall!! Look forward to seeing your finished quilts!! Happy Mother's Day!! xo Heather

Thimbleanna said...

I'm SO excited to see what you've been working on. I'm guessing it will appear at quilt market LOL!

amy smart said...

Yes! I've been dying to try a zig zag quilt with that method by AmandaJean(crazymomquilts). It's here:

bethanndodd said...

Beautiful pictures!! I especially love the zigzag quilt! I made my youngest son one for his bed using AmandaJean's tutorial as well. Gotta love no triangles ;) Hope your day is happy! Smiles~Beth

Claire Jain said...

Indeed, something's gotta give. I'm doing housework instead of quilting today. House is looking better, but I want to sew.