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Today I would like to introduce you to a brand new sponsor and new-to-me online shop, Simplifi Fabric.  Simplifi Fabric specializes in all things organic – from fabric, batting, and thread, as well as supplies like snaps and pliers to make your own eco-friendly cloth diapers. I will let Kim and Tasha introduce their shop and share what they do!
We would like to introduce you to our new world of modern and organic textiles and supplies here at Simplifi Fabric. We are a mother and daughter duo (Kim and Tasha) from Canada, who are very passionate about all things Modern and Eco – we have decided to focus our attention on organic and sustainable textiles and supplies. The journey from concept to the shop has been a wonderful learning experience for us both and we are very excited to share it all with you – we are new as of January 2012! We are hoping that our flair for design and fashion sense will show with each new product that is introduced at Simplifi Fabric. Every month new product is being introduced. We are fortunate enough to be able to ship from both Canada and the USA to keep shipping costs and transit times to a minimum!

At Simplifi Fabric we carry a very large selection of natural bamboo, organic cotton and hemp textiles – from hemp muslin to hemp/bamboo fleece and everything in between.
We also have a wonderful selection of 100% organic cottons by fabulous designers such as Birch Fabrics, Monaluna, Daisy Janie and Cloud9 Fabrics.
We have expanded our supplies selection to include 100% organic cotton sewing thread, hemp wool, FOE and KAM snaps and pliers.

We cater to a wide variety of sewists and DIY crafters including cloth diaper making enthusiasts as we have a great selection of solid and print PUL (polyurethane laminate) and gorgeous fabrics for inserts and lining diapers such as bamboo organic cotton fleece, hemp organic cotton fleece and bamboo organic cotton velour.
Diaper Cut  (18X20) of 1 mil PUL polyurethane white/black floral print rare print hard to find - low price
We currently operate online, however we do offer the option of local pick up (for those close by – Iroquois, Ontario/Ogdensburg, NY). We will have a brick and mortar shop set up later this year.

We would love to offer you Diary of a Quilter readers a chance to win a $30.00 gift certificate to our store and would also like to offer a 10% off coupon code (QUILTER10OFF) which can be used in our ETSY and HYENACART shops until May 31, 2012.

To enter
1. Visit Simplifi Fabric on Etsy and add to your favorites. Come back and leave a comment here letting us know your favorite item in the shop.
2. Subscribe to the Simplifi Fabric newsletter (you can find the newsletter subscription on the bottom left on the website). Leave a comment on this post letting us know that you did.

Please be sure to leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry!

Please make sure your email is enabled in your profile or else leave your email in your comment, so Amy has a way to contact you! Winner will be picked via Random.org.
Giveaway will run from Monday, May5 to Friday, May 11 at midnight MST.
Thank you Kim and Tasha!  I would also highly recommend that you like Simplifi Fabrics on Facebook as another way to keep up on their latest sales, and future arrivals, like the the Simpatico fabric collection at the top, arriving in June.


Thank you for the giveaway! They are favorited, and my favorite thing they carry is the Monsterz Mash pink by cloud 9 (followed closely by the tree in shroom from the Circa 52 collection). I got a few cloud 9 fabrics last month and they feel so delicious!

And thank you, readers, so much for your support of these sponsor profiles and giveaways. Having worked in a fabric shop, I know that it’s a lot of work and not a huge financial windfall – they’re typically run by people who have a passion for fabric and sewing and not because they’re in it to get rich.  I’m so happy to support them by spreading the word about who they are and what they carry – each one has it’s own personality and specialties.  In return, I am so grateful for the support they give to this blog and making it possible for me to justify the many hours spent sharing here. :)


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    I have two favorites! My daughter is having her second baby in Sept., so I am in baby mode! I loved the Elephant walk (both colors) and the bah Bah blacksheep!<br /><br />Thanks for a chance to win.<br /><br />I added Simplifi Fabrics to my Etsy favorites.

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    I would like to get my hands on some 320 thread count organic cotton fabrics! That looks simply divine. <br />I added Simplifi Fabrics to my favorites.

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    Just favorited the shop and love the entire selection of PUL&#39;s! They&#39;re tough to find locally, so it&#39;s great to see an eco friendly shop with such selection!

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    Loving Ed Emberley&#39;s Happy Drawing fabrics; added shop to favorites; thanks for chance to win! (EMAIL: marshudson at comcast dot net)

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    Thank you for the giveaway! They are favorited, and my favorite thing they carry is the Monsterz Mash pink by cloud 9 (followed closely by the tree in shroom from the Circa 52 collection). I got a few cloud 9 fabrics last month and they feel so delicious!

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    I favorited Simplifi (shel704) and I just saw the new fabric, Forest Friends from Ed Emberley (Cloud 9), and I&#39;m swooning..my son and daughter-in-law are expecting my first grandbaby in October. Girl or boy, that fabric is a must for the first baby quilt I make for them since their last name is &quot;Fox&quot;.<br /><br />shel704 at aol dot com

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    I&#39;m a big fan of the ROCKETs by birch fabric. I&#39;m still trying to figure out the perfect project to use it for. (Shop favourited on etsy.) <br /><br />You mentioned organic batting in your intro, but I couldn&#39;t find it in the etsy shop or on the website. I guess I&#39;m still searching for a source for that.

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    I&#39;ve added Simplifi to my faves!<br /><br />I&#39;m interested in the bamboo/cotton/poly velour – especially as it would be fun to use as is or to try dyeing.<br /><br />Thanks for the link to this fab fabric shop!

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    My eye was drawn to these awesome and fun fabrics: Forest Friends, Elephants, Owls, and Bah Bah Black Sheep. Thanks for the chance!!

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    Yay for a Canadian shop – I&#39;ve been over to Etsy and made them a favourite and noticed some yummy elephant fabric. I love organic fabrics and have some Daisy Janie so am happy to find a shop that sells organics. And they are Canadian…(so am I) – yay!

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    I have happily signed up for their newsletter – great giveaway (thanks for teh chance to win!) and yay for a Canadian shop :) amysalbums2004[at]yahoo[dot]com

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    I love the fabric Starburst in sun from Circa 52 – very retro. I added your shop to my favorites. Good luck in your new venture, and thanks for the chance to win!

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    I liked them on etsy! Can I ask what organic fabric is? I assume it doesn&#39;t have something in it – like certain dyes. Thanks!

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    I subscribed to their post because I found bamboo organic white – great for diapers. We have a 14 day old grand daughter and made awesome soakers for her PUL panties. I also like the PUL white! Thanks for the direction to their link!

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    Ooops! I also subscribed to their newsletter – and added my favorites to Etsy! Again, thanks for directing me to their shop. Looks like some fun browsing and possible shopping!

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    I just &quot;favorited&quot; Simplifi on Etsy. WHat a great shop! I would love to buy a bunch of that hemp/cotton fabric and make duvet covers and pillowcases from it. I&#39;ve seen hemp in books but never knew where to buy it. Thanks!

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    I love all the animal prints and especially bah bah black sheep! I made you a favorite shop on Etsy. Do you have a tutorial on how to make the diapers and covers?

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    Oh, it was hard but I think Woodland Friends would be my favorite print. I am visualizing it made into a bedspread for our spare bedroom that our grandkids usually sleep in. It&#39;s kinda country, cabin, etc.<br />Thanks!<br />Nettie

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    I love the monsterz – so cute! And my four year-old likes it too, I&#39;ve just been told :) <br />Added Simplifi fabrics to my favorites.

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    I added them to my favorites on Etsy. I love that bah bah black sheep fabric and mD e a pouch out of it for my sister in laws birthday.

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    It&#39;s awesome to see Canadian shops- too bad I don&#39;t live very close, I&#39;d love to sit and chat fabric. I am in the GTA. All the best with your new shop. Your products are lovely.

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    Oh I stopped by the etsy shop. Only had a minute to look around. I will stop back because I added to my favorites.<br />thanks

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    Love the City fabric! I haven&#39;t seen that one before. There were more things I like there ~ Forest Friends and Bah Black Sheep being two!<br />Thanks for the giveaway and chance to win!

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    Really,creallyclove those fabrics! Most are so whimsical. Especially love the elephants by ed emberley…have a granddaughter who only sees in shades of gray and since my grandfather started collecting elephants @ 100 years ago, they&#39;ve been special to us all

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    Love Elephants from Ed Emberley (Cloud 9), PEBBLES in pumpkin orange from the Circa 52 collection by BIRCH fabrics, Shades of Grey – 100% organic cotton by Daisy Janie. Also favotite on etsy as Omee Bubu.

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    The fabric I liked the best is BUSY CITY from the TAALI collection by MONALUNA.<br />I love the cats hiding on the roof and in the window..lots of fun stuff to fussy cut!

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    Yay for a Canadian shop!!!<br /><br />I love the Ed Emberley prints, especially the elephants.<br /><br />alexis <br />frogsarecool at gmail dot com

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    It was so hard to pick a favorite, but I think the Woodland Friends was my very favorite. I love all things trees and birds.

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    I made them a favorite on Etsy. fat quarter BUNDLE from the Monsterz collection, is one of my favorite things on their site. Thanks for the chance to win.

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    My favorite is The Fleet Navy from the Seven Seas colleciton. My dad is a boat captain, so I have serious love for anything even remotely nautical.

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    Added as a treasured new favorite on my etsy account… Hard to decide favorite, I am excited about the Ragg Tagg and Pinstripe from the Shades of Gray collection.

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    Added as a treasured new favorite on my etsy account… Hard to decide favorite, I am excited about the Ragg Tagg and Pinstripe from the Shades of Gray collection.

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