A whole lot of stuff going on.

It’s been a somewhat crazy week. I’m doing a bunch of sewing for Market at the moment, which means I can’t show much (yet) – other than a pile of scraps – because the new-ness is not mine to share. But I did get to play with some of this already with more fun in the works.

And this just arrived in my mailbox today, so more sewing ahead!
My husband was out of town for most of the last two weeks of April, so I brought my sewing machine and set up my mess at the kitchen table and fed the kids things like german pancakes and cold cereal for dinner. 

While trying to stay engaged with the kids during the massive sewing binge going on, I’ve also been letting the kids exercise their own creativity.  I received a copy of Marie Lebaron’s Make and Takes for Kids book at the SNAP conference a couple of weeks ago and my kids have LOVED it.  Highly recommend if you’ve got young kids.

In the process, we have created a great many messes. And all of that needed to be cleaned up today because we had a big extended family celebration. This guy turned 8 last week and today he was baptized by his dad.  Happy times! I wish I could freeze him right now – I love those freckles and that jack-o-lantern smile.  It was so nice to have a happy family day. Back to the mess on Monday.


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    I am looking forward to seeing what you have been working on :) Your little 8 year old boy is really cute….it seems like yesterday that mine was baptized but he just left for his mission a week ago (sigh)…..great times ahead but lots of adjustments too. Eight is great!

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    I love 8! It is such a sweet age. I have one turning 8 and getting baptized this fall. <br />The Make and Takes for kids looks like such a fun book. <br />I so need to get Shore thing for our beach blanket. I was going to use Going Coastal, but it is already hard to find.

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    I thought you might be busy with market stuff…I have just one left…can&#39;t believe it…just like you said…back to the mess on Monday!

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    Eeep that&#39;s Sarah&#39;s fabric isn&#39;t it?? It should be lovely. Sometimes I wish I had a designer friend to piece for! I bought &#39;your&#39; vintage AJ fabric this weekend. Kinda felt you were there. :) Congrats on the baptism. Family stuff is fun and exhausting.

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    He is A.DOR.ABLE! But I love my boys the bestest…they are the greatest! I miss freckled faces and missing teeth grins! I agree we should be able to freeze the frame right here! Okay the fabric is just great can&#39;t wait to see what you make, but…. The german pancakes made me laugh right out loud and then tear up at the same time. My hubs used to travel A LOT when my 4 were little

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    I would love to get my hands on some of Vanessa&#39;s fabric. Love the colors! I&#39;ll have to check that book out, it looks like a lot of fun. And congratulations to Spencer! He is just the cutest boy. Love ya!

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    Oh that smile is priceless!! :o) Especially with the freckles. :o) Don&#39;t you just wish time could stand still?! :o)<br />I can hardly wait to see what you have been sewing away at! :o)<br />Have a fabulous week!

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    Oh…so happy the &quot;whole&quot; family is there for these occasions!:)<br /><br />Where will your quilts be? I want to tell my boss so she can be looking out for them!:)

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    What a cutie-patootie your son is! You are so right… I would love to have frozen my kids at certain ages (and then unfreeze them) once they are past other ages!! Happy sewing… can&#39;t wait to see your gorgeous creations!! Betsy

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