New book + new fabric

In the past week I’ve had some very fun surprises in my mail box.  (I still love getting stuff in the mail.) First, Elizabeth Hartman’s new book Modern Patchwork.  As with everything Elizabeth does, this book is beautiful. The quilts, photos, color inspiration, and meticulous instructions.  Gorgeous.
When I first started reading quilting blogs, Oh Fransson was a favorite. I love Elizabeth’s eye for color and fabric combinations. Just looking at her quilts always inspires me and gets me in the mood to pull out fabric and try something new.
I love the Neighborhood quilt on the left. I want to play with those blocks.  If you love modern quilting, then you will love this book.  Gorgeous inspiration.

Another very fun surprise was this bundle of fat quarters from Monaluna’s newest upcoming collection, Fox Hollow.  Oh my, words can not describe how much I love this collection.  The drawings are so sweet and beautiful without being ‘cutesy’.  Same with the color palette.

There’s an adorable squares ‘cheater’ print – you could just get that and quilt it up and have a ready to go baby gift. I also love this woodland alphabet. Oh my heavens.  Adorable.

Coincidentally, I ordered some Moda crossweaves from Pink Castle Fabrics and they arrived as well.  They are SO soft (and they are still on sale!) I bought red and white, apple, and aqua. (I think the red and white is all gone.) They have a subtle texture and are a nice alternative to other solids.

Look how perfectly they play together with the Fox Hollow. Hmmm… I feel a project coming on.  Fox Hollow should be available at retailers later this summer.

And finally, we have survived – and even enjoyed – our first official week of summer vacation with a little bit of help from 79 cent dipped ice cream cones at the grocery store, tennis lessons that actually wear out my normally indefatigable 8-yr-old, and a new Slip ‘n’ Slide. I even snuck in some sewing time during So You Think You Can Dance. So far so good.


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    I also love "Oh Fransson!" Just last night I started compiling scraps to try and do a "Paintbox Quilt" — I thought maybe you showed one like this at your Scrap Class last March. Is it somewhere on your site? Or did you show some other rainbow color type quilt?

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    Nice new Book and Fabrics. Glad you survived the 1st week of Summer Vacation. It's so rainy here we think we have moved to the "Wet-side" of our State. I'll have to check out that book. I have Elizabeth's last book and got to meet her and have it signed at Trends in Portland, Oregon.

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    Glad to hear you survived the first week of summer and I'm betting there is a lot more fun in the works for the coming days. Enjoy it all. It goes by way too fast.

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    I took that book with me on our trip to Orlando (for the plane ride). I am adding Escape Artist and Honey to my "hope to make soon" list. Cute fabric! Hope those 79 cent ice cream cones keep everyone happy the rest of the summer 😉 Smiles~Beth

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    Hey girlie….love the photo of the boy….have you ever heard of a "Slush Mug"? It is a plastic mug with a insert that comes out and you put it in the freezer…once frozen you put it back in the mug and add your fav fruit juice or even milk concoction and it will immediately start freezing on the sides so you start scrapping it down and enjoy a lovely Slushie!! THAT is a great

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    I follow your blog on my Google RSS reader – is there a way you can set your rss feed settings to display pictures? I don't think it's on my end and I'd love to see pictures in the feeds! :)

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