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I’m excited to announce a GIVEAWAY today from one of my sponsors, Southern Fabrics. Southern Fabrics started selling fabric online 7 years ago and has shipped orders all over the world. They specialize in the latest from Moda, Riley Blake, Free Spirit and Westminster fabrics.
One of my favorites of their latest additions is Lucy’s Crab Shack. The bikes are so awesome, but I love those bias plaids especially – in every color way! Other new collections include Serenade and Blitzen. Also a great selection of pre-cuts from the latest collections as well as Bella Solids.
Be sure to check out their shipping prices, which are awesome.
You can check out Southern Fabrics at their site as well as follow them on Facebook, which I highly recommend because not only will you find out about their latest arrivals, Aubrey will also frequently announce awesome one-day sales (sometimes as much as 50% off!) 
Today Southern Fabrics is giving away a bundle of four 1/2yard cuts from Kate Spain’s newest collection, Serenade. (Two total yards of fabric!)
For an opportunity to win this pretty bunch of fabric visit Southern Fabrics and leave a comment on this post sharing something that you love from her shop.
For a second entry, sign-up for Southern Fabrics’s newsletter (on their home page) and leave a second comment telling me that you’ve done so.
This giveaway will be open until Wednesday, June 20 at midnight MST. GIVEAWAY CLOSED.
Winner: Random.org chose #204:  Diann said… I love Vintage Modern.

Congratulations Diann!


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    I've been eyeing Ten Little Things – especially the Charm Pack for a wall quilt for my son's room! Thanks for introducing me to this site!

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    My goodness…to just pick one thing that I adore….ummm! I'd say my very favorite is Modern Vintage however there are about 3 collections more that i could devour!

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    I love Heather Bailey – Nicey Jane.. and I really want to get some before it&#39;s too late !<br /><br />Thanks for the giveaway !

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    I signed up for the newsletter, so glad to find this, the fabric selection is fantastic and shipping to the UK is awesome.

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    I love Lucy&#39;s crab shack , the print with the clothes on the line is adorable. Thanks for the chance to win these awesome fabrics.

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    One of the things I love about Southern Fabrics is the remnant bags that contain fabric that coordinates and is from the same line. Great way to build up your &quot;stash&quot;.

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    HELLO! LOVE THE COLLECTION &quot;HELLO LUSCIOUS&#39;!<br />THANK YOU+SOUTHERN FABRICS FOR SHARING!<br /><br />msstitcher1214@yahoo.com

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    And signed up for the newsletter – you are right on the shipping prices – nice if I just need a little something to round out a quilt.

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    As soon as I can make another big purchase it will be Lucys Crab shack, I am remolding my bedroom, Beachy and this is the fabric for me. I also love Kate Spains Serenade, but I love all her fabric..

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    Serenade would work perfectly with the colors I&#39;ve chosen to make the Chain Linked quilt pattern – browns, oranges, limey greens, and teal!

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    Love Love Love all their charm packs, but especially Salt Air by Cosmo Cricut, Heirloom by Joel Dewberry &amp; Serenade by Kate Spain.

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    I love anything by Kate Spain, and I&#39;m STILL lusting after the entire collection of Good Fortune, which I see Southern Fabrics still has :), even though it&#39;s been out a while. I&#39;d be so pleased to win these half yards!

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    I&#39;ve been a green eyed monster staring at the Heirloom Collection by Joel Dewberry. I&#39;d love to use it with the Easy Bake #117 pattern by Cluck, Cluck, Sew! Someday….

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    I love the &quot;Ten Little Things&quot; charm pack. I see they are based in Georgia. Wish I had known about them when I lived there!

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    Signed up for Southern Fabrics newsletter, thanks so much for the giveaway ! Glad to have a new on line shop to order from:):)

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    i&#39;ve found a new collection that looks interesting … McKenzie Fat Quarter Bundle! would love to see and feel this fabric. thanx for the opporunity to win some serenade!

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    Ohhh, hands down it&#39;s Lucy&#39;s Crab Shack!! I am head over heels in love with this fabric!!! I just finished a picnic quilt with this line for my daughter and will be giving it to her today!:) It&#39;s a surprise and I can&#39;t wait to see her face!!:) Now I&#39;m ready to make myself one! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

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    My fav thing in the shop is The Lucille Bag pattern by Abbey Lane– too cute! And the crabshack fabric…. and the Serenade…. so many things!<br />welchrobin@hotmail.com

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    I liked the Blitzen, Reunion, and 10 little things charm packs. Also, I love how they show you what fabrics you are getting in the pack. Other sites don&#39;t do this so it is a gamble on what all you are getting.

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    I love Lucy&#39;s Crab Shack. So cute. Also, I love Kate Spain fabrics so much. Some of my all time favorites are hers, and impossible to find now. :(

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    I kind of love everything! but if i have to pick, i love her scrap bags and the vintage modern bundle. sometimes i need some more scraps of a specific line and this is perfect. thanks for sharing this great shop with us!

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    I love Lucy&#39;s Crab Shack! It&#39;s such a cool mix of colors and prints – I don&#39;t know what I&#39;d do with it, but I&#39;d love to have it to fondle!!

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    Such wonderful fabrics at great prices! I just received the plaid fabric from the Crab Shack line, but also love the new Kate Spain woodgrain print!

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    Cocoon, Lark, and Tend the Earth all jumped out at me when I was paging through their new collections. All those nice blues and greens that make me want to go find a nice river or lake somewhere.

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    Lucy&#39;s Crab Shack has to be one of my favorites! It so reminds me of CA, which is where I lived all my life up until 6 yrs. ago. I now live in the beautiful mountains of Utah, but I miss the ocean sometimes.<br />Thanks for the opportunity to win.<br />Nettie

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    Her shop has so much to offer and I love Blitzen and I just filled out an order for Blitzen before it is all gone:)<br /><br />Thank you<br /><br />sandyb720 at gmail dot com

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    Tend the earth. That&#39;s what I&#39;m picking. I do love several collections though — but more importantly, I love that I have found your blog and that you have sent me to a new source of fabric! I have been having THE worst time finding fabrics I like! So of course I signed up for their newsletter and I liked them on facebook. Thanks.

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    Let&#39;s see, want Freshcut, Salt air, Karavan, Lark, Hometown and others. Really like the selection of fabric and patterns. Thanks.

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    When you live in the South, how could you not like a site named &#39;Southern Fabrics&#39;. The site is set up wonderfully for finding just what you&#39;re looking for. I&#39;ll be checking it out in more detail later! Be especially blessed, Kathy

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    I really like Lucy&#39;s Crab Shack, I&#39;m a huge fan of Sweetwater&#39;s fabrics. Thanks to you &amp; Southern Fabrics for the lovely giveaway.

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    I love the entire Lucy line…those colors are adorable, and the patterns are so very Sweetwater. I have a major fabric crush on anything Sweetwater, though! :)

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    I recently found her store. I&#39;ve been purchasing from her on eBay for a while and think she is Awesome so buying from her store seems perfect especially yardage. I want those bicycle fabrics of Lucy&#39;s crab Shack.

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    Thanks for the giveaway! I also LOVE the Vintage Modern Houndstooths. And just today, I saw the Salt Air Tiny Bubbles at my local shop, and it is SO cute!!

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    I love all of her fabrics and don&#39;t want to make any one of th jealous!!!! (her Hometown collection!) I also love how easy it is to navigate through the site to find exactly what u r looking for! Thanks!

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    I&#39;m loving the Rainbow Jelly Design Roll – I love that she has put together a jelly roll from several designers. I already know what I want to do with it too! Thank you for the giveaway!

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    I love the Ruby jelly roll and fat eighths (can&#39;t see a layer cake. My granddaughter wants a quilt and these fabrics are all her favourite colours right now. Love this site and will definitely bookmark it.

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    I have to join you in loving Lucy&#39;s Crab Shack, Amy! (And not just because my girl is a Lucy!!) Thanks for the introduction and the chance to win. Signed up for the newsletter and liked them on FB. :)

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    I adore the fabrics you carry, and I so appreciate the shipping low costs! I will be ordering as soon as my check comes in July. I hope you still have some of it available-lol.<br />thank you for the giveaway as well. I doubt I will win, but I sure do like it all<br /><br />aka kingcooper0001@aol.com<br /><br />I signed up for your newsletter as well

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    I love Bonnie and Camille&#39;s Vintage Modern… And I&#39;m totally loving Lucy&#39;s Crab Shack! And Kate&#39;s new line reminds of the end of summer. Would be fun to sew with!

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    I am in love with the simplistic design of the site!<br /><br />(The walk in the woods layer cake makes me happy as well. I have seen the fox fabric and it is SO darling!)

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    Thanks for an intro to another website that I&#39;ll have to visit with caution! :-) I think I love just about everything there…very fond of the new Lucy&#39;s Crab Shack by Sweetwater and love anything Kate Spain!

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    I&#39;m so glad to have found your site and Southern Fabrics! I &#39;m excited to find a local shop to support. I love the Salt Air collection.

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    I finally got a chance to see some Lucy&#39;s Crab Shack in person…now I really must get my hands on some! <br /><br />brookeali(at)hotmail.com

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    Would LOVE to have the Lucy&#39;s Crab Shack fabric. So cute and light and would be perfect for my moms house on the beach!

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    Thanks for the chance to win! You nad your sponsors are always so generous :) I definitely like the Lucy&#39;s Crab Shack bicycle print in orangesicle, but there are tons of great fabric choices.

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    I love the crab Shack Line, as well as, all things Kate Spain! Thanks for a chance to win! I love following your blog!<br /><br />Misty<br />mistyolsen79@gmail.com

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    I really like both Cocoon and Fresh Cut – two different color schemes and feels, but they both speak to me – &quot;Make me into something cool!&quot;

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    Anything from Vintage Modern (Love that line!) or Lucy&#39;s Crab Shack. We got it in at work and it took me about 3 seconds to cut off 3 yards of plaids. Also, their dark blue/gray is the same color as Reunion. Perfection!

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    I&#39;m actually digging the Effie and Ollie elephant pattern by Heather Bailey, the one with her Nicey Jane fabric is adorable! And I just bought some of that line, how cute will those be??

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    the candy apple red does it for me! what a great site – thank you for the intro and the opportunity to win a lovely prize!

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    you know how you sometimes sign up for something in a fit of enthusiasm? (a chance to win Crab Shack!!!) And then you end up NOT winning and also regretting your subscription? I just signed up with Southern Fabric and I love their choices AND altho I never win, I feel like I&#39;ve won today! Heading back over there to score some California Girl and keep fingers crossed for Lucy&#39;s Crab

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    I love Lucy&#39;s Crab Shack! I just stumbled on the collection yesterday and have become obsessed. Thanks for the recommendation on a new shop to try.

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