A whole lot of fun going on.

First, in honor of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this weekend I finally pieced all my Union Jack blocks together. Three cheers for that. Now it’s off at the quilters. My goal is to have it done and bound before the Olympics start in July.  So cheerio, pip pip, and all that. (I used this pattern for this quilt.)

Second, I joined a Gang. 
I know, I just scream ‘gangsta’, don’t I? Don’t worry, it’s not the kind of Gang that does sketchy things in shady back allies.  This one is called the Fat Quarter Gang (or could it be the Phat Quarta Gang?) and involves gorgeous Art Gallery Fabrics and new free tutorials every week, and giveaways of said Art Gallery Fabrics. I’m so excited!
image from Art Gallery Fabrics

So it can’t be that shady, right? But watch out, these gangstas do seem to be carrying around a lot of open rotary cutters, so hold onto your fingers.

Third, have you heard about the Dresden Quilting Challenge this summer? It is a very fun challenge to celebrate Darlene Zimmerman’s 20th anniversary designing quilting tools for EZ Quilt. For the next 2 weeks there will be a blog tour with lots of ideas and inspiration using a simple Dresden Ruler.  You can read all about it at the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild, find out about the tour and how to enter your own creation later this summer to win a fabulous prize from one of these sponsors. I’ll be back with more inspiration myself in a couple of weeks.
And finally summer vacation has officially descended upon us here. (Cue “deer-in-the-headlights” expression.) I’ve learned some important things (sometimes the hard way) in summers past: we go through a lot more food and toilet paper when everyone is out of school, start a chore/job routine from day one or the house turns into chaos, and the blogging schedule must get lighter.  So I will be posting slightly less frequently over the next 2.5 months. Which is good for you too, since you have your own kids, yards, pets, tomato plants, or vacations, etc. to tend to over the summer as well. So it’s a win-win right?
And there is our fun news for today. Happy June!


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    the Union Jack quilt is GREATTTT! Just love the fabric, yes summer is here and try to enjoy "The Lazy Days of Summer". My memory before central air was to fill the small pool with water and getting in with the kids to cool off.

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    oh my amy…<br />you definitely have a full plate the next 2.5 months! can&#39;t wait to see more plastic bag outfits etc! your Union Jack is utter perfection….

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    Busy, busy, busy :) The Union Jack looks great!!! And the gang looks like a real hoot. I think I might have to submit an idea to see if I can get initiated. Who can pass up a fabric gang??

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    Glad I am not the only one with a &quot;deer in the headlights&quot; look about summer break! I have not touched my machine in a week and I think I am going through withdrawal. :)<br /><br />Love the Union Jack quilt!

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    Love your Union Jack! And will we be seeing you in a gangsta pose like the others?<br />Thanks for the link to the Dresden posts. I will be following these for sure!<br />Best of luck this summer:)

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    I love your Union Jack. I know I&#39;m coming a little late to that party, but what pattern did you use? Did you paper piece it? I&#39;ve been wanting to make a UJ mug rug for a British friend who is gaga over the Diamond Jubilee, but the paper pieced patterns I&#39;ve seen are a bit daunting.<br /><br />Enjoy your summer with the kiddos – my kids are all grown, and I kinda miss it.

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    Love your union flag quilt – it&#39;s the only jubilee related thing I&#39;ve seen that I&#39;ve liked actually! I&#39;m all for the Queen and jubilee etc but I feel all over the whole red white and blue thing already. This however, is gorgeous! Good luck with your long, long holidays 2.5 months -wow! That makes our 6 weeks seem like a breeze!<br /><br />S x

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    Really love your Union Jack Quilt being a Canadian and love our Queen. Will love to see it when quilted. Have a wonderful summer with your kids. Blessings Sandra

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    Like those Union Jacks. And I heard about you gangstas from Jenni. That should be very interesting indeed.<br /><br />Enjoy your summer and make sure you&#39;re stocked up on the tp.

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    Ive loved your Union Jack quilts so much I ordered the pattern you suggested and it just came in the mail yesterday. I saw in one of your past posts that you do something a bit different to save fabric, I can see why. :) Any chance you can share that tip?? I love your blog and good luck with the gang :) Its going to be great!<br />Sequoia<br />colorfulsunshine at yahoo dot com

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    The gangster profiles are easily some of the funniest things I&#39;ve read in quilt blog land. Whoever came up with the names deserves major credit! They&#39;re hilarious. As are the photos. :)

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    Haha… I was just reading last night about the highlights of the Queen&#39;s Diamond Jubilee and the first thought I had was &quot;I bet Amy did a post about it.&quot; :) I just knew I&#39;d see some Union Jacks on your blog this weekend.

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    I love your Union Jack quilt – it looks fantastic! I have been enjoying some union jack projects in honour of the Olympics – its a great excuse for me to be patriotic!<br />Rebecca @ heronscrafts.blogspot.com

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