More flag blocks + Olympic fever

Anyone else out there an Olympic junkie?  Official Olympics nerd right here. 
In 2002 the Winter Olympics came to my home town, Salt Lake City.  I had a 3-yr-old and a nursing baby at the time so I didn’t attend a single sporting event, but we did take in the atmosphere downtown and let me tell you – it’s magic. Celebration of hard work and the unique cultures and traditions of the nations of the world juxtaposed with the brotherhood of man – the Olympic spirit is tangible.  As soon as that cauldron went out, things were back to normal and it was gone. But it was so amazing while it lasted!
Combine my Olympics die-hard-ness with my favorite city on the planet and I just might spontaneously-combust. Olympics nirvana.
So in honor of the parade of nations, I’ve been making more flag quilt blocks. (Fine. I know. It’s a sickness. I can’t help it.) I’m using my stash plus some of my new Vintage Summer prints. I’m going to do something along the lines of this quilt that I made a few years ago for a friend.  Want some geography trivia? I’ll give you clues as to which countries these flags represent as they may be less obvious.:
Notre Dame (as in The Hunchback of), Monet, and crepes
Maria Von Trapp and Arnold Schwartznegger
Andy Murray and haggis
And you know this one.  
Did you watch the Opening Ceremonies? I was in heaven. Seriously: Kenneth Branagh, Jerusalem, Mary Poppins, Chariots of Fire and Mr. Bean. What more could an anglophile want? The only thing I was missing was a good chippy.  Proud of you, Brits.
Speaking of which, if you’re jumping on the British-love-bandwagon, checkout this new collection of fabrics from DearStella called Town and Country.  Lots of London icons like Eros at Picadilly, the Tower, and St. Paul’s, but it’s those London buses that kill me.  I need to find the perfect use for them.
Cheers my loves!


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    These blocks are fabulous! I love the opening ceremony – cried in places. Feel very proud to be British. Oh and LOVE that last fabric must look out for it!

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    Amy,<br /><br />You blocks are awesome! We are totally thrilled about the Olympics! It is so hard to get chores done when you are glued to the TV. Have a great day!<br /><br />Linda F

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    Love your flags! The Olympics have me wanting to go back to London (its been almost 20 years since I&#39;ve been), and I just bought the Victory Garden pattern which is a quilt made with a bunch of Union Jacks. The Dear Stella fabric is adorable – that&#39;s a must for the stash!

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    Love your flag blocks – and the previous flag quilt! I really enjoyed watching the Opening Ceremony – Wow! Would like to see it again! Hope and pray all goes well during the Games!

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    This is so awesome!! Now I want to do a quilt of nations!! Then every Olympics I could snuggle under it and watch it!!<br />If you ever feel the need for a quilt a long sign me up!!!

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    I&#39;m a total Olympic nerd. I love every minute of it. I&#39;m so happy that NBC is letting you watch all the events online LIVE (if you have a cable subscription :( ) There are so many events that I miss every year because they just don&#39;t show them. :)

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    Love all the different flags, and that fabric is cute! I&#39;m enjoying the whole multi-view option the BBC is running right now, pick your sport and you don&#39;t have to be interrupted by anything else :o)

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    I know exactly what you mean…when hubby and I were watching NBC&#39;s little beginning clip starting at the headwaters of the Thames it went through OX and we were like STOP…the girl is there and we were just there last month! So cool!:)

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    I am watching as much as my work schedule will let me :) Loved the Queen&#39;s entrance at last night&#39;s opening ceremony! I think when it&#39;s time for the Queen&#39;s funeral, among all of her other accomplishments, she will be noted for her humor and participation during the 2012 Olympics.

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    You know, I wanted to cross stitch blocks for my sister who moved a lot as a Navy wife, then put them into a quilt — but this is a fantastic idea for my brother in the State Department who has lived all over the place with his wife and kids. He&#39;s thinking of retiring after his next posting, which is a four year post so I could get a HUGE head start on this! You are a genius and I&#39;m

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    These are so cute! Yay for Olympic fever. I&#39;m going to re-post a few of these photos at Bring the Monkey and link to you, of course. thanks for sharing the fun!

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    Oh yes I am an Olympic junkie! I am from England so am really loving seeing all the sights on tv! Love your flag blocks, there&#39;s just something about red, white and blue :)

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    Like the flag blocks, and I like the Olympics. We&#39;ve been kinda busy with family the last few days so haven&#39;t seen as much of the Olympics as I would like, but still a fan, Family is important too!

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    These flag blocks are wonderful! I am from slc, too, though now live in Ohio. I lived there for the Olympics and know what you mean by the magic. I wish we were in London no. Someday. I cannot wait to see what you do with your flags.

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    Ha! I just bought some of that Dear Stella fabric over the weekend. I didn&#39;t get the umbrellas though and I&#39;m regretting it. They had it in oilcloth too — it was killing me. I&#39;d LOVE to make a rain slicker out of that fabric — tooooo cute!!!!

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    If you&#39;re going to indulge the Scottish with both their national flag and the Union Flag, you need to do the England and Wales ones too… :P<br /><br />Yeah total Olympics nerd here too. I have watched pretty much all of the fencing, archery and shooting so far.

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    I love that you did a block for the Saltire! I want to do a whole quilt of Saltires someday, much like the Union Jack quilts that are popping up around bloglad ….

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    What more could we want? The Doctor! Watching the Olympics 24/7 here. A friend at church is the mom of the coach of the US diving team. She&#39;s heading to London soon, lucky her.

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    I just used the Dear Stella fabric to make a British &quot;flag&quot; (the Union Jack is intimidating!) and a Uruguay flag for my family :) Glad I&#39;m not alone in jumping on the Olympic flag making! Go GB!

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    Oh, I am so sleep deprived from watching the Olympics this week! Love your flag blocks &amp; the flag quilt showcased on Generation Q Magazine today.<br />I laughed so hard at Mr. Bean playing with the Symphony &amp; running with the &#39;guys&#39; of Chariots of Fire!! And I was so happy to see that Voldemort was vanquished by the Mary Poppinses!

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