More Summer Sewing + a Satchel

My Dream On quilt is growing.  
It kind of screams summer, doesn’t it? 
(I’m using this pattern.)
I also spent a lot of the weekend sewing bags. I’ve got a new tutorial to share on Wednesday as part of Elizabeth’s Christmas in July series – ideas to help you start getting ready for Christmas now so that you’re not in that last minute funk, trying to finish all those handmade projects.
While working on the bags for said tutorial,  I had a little guy who patiently reminded me that I’d promised to make him a bag a long time ago. *guilt*  So we did it.  He specifically requested “a satchel that doesn’t hit my bum when I run” – which pretty much describes your ideal little boy bag, right? Plus I loved the strategic choice of the word ‘satchel’ – so much more manly that ‘man-purse.’

We used some the rocket fabrics from Sarah Jane’s Children at Play (available here and here).  Hedgehogs were also requested since, you know, hedgehogs and rockets just go hand in hand.  So the hedgehogs made it to the inside of the strap.

This bag was made using my Messenger Bag tutorial, only I shortened both the bag and the strap to help prevent bum-hitting. Such a cutie with his fresh from the barber summer haircut. (Who I have strategically placed with his back to the camera so that you can’t see all the chocolate ice-cream drips on the front of his shirt.)

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    Your little guy is so adorable!!! He looks so pleased with his new satchel!! Oh, and my SIL wanted me to mention that she absolutely loves your nursing cover tutorial. She has already made 3 :)

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    Love your Dream On Quilt! The fresh summer colors are so pretty! Actually I am in the process of making a similar quilt accept my blocks are smaller than Amy Smart&#39;s pattern. My son&#39;s girlfriend found the picture of Amy&#39;s so I designed a similar pattern on Electric Quilt to make one in blues and greens for her nephew. I just posted it on my blog if you care to take a peek.<br /><br />

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    What A cute face… Screams personality and just a wee bit cheeky!!! Love his &quot;Not hitting the bum satchel&quot;&quot; lol.

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    Very cute bag and model, with or without the ice cream drips on the shirt…which by the way are just a normal part of summer.<br /><br />And you dream quilt? I thought you said the last one is your all time favorite! LOL

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    What can I say! Little boys have a special way of melting my heart and your little guy is too cute for words..Oh yes I like the quilting too but all I could see was that precious little boy! I have 4 grandsons that take my breath away and one granddaughter who steals my heart!<br />Blessings<br />Gmama Jane

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    What a darling little helper you have there! :o)<br />I adore your quilt! I have a charm pack in that line<br />and have yet to open it. :o) Trish xo

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