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Fort Worth Fabric Studio
Let me introduce you to Fort Worth Fabric Studio. FWFS is an online-only fabric store out of Texas, owned and operated by Jodie Heinold.  She has a fabulous selection of fabric collections from many of the major fabric manufacturers. 

Jodie specializes in putting together wonderful bundles. One of her most popular is the Ta Dot Fat Quarter bundle, containing a FQ of each of the 37 prints in Michael Miller’s Ta Dot collection.  What a great stash builder!  Other variations include a Half Yard version as well as a Tamed Ta Dot bundle containing 9 Dot FQ’s paired with 9 solid FQ’s from Michael Miller’s Cotton Coutures. All Ta Dot prints are available separately as well. 
Another bundle I can’t resist is the Quilt Con bundle. Such gorgeous colors and fabrics. And there are only 3 left!
Jodie also carries a huge selection of Kona Solids, Bella Solids, and Cotton Couture solids. There are new collections by various manufacturers such as the Ghastlies, Amy Butler’s Cameo, and various Dr. Suess prints by Robert Kaufman, as well as some good amounts of some of my favorite collections that are getting scarce like Ruby and Michael Miller’s Retro Kitchen
Finally, FWFS is home of the Friday Bundle Batch – a brand new bundle of Fat Quarters featured each Friday centered around a theme or colors.  The bundle is highlighted in their weekly Friday newsletter along with any other new arrivals.  Go here to sign up for the Newsletter.  You can also follow Fort Worth Fabric Studio on their blog, Facebook, or Twitter to hear more about the latest arrivals and sales or promotions.
Today Jodie is giving away this Apple Sauce bundle – a collection of 12 Fat Quarters featuring Amanda Herring’s Apple of my Eye collection, paired with other coordinating dots and prints to one of you readers.
To enter: Leave a comment on this post. One entry per person. If you’d like to, visit Fort Worth Studios and tell us which is your favorite collection or bundle!  Giveaway open until Saturday, July 21 at midnight, MST. Giveaway CLOSED.
I really like
Fat Quarter Bundle

There are so many great fabrics at FWFS! Thanks for the chance to win!

I’ve sent you an email, Sallie! Congratulations!

And thank you, readers, so much for your support of these sponsor profiles and giveaways. Having worked in a fabric shop, I know that it’s a lot of work and not a huge financial windfall – they’re typically run by people who have a passion for fabric and sewing and not because they’re in it to get rich.  I’m so happy to support them by spreading the word about who they are and what they carry – each one has it’s own personality and specialties.  In return, I am so grateful for the support they give to this blog and making it possible for me to justify the many hours spent sharing here. :)


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    Oh my goodness, I love the dots – Now i must go there and see all she has! thanks for telling us about this shop and the opportunity to win some!<br /><br />countrybutton at gmail.com

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    Ohhh, thanks for sharing a new to me shop! She has some WONDERFUL bundles…Mesmerized By Color, Pink Limeaid, Caribeean escape… and so many more! Thanks for a chance at winning some :)

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    I love the QuiltCon bundle, it is super unique to find one with prints in it! – Which is also funny because I think that is what initially separated modern quilters from traditional quilters is the funky prints and colors.

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    I&#39; m a follower of FWFS and always love her great Friday bundles she puts together. This Apple Sauce bundle is another great one! Thanks for the chance.

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    I really like <br />Spin<br />Fat Quarter Bundle<br />Windham<br /><br />There are so many great fabrics at FWFS! Thanks for the chance to win!

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    I just checked out Fort Worth Fabric Studio and have added it to my online fabric shopping list. Amazing shop and these bundles are so beautiful!

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    These fabrics are just wonderful and would love to play with it.One of my favorite in the shop is Vintage modern.Thanks for the chance !!

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    BEAUTIFUL fabric!! I&#39;m loving the Apple Sauce — that name just makes me giggle!! And the polka dots … how adorable!<br />Lovely blog too!! :)

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    It was lovely to meet you on Sewing Saturday! Your blog is an inspiration and a credit to you.<br />FWFS Looks like a great site to visit frequently. I love Sorbet bundle. Thanks for this chance to win some Apple Sauce!

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    The Ghastlies is my favorite right now.. But that is subject to change with each new bundle I see.<br /><br />Thanks for a chance at the drawing and introducing me to this new site/store.<br /><br />jleibfried@aolcom

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    Wow loving those new Kona Solids. One can never have too many solids to use when you do Paper piecing and applique. I just love them!! The dots are just the cutest lil things, how can you not fall in love with them. It is fabric love all over again. I really do have a hard time limiting myself when I go into the fabric store. It kind of shows in my craft room.

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    There are so many cute designs it&#39;s hard to pick a favorite. I love the McCalls Vintage pattern fabric by Windham, though.

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    Hi Amy! I just started following your blog and I am so excited to finish my first quilt with your help and tutorials! I am newly obsessed with anything red and aqua so apple sauce is amazing to me! I hope I win!!

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    Amanda Herring is really great, I&#39;m looking forward to her Flutter line coming out this fall. I love the Applesauce–it looks great with those other added fabrics!

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    I follow the FWFS and check out her bundles every week. I have yet to purchase one though. But I&#39;d love to enter for one and have a chance. Thanks.

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    FWFS puts togeher awesome bundles – I love having someone help me put things together from different fabric lines. I will definately be checking out her shop!

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    I love the Fox Trot fat quarter bundles, they&#39;re so cute! My sister is having a baby in September so I may just have to do some fabric shopping for a quilt for her… :)

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    Well, as soon as I read all the blogs on today&#39;s Reader, I&#39;ll be running upstairs to get my credit card out of hiding and order one of the Ta Dot bundles.

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    I love the Pencil Smudge bundle – can&#39;t get enough gray! Thanks for the chance to win the Apple Sauce bundle – it is wonderful, too!

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    I have a WIP in the same colors as the Apple Sauce FQ Bundle, love that combo. And Ta Dot FQ Bundle is my very favorite, I have an obsession with dots and circles on quilts, weird I know, but it&#39;s the truth. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. deanie dot dreams at gmail dot com

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    Pretty! I love the dots bundle that you featured. I follow FWFS AND WOULD LOVE to own any of these, I can think of tons to make for my granddaughters.. whooo…hoo

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    I love the Ta Dots Tamed bundle. Pretty much anything Ta Dot is good with me. And that Applesauce bundle is lovely. Thanks for the chance to win. I follow FWFS, not only because I am in Tx, but for the lovely bundles and cool giveaways.

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    Yes, please! I already follow their blog and get their newsletter, and the Friday Bundles are so good! I&#39;ve ordered a few, even when I&#39;d promised myself not to buy more fabric until I finished a couple other projects first….

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    Thank you for sharing what looks to be a wonderful fabric store. I&#39;m on my way over there after I leave here. That apple sauce bundle is to die for. LOVE! Thanks for the giveaway.

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    Amy,<br /><br />Thanks for the give away! Apples fabric looks great. I will head over and see Jodie&#39;s website.<br /><br />Have a good day.<br /><br />Linda F

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    Those bundles are adorable! I&#39;ve been pouring over your beginning quilting series, gearing up to try my first quilt and would love to win a bundle! Thanks so much for all the step by step instructions, it doesn&#39;t seem nearly as scary now! I&#39;ll be checking out that website now too!

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE FWFS!! I am currently stalking a bundle of Adeline hoping they don&#39;t sell out before i get the money to order it :)<br />Thank you for the chance to win!!

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    Pink Limeade is my favorite! I am a big fan of the color combo and have even done a quilt in that combo before. Thanks to you and FWFS for the giveaway :o)

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    oh my goodness. If I don&#39;t win I just might have to break down and buy that bundle. Of course I would much prefer to win it; sure my husband would agree!

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    i still love the CITRUS TWIST Fat Quarter Bundle … it can be had in a half yard bundle, too! btw, congrats on the new sponsor, fwfs; they&#39;re one of my fav go-to online fabric shops.

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    I learned about them last fall and even bought some of my Ghastlies from them. Yes they are a great online store. I just wish I had more money to spend there. Their newsletter is always very tempting.<br /><br />So I have to pick just one of their bundles? Not possible.

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    I&#39;m still totally obsessed with the Pezzy Print, but I really want to do my first solids quilt so I should really start picking out some awesome Kona colors ;-)<br /><br />brookeali(at)hotmail.com

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    The Ta Dot Bundle is drool worthy! I&#39;ll be heading back for some Ruby. It&#39;s a lovely store and I signed up for the newsletter. Thanks for sharing a new place to shop.

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    Oh, what a great selection they must have. I&#39;m going to check them out now. I love the fabric bundle in this giveaway! Drool. :)<br />tilleybl@aol.com

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    I love the Red, Aqua and Pinks right now … and the Applesauce Bundle is super cute! But I also really like the Vintage Modern. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome bundle:)

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    I love the Red, Aqua and Pinks right now … and the Applesauce Bundle is super cute! But I also really liked the Modern Vintage. Thanks for the chance to win the awesime bundle :)

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    OMG ! WHat a gorgeous bundle. I have been looking for red apples and coordinating fabrics and these are absolutely adorable and perfect.<br />Thanks for the giveaway. Love your bundles.

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    I love the batiks, I&#39;d like to replenish my stock with them, but I&#39;ve got so many fabrics still to use and so little space that there&#39;s no way of buying at the moment. Not to speak of my planned and unfinished projects…

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    I LOVE this bundle. I started my Farmer&#39;s Wife blocks with a FQ bundle of Apple of my Eye. I need some more. This bundle would be perfect!

  40. says

    LOVE the bundle. Growing up I was always told pink and red don&#39;t go together – but I totally disagree, isn&#39;t this mix pretty with both in it!!

  41. says

    I really need some stash builders! Thanks for the intro! And they have wide quilt backing at a very good price…I&#39;m off to shop!

  42. says

    Such bold bright colors. Thanks for the giveaway — so generous to share!<br />Forth Worth has great fabric selections.

  43. says

    Love the Ta Dots bundles – they are on my one day wish list!<br /><br />But I do adore the Apple Sauce bundle! So cute!<br /><br />Thanks for letting us know about a fab fabric shop and for a great giveaway!

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    I love the Applesauce bundle, but after sneaking a peek at their site, I found the Candy Coated and Pink Limeade bundles which are gorgeous.

  45. says


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    I love the TaDots bundle, and I have been eyeing it for a while! I love Fort Worth Fabrics and her Friday newsletter! I have called her to have her recommendation for picking out solids to coordinate with a bundle! Her choices were spot on! Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!<br /><br />kelli dot sanders at comcast dot net

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    I love the Quilt Con Bundle and the Vintage Christmas!! Cant wait to get ahold of that! Great Shop!! I always love to browse new shops!! Thank you for the intro!!

  48. says

    I love the SORBET, a FWFS Exclusive Fat Quarter Bundle featuring Michael Miller&#39;s Sorbet! So pretty.<br /><br />Thanks for the giveaway chance!<br /><br />sue<br />legato1958 at aol dot com

  49. says

    What a great giveaway! Right now, I am really loving those dots….the Ta Dot bundle. Thanks for the chance to win!<br /><br />wigglypup2(at)yahoo(dot)com

  50. says

    I just love Blitzen fabric but I like it all.<br /><br />thank you for this wonderful giveaway.<br /><br />sandyb720 at gmail dot com

  51. says

    Oh my, the Pocket Pack in STRAWBERRY PICNIC is precious! I may need one to make one of the super-cute lunch bags that everyone has a tutorial for. :-)<br /><br />nutellanut at gmail dot com

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    The Kona cottons, the tower of bright colors caught my eye. The Applesauce bundle is a project about to happen. Just to work with all those colors would be so fun! I hope I can win a great giveaway! Who doesn&#39;t love more fabric.

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    Love all the wonderful bundles! Love the Carribean Escape, the Ta Dots, Quilt Con and so many more! Thanks for the chance to win!

  54. says

    All the bestest colours &amp; with the name &#39;Apple Sauce Bundle&#39; it even sounds yummy! Isn&#39;t it strange how so many of us have fallen in love with the aqua, red &amp; lime green combo? It&#39;s popping up in a lot of my work. I guess they&#39;re just happy colours that give us a lift.

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    Sweet! ! ! I love that &quot;Applesauce&quot; bundle–reminds me of the days when I used to help my mom can many quarts of applesauce. I&#39;ve also been in love w/&quot;Ruby&quot;–can&#39;t get enough of it!

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    Wow, that&#39;s a lot of gorgeous fabric! When I have ordered from Fort Worth Fabric Studio I have been thrilled with the products and the service. Thanks for the chance to win!

  57. says

    OooooH! The apple souse bundle is very attractive with its bright colors and prints, I want them for my kid&#39;s quilts. I love the polka dots it runs in the family ha ha ha lol my grand me love them and my mom, now I am crazy for them.

  58. says

    That Applesauce bundle is so cute. It&#39;s got me to thinking and planning….<br /><br />Thanks for the heads-up and the opportunity to maybe win.

  59. says

    I just finished cutting a bundle from Fort Worth for a cute orange, turquoise, gray and green baby quilt. The fabrics are great and almost nothing to trim when I went to square them up! Would love another bundle from Fort Worth!

  60. says

    I love FWFS, have ordered from there several times. Customer service, fabric selection and sales are great! Thanks for the chance to add to my fabric collection, love the Applesauce bundle.

  61. says

    Fun bundles. I made a quilt with Apple of my Eye, love the additional patterns and fabrics. I think they add. I&#39;d make another quilt, by darn. Thanks.

  62. says

    I like the luminosity! I am working on a quilt of black, yellow, gray. Very modern colors these days but had a hard time finding prints I liked. I wish I had known about this shop. I also love the polka dot bundles.

  63. says

    Oh it would have to be the Chevrons by Riley Blake, such gorgeous colours!<br />Thanks for the chance to win!<br />therese.aiken@gmail.com

  64. says

    Love the Quilt Con bundle. It would make a fabulous quilt. The applesauce bundle with the red and aqua would make a cute quilt too.

  65. says

    Just visited the Fort Worth fabric studio site, signed up for their newsletter, and loved the Santa Claus is Coming to Town by Andover fabric line!!! So Cute!

  66. says

    Thanks for the giveaway…checked out the website and really like: Falling Flowers by Michael Miller! among many others…including Ta Dot.

  67. says

    Thanks for the chance to win! I look forward to exploring FWFS&#39;s fabric selection &amp; love the idea of the Friday fat quarter bundle.

  68. says

    I love Pencil Smudge as a bundle. I love looking at Fort Worth Fabric Studios. The colour combinations and bundles they create are wonderful.

  69. says

    THe Applesauce bundle is fantastic! My 4 yr old loves those prints. ALl the bundles are lovely though. <br /><br />sanitystitches at gmail dot com

  70. says

    I love this collection. I have the polka dots you pictured above – bought them in 1/2 yard bundles. they&#39;re even more fantatic in real life.

  71. says

    Beautiful fabrics!! Applesauce— so pretty and such a cute name!! I&#39;m really loving all the polka dots — they&#39;re surely becoming popular, and I can see why! Thank you for the chance to win!! :-)

  72. says

    I really like that she puts together bundles of fabrics that look awesome together, really takes the guesswork out of it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  73. says

    I absolutely love the QuiltCon Challenge Fat Quarter Bundle. What a lovely shop as well. I&#39;m happy that they are involved in charity work. I am doing something similar locally here in Los Angeles.

  74. says

    I love FWFS! I&#39;ve never actually been there, but they&#39;re one of my go-to online fabric shops because the service is quick and they have a great selection. I&#39;m noticing that a lot of what you posted doesn&#39;t appear in their Fat Quarter section, but my favorite from the shop is probably the Oceanside bundle. I do love this Friday&#39;s Sunflower bundle too, though.

  75. says

    I love everything they have! I haven&#39;t seen the Apple Sauce bundle before, but it sure has a lot of appeal to me with the red and aqua thrown in the batch. I think I might have to buy this one anyway! Unless I luck up and win, of course! :)

  76. says

    I love Ft. Worth Fabric Studios bundles and enjoy being inspired by their Friday emails. The giveaway bundle is another example of Jodie&#39;s creativity!

  77. says

    I love the Apple Sauce bundle!!!! So cute and great combo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Hope I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 If I don&#39;t order my own first!!! 😉

  78. says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jodie&#39;s bundles!!! I live 10 miles from her and find her online store my goto place! Currently using the Quilt Cine bundle in a Grandmother Flower Garden Quilt along with Fat Quarterly&#39;s Katy I&#39;m a ginger monkey. I have also used her black and white bundles and her yellow and black bundles in a quilt. Anyway… I can&#39;t say enough about Jodie!! And you can see

  79. says

    I LOVE the Ta Dot fat quarter bundle! A friend of mine turned me onto polka dots and I love the larger ones on the fabric! Thanks for sharing the giveaway!

  80. says

    Hello, thank you for hosting this store on your blog. This is just such a sweet store, when I purchase items they come wrapped so prettily and a little gift tucked in! I can&#39;t tell you a favorite bundle…each and every bundle is absolutely as wonderful as the best iced latte or chocolate you have ever tasted. Swoon!!!!

  81. says

    I already get their newsletter and it is always fun. I love their full bloom bundle and last friday&#39;s retro kitchen was cute too.

  82. says

    Totally loving the National Parks by Windham! The Applesauce bundle sure looks yummy…reds greens and aqua been dying to try out this bright color palette! Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. says

    I just LOVE this bundle. Keeping my fingers, and toes, crossed. Thank you for the opportunity to win!!!<br /><br />lindapawlak@verizon.net

  84. says

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I&#39;m working on my very first quilt, and my mind has been blown by the beautiful fabrics available.

  85. says

    I love Tippy Toes! Ta Dot is ta die for! I love (and really need) those Kona solids! I love everything this shop has…just wish they had a brick &amp; mortar store so I could go there at least once a week since I live sooo close to them! Sigh.

  86. says

    I love the bundles! I&#39;m not great at deciding on color schemes, but these are all put together so well! Thanks for the giveaway! Jillsstorey-at-yahoo-dot-com

  87. says

    I&#39;ve ordered from FWFS a couple of times and have always been pleased. They have great custom bundles and a really nice inventory. Thanks!

  88. says

    This is quite unoriginal of me, but I love the bundle that the FWS is giving away. I&#39;m working on a basket quilt and that&#39;d go so nicely in it!

  89. says

    Such beautiful eye candy!! The TaDots collection sure is inviting!! I love the Quilt Corn Bundle, especially since it has the summery blues/aquas and the grays. Thanks for the introduction to Jodie&#39;s shop, I will head over and take a look around!

  90. says

    Love a BUNCH of the Bundles (&amp; fabrics! lol)…but today, am settled in on the Pink Limeade!! Sooooooo Summer!<br /><br />Thanks for chnace to win the Apple Sauce Bundle! LOVE it! :)

  91. says

    Fabulous Union jack quilt – amazing colours. Hope you enjoy the Olympics and have at least one cold day when you can snuggle under the quilt while watching the Games.<br /><br />Am I too late for the giveaway? If not I&#39;d love to enter. Thanks

  92. says

    I would love to win this collection…. after visiting the web site, it would be hard to pick a favorite– but I will still go with the dots.. just can&#39;t get enough dots, I&#39;m obsessed!

  93. says

    I hate to inform you but you misspelled Dr. Seuss&#39;s name. I&#39;m sure he would appreciate it if you would correct it in the future. Sorry, I&#39;m an english major from long ago and that just jumped out at me. Love your blog and will read more.

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