Summertime inspiration

A few quick tidbits today – some random things I’ve wanted to share.  First of all, I took a picture of this tiny-little half-square-triangle beauty at class I recently taught with my friend Marilyn.  We were teaching another scraps class and she brought this little sample made by a friend of hers (not by me).  Each little HST is about the size of a dime. I loved it and wanted to share the gorgeous inspiration.

A new collection by Blend Fabrics called Vintage Summer.  I’ve loved the look of this collection because of it’s Liberty-style design and the nice people at Blend sent some for me to play with.  My favorite print is the navy with the flowers on the left. I can think of endless possibilities for that print alone. I’m still mulling over what I’m goin to do with the whole lot.  The reds are more of a pinkish color, for an interesting twist with the blues and navy’s.  I’ll keep you posted. The collection is available at FabricWorm.

If you like the prints and are looking for a simple project, there’s a great cheater print with the various prints from the collection in 3″ squares.  You can find this print at Pink Castle Fabrics.
Thanks for enduring enjoying the gratuitous fabric posts. I’m in the process of binding 2 quilts right now, so finished projects to share are on the horizon.
Finally, be sure to check out Katie’s information on another round of 100 Quilts for Kids – a charitable drive to donate quilts to needy kids in your own communities.  As if the warm fuzzy feelings inside weren’t motivation enough, there are fabric prizes involved as well. Bonus.


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    I could use m y GO for this. I like these prints too with the pinks. I always enjoy your posts. I learn something new. Then I show my friends and they think I know so much!! Thanks

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    We went to the quilt museum in York yesterday and they had teh tiniest, most intricate quilts on display that I have ever seen. Amazing – I would not know where to start! I love the Vintage Summer fabric, I've just finished a quilt top in it for a friend at work who's been ill, it goes together so well. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

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