Bee Blocks + end of summer

Now that the end of summer vacation has come to a close, I’m starting to catch-up on a few bits of sewing, including a couple of Bee blocks. The one above is for Amy.  I LOVE the wild Echino prints that she sent. This will be such a bright, exuberant quilt!

This block is for Nedra.  The block comes from Allison’s Spin Cycle quilt.  I’ve always loved that quilt and it was such a fun block to assemble – I think I need to to make one of these.  Such a good way to bust some stash too.

And finally, school started this past Tuesday and my baby started first grade! He even wore his favorite Turtle shirt to impress his classmates. I assumed he’d miss me so much, being gone all day for the first time, so I walked up to the school to meet him on his way home. As he zoomed past me on his scooter he yelled, “See ya sucker!” Then when we got home and I tried to give him a big hug he said, “Mom! I’m not in Kindergarten anymore!”  So apparently my role as a mother is complete. (kidding)

I’m still in a state of disbelief that I’ve reached the stage of my life where all my children are in school all day. It doesn’t mean our life will be totally free of all craziness, but it does mean that I will have a chunk of uninterrupted time each day along with the remote possibility that our house will stay slightly less messy sometimes – or it could just mean that I won’t have anyone else to blame the mess on.

I do have to admit though, that whenever someone asks me what I’m going to do with my time and if I’m going to be ‘bored’ with my children gone all day, I want to laugh maniacally. My to-do list is so long, I don’t think I’ll have time to get bored for at least 20 years.


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    They grow up so fast, don&#39;t they?! My oldest is in third grade and the I find myself daydreaming of the year my youngest goes to kindergarten. The thought of uninterrupted work/sewing time is very intoxicating :)<br />

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    I know just what you mean. :o) My list is long too and always plenty to keep us busy! :o) Your little guy is just the cutest! Your blocks look fabulous. This has been so much fun!! I love sewing for each lady and seeing what patterns they choose. My month is January and I can&#39;t decide what I want to do! :o) Have a fabulous day Amy! love ya, Trish

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    My kids are in Children&#39;s Day Out 2 days a week. People are always asking if I am enjoying my free time. I do laugh at them. Then I tell them the long list of things I try to squeeze in to the two partial days they&#39;re at school. People have no idea. lol <br /><br />Congrats to your little guy. I enjoyed teaching first graders! They&#39;re a hoot!<br />-Amanda-

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    Wow, everyone is in school. I look forward to that day :) Enjoy your time, and don&#39;t bother cleaning, that is what Saturday and little people are for. You know, Saturday is a special day it&#39;s the day we do everything mommy didn&#39;t do all week 😉 At least that is how I taught the song to my kids :)

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    Those blocks are gorgeous. I LOVE the prints in the first one- it&#39;s right up my alley- bright and fun. :) I love the &quot;sucker&quot; comment- hilarious. 😉 So excited to see what you do with all your &quot;free&quot; time. lol<br />xoxo

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    Big moment to send the youngest off to school. His comments show you have raised him to be independent, which is essential for him to eventually &quot;leave the nest&quot;. <br />And I love my block! Thank YOU!

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    I am in the same boat this year, Amy. I keep busy with 2 little guys (that aren&#39;t mine) 3 days a week and trying to cross some things off my long list of things to do. Sometimes I feel like I still don&#39;t have time for laundry (or maybe I just make excuses not to do it…ha!) Enjoy the quiet. Smiles~Beth

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    It&#39;s such a strange transition to have your children away at school during the day. When mine first started I remember thinking that I&#39;d finally have time to get stuff done. Come to find out I don&#39;t have nearly as much time as I thought. Mine are now in 8th and 5th grades and each and every year when school starts back up again I go through a funk . . . just trying to find my way.

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    Amy,<br />Your son is adorable and I love your story about his passing you on his scooter! As much as you miss them… it is nice to have some time each day to do what YOU want to do. I LOVE ALL of your work! I love all of the fun bright colors and patterns that you use… I, too, like these same fun and cheery colors, which is why I LOVE following your blog. Keep sending us new ideas and quilts

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    Gorgeous blocks Amy! Your son looks very happy in his fabulous tshirt :)<br />I long for the day all mine will be in school although since I&#39;m expecting another it won&#39;t be for a while!! I know it goes fast though so I&#39;m enjoying every minute x

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    I share your sentiment! I often joke that the last time I was bored was in 1972 when I was pulled from my classroom at the last minute to attend a Career Education Training that was poorly prepared and presented to a captive audience of rude people. I&#39;m sure it&#39;s happened once or twice since then, but I always try to have some handwork of some kind!

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    Hahaha! That is soooo funny with the scooter. I had to pause the movie my sister was watching to share with her. Hmm, all that spare time you&#39;ll have between fixing the house after breakfast and planning for dinner and planning the day/week/monthly schedule for the family and laundry and household projects and yard planning and church activities and sewing and planning sewing and blogging and

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    Hi Amy! Your son is a crack up! Those Bee blocks are beautiful! The Echino reminds me of the pieces I sent you after Market last year. Hope you are doing well! I just started a blog, check it out when you have some time!

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