Summer of the traveling Hexies

A few months back, I needed a good project for a road trip in the car.  So I started making little tiny hexagon flowers.  It’s a perfect way to use up scraps and it’s so portable I can take them with me anywhere.
Last fall, my friend Amy gave me this cute little pencil box (from Target, I think.)
It has become the perfect traveling-hexie box for carrying all my supplies and keeping them handy for any spare moment in the car or at the pool when I can pick up and do a little hand work.  The box stays with me in my purse at all times.  Inside I keep my templates, a bunch of fabric scraps, scissors and a bobbin of thread – smaller and more portable than a spool – in the box.  The sturdiness of the box keeps everything safe and it doesn’t get ratty like a plastic bag does.
 I just started adding the white hexagons that will surround the colored flowers.

I like the potential here.  I’m using the 5/8″ hexagons from They’re little, so it’s going to take some time to have anything sizeable put together, but I’m fine with that since I love having my little portable project during all that normally-‘wasteable’ time.


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    So cute!! :o) I love the white borders! And super sweet of &quot;the other&quot; Amy to gift that adorable box! ;o)<br />Have a wonderful weekend.<br />love ya. Trish

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    Cute! I made a whack of hexis too on our recent holiday (inspired by you, of course!) and was wondering what to do with them. I had thought of a black surround for my flowers, but the white looks great too! Thanks for the inspiration!

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    Such pretty flowers :o) I&#39;m currently working out what to take on my over 26 hours of flights in October (that&#39;s round trip, but even so, I&#39;m trying not to think about the over 11 hour ones!) and then the long road trip after SS

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    Love your portable project – great minds think alike! I too always, always have some handsewing in the car, especially when waiting for school pick up. We cannot waste a single minute without being productive – it&#39;s a little secret to how us women get so much accomplished. PS – Your color choices are terrific.

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    LOVE IT! The new hexa-go-go book has a quilt that combines strings blocks with hexis… Those would look so cute in that quilt! Great job!

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    Soooo lovely!! They&#39;ve got great potential that&#39;s for sure!! And the pencil box is a great idea…I&#39;ve been using plastic bags and it&#39;s lame. I need to upgrade!

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    These look great. I love making hexies! I saw a nifty idea somewhere lately that used a bento box to cary EPP supplies around. It was very cool!

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    I love your Hexies! I&#39;m doing a single ring hexie quilt with white border too! Isn&#39;t it a blast! I&#39;m using my Accuquilt Go! to cut both the fabric and the paper. I use the middle hexie for the fabric and the smallest for the hexies. It&#39;s perfect to make 1&quot; hexies.

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    Gorgeous hexies. It&#39;s a good idea to always have something in your bag; I&#39;ve been stuck in boring places with nothing to do a few times. I might just go and get some paper templates, fabrics and pins right now to put in my bag.

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    I&#39;m doing the same thing, although I don&#39;t have a cute little box – mine is larger and I can&#39;t take it everywhere! I plan to do the white hexies, too, and am somewhat dreading all that….not sure if I want to applique my flowers onto blocks or go with the all-out entirely hand pieced top….I know it will take a few years to amount to anything, but I&#39;m OK with that too because,

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    Can you please explain handwork(where do you learn to do it)and hexies to a non-quilter who is getting ready to dip her toe into the beautiful sea of fabrics. I realize this is not something a beginner would start off with, but your projects are so beautiful that I want to learn all of it! Thank you :o)

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    Those are adorable! I have yet to try hexies but hope to soon. They may just be the perfect project to work on while at practices every.night.of.the.week 😉 Smiles~Beth

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    Just starting into the quilting world. Sorry for maybe an obvious question: do you take the paper or plastic out? And how and when do you do that?

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