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I haven’t touched my sewing machine in a week. And probably won’t for another week because of all the end-of-summer-vacation-hoopla.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t sneak in a stop by an Antique Mall on the way home from a camping trip.  (I had to get my yearly Antique Mall fix since we’re not going to Maryland this year.) And since it’s been a long while since I’ve done a pyrex post, I thought now would be an appropriate time to share some recent finds.  Plus it’s good dose of color-eye-candy.

I’ve been collecting pyrex from the thrift store for a few years. I know it’s a trendy thing to collect pyrex these days, but I’m solidly on that bandwagon because it’s so useable!  I use my pieces almost every day – they’re so pretty and so practical at the same time.  That said, I’m trying to only buy pieces that I will actually use. I’m determined not to become a hoarder, so there have been times I’ve come across Pyrex pieces at the thrift store and passed them up because  I’m limiting myself to pieces in colors I use on a daily basis (mainly primary colors) or don’t already have (pink & turquoise). In other words, I’m not going to buy more harvest gold, just because it’s there.

Anyway, while I was there I hit a primary color jackpot. One booth had everything marked 50% off – including all of their vintage Pyrex pieces – which brought the prices back into the thrift-store price realm.  And there was some GREAT stuff, but as proof of my determination not to hoard, I left a lot of good stuff behind. Are you proud? My favorite find was bright yellow casserole with this Daisy lid.  Also a divided casserole in the same cheery yellow and the lid fits that as well.  A double bonus.

The Snowflake Blue is my new favorite pattern.  I only have one little Corelle saucer to hang on my wall, so this is a pattern I’ve been actually looking for. I found a great little casserole in perfect condition, plus the cutest little creamer. 
A little Colonial Mist baker. Okay, this wasn’t a real ‘need’ but I have a mixing bowl in this pattern and it’s one of my favorites.

And finally two mixing bowls.  The little yellow mixer is my favorite size for whipping up eggs in the morning – I use it every day. I’ve been looking for a piece of red Pyrex forever and a day and this is my first piece. So now I can rest easier in that elusive hunt.

And as further proof that these are the colors that speak to me right now: new goods from Target. Couldn’t resist.

Hope everyone has a happy summer week. Now back to the Olympics.


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    You got some lovely finds! I am particularly fond of Pyrex bowls, too. In fact, I was given a set 52 years ago at my wedding shower and I'm still using it. It's a set of three pink and white graduated bowls. Only one of the lids broke but some day I'll find a replacement. I collect creamers and you got a sweet one.

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    So pretty! Your post is timely for me as I've just now jumped on the Pyrex bandwagon. I will need to make mine practical pieces, because I just don't have enough room amongst all the fabric for much more!!

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    the lid on that dish is amazing. i love my vintage pyrex….also on that bandwagon….i have quite a few pieces. i started to phase out the plastic containers in my house…now i just buy them because i love them.

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    Beautiful Pyrex. (Most of my friends received it for wedding gifts 30 or 40 years ago. I didn't get married, and it never occurred to me to buy some for myself! Does that date me or what?!!!) A few months ago I did have to throw out a 1 guart measuring cup that I had for decades.

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    Wow! That's quite a haul! I've been eyeing a set of mixing bowls like that little yellow one that you have — but they're at an antique shop and they're pricey!

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    That little yellow mixing bowl is so handy! My mom has had it in red forever, and it's been in such constant rotation since her wedding in the 70s that it's not all that red anymore. :) Good stuff.

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    Ah yeah….rub it in that you aren't coming east this summer!;) Maybe I'll have to go to the Antique Emporium and look for Pyrex for you!:)

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    I didn't know that my wedding shower gifts are now vintage. 38 yrs ago I receivedmany different sets of the blue snowflake pattern. I still have all the nesting bowls and one baking pan. The rest lost their battle with the kids and a tile floor.

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    Yep anything 25 years old is now Vintage. Great bowls, good for anything. My DIL collects them too. I need to go on a Vintage shopping day again soon… last time a few of the shops were closed (day before the 4th of July). I like the blue and white too. My Pyrex wedding gifts were the Harvest pattern, I think.

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    Hi Amy! Fun post! I just started reading your blog and I loved seeing you visit Maryland! I live in Mount Airy and actually am a teacher with Frederick County Public Schools. I am going to have to check out the Emporium in Frederick! :-)

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    Oh this takes me back to my childhood, growing up in the 70's!! My mom had a set of oval casserole dishes with lids in avocado green – matched our kitchen!! Have fun collecting :-)

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    I'm a new Pyrex collector. My sister is responsible for this addiction! I should return the favor and get her into quilting! Great finds!!

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