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Mad About Patchwork
Today I have a new quilt shop to share with you as well as a fabulous giveaway.  
Mad About Patchwork is an online shop and located in Ontario, Canada, full of the latest colorful, contemporary fabric including brand new collections such as Denyse Schmidt’s Chicopee, Heaven and Helsinki by Patty Young, and Brrrr by Laurie Wisbrun. And Bella by Lotta Jansdotter is due next week!
Shot Cotton Sampler
Also available are a great selection of basics such as the Kaffe Fassett Collective, Shot Cottons, and Kona Solids.
Mad About Patchwork is giving away a very generous bundle of Violet Craft’s brand new collection  Madrona Road in the blue colorway to one of you awesome readers. I love this collection. That big yellow floral on the bottom right makes me a little swoony. There is also a very wonderful text print called Memoir as part of this collection.
To be entered to win this lovely bundle, take a quick visit to Mad About Patchwork and come back here telling me one of your favorite items in the shop.  One comment per person.  Please make sure I have a way to contact you if you should win!  Giveaway closes Monday, September 10 at midnight MST. GIVEAWAY CLOSED. Winner:

MBMathis said…
Can I say the entire Polka Dot Basics area? I looooovvvvveee polka dots – as seen in my blog header:

Or if I have to choose just one fabric is the Brandon Mably Cosmos Cobolt.

Thank you Mad About Patchwork! You can keep up with the latest happenings and arrivals on their blog or their Facebook page as well.


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    I love the To A Tee quilt kit. I really liked the way they had their fabric broken down into categories in the stash builder section, that could get me in lots of trouble!

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    There&#39;s a lot I like at Mad About Patchwork (and a lot I&#39;ve bought from there!), but my favourite might be the shot cotton. I did buy the shot cotton sampler that you&#39;ve got a photo of up there – so lovely! <br /><br />(clumsy(dot)chord@gmail(dot)com)

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    They have so many wonderful fabrics but this is the first time I&#39;ve seen Madrona Road and I&#39;ve fallen hard for it! It&#39;s not my typical style but maybe that&#39;s why I like it so much…

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    I love the Chicopee collection! My favorite being the Voltage Dot Black. Thanks for a chance to win this cute fabric! :)<br />bcgeates at netbistro dot com

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    I love the Bermuda Cows bundle and the Fly a Kite bundle but that&#39;s probably because I have baby quilts on the brain. And don&#39;t even get me started about Flea Market Fancy, talk about swoony!<br />Really enjoy your blog!

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    Just to name a few! – I love the Pepper: 12827, and the Heaven &amp; Helsinki line, and the Madrona Road: Farmstead (this one reminds me of my father-in-law&#39;s family farm in ND)<br />phloebs(at)gmail(dot)com

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    Tinsel Tree, with the black backgrounds! I love the birds and ornaments, and the Christmas Trees against black. Also the houses, and especially my favorite while polka dots on black! I use that kind of fabric all the time.

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    Love the O Tinsel Tree…fun traditional Christmas prints! I&#39;d be tickled to win this fun bundle. Perfect colors for the new bedroom we&#39;re finishing for our oldest daughter.

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    Finally! A Canadian giveaway…these are a rarity, that&#39;s for sure! :) I have this store on my list to visit when I head out that way. Love their City Green Kit – very sharp!

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    I love the Brrr! by Laurie Wisbrun. I really like how the colors pop on the finished &#39;Paw Paw&#39; quilt from Sew Take a Hike that was posted in Pinterest too! :)

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    Oh my goodness! How do you pick just one? I am getting two new Grand-babies in Feb. We don&#39;t know boys or girls yet. I love Urban Zoologie and Madrona Road for boy quilts and Chicopee for a girl! Thanks for the chance to win! I liked Mad About Patchwork on facebook and subscribed to their blog. Sooooooooooooooo excited!<br />

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    thanx for the intro to mad about patchwork! enjoyed the browse and was delighted to find a bundle of free spirit&#39;s &#39;chickopee&#39; that i really like!thanx for the chance to win some &#39;madronna road&#39;!

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    I love how easy the site is to navigate. <br />I&#39;m tempted to get some of the shot cottons for shirts for myself. They are a lovely light weight and great quality.<br />Thanks Amy<br />Hope to see you tomorrow at Sewing Sat.

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    i&#39;ve been coveting the hex&#39;n more ruler, and I see they sell it there! i may have to purchase it… i didn&#39;t know about this store in my province! i look forward to ordering from them soon :)

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    I really want some Chicopee. I have put it in a cart a few times, but have been unable to pull the trigger. Thanks!! I really love the Madrona Road.

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    I Love that it&#39;s from my home province! but I also love their stash building section. It&#39;s hard to find good online fabric stores in Canada that carry great fabric at great prices. I&#39;m happy to add another to my list!

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    I can&#39;t wait to get started on Christmas projects and the &quot;O&#39; Tinsel Tree&quot; collection is adorable! Thanks for a fun give-away and the introduction to a new shop!

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    Thanks for the chance to win. I&#39;m a new quilter and the shop looks great! I really love all the fabrics. Hmmm, as for my favorite… I really like the Urban Zooligie. Those chicks are sooo cute!<br /><br />I&#39;ll email you my email…

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    There are a lot of fabrics to like at Mad About Patchwork, and I&#39;m not sure I can choose 1 favorite. Something I really like are the bundles, and a couple that really looked interesting are Winter Fun (great collection of colors) and Red Holiday (love the red and whites!). Of course, Madronna Road is beautiful, too.

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    I am definitely in love with Chicopee. I told my hubby most lines, I may like them, but they aren&#39;t &quot;have to have&quot;. Chicopee, IS a have-to-have. HOping for it for an anniversary present. :) Thanks for the chance!

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    So many cute things @ Mad About Patchwork. I love the &quot;Delighted Dresden&quot; pillow kit. That is a quilt block I have wanted to try. Just the right size, a pillow, to try the block and see if I want to tackle a larger project. I also love the price for the kit.

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    Metro Living Ivory in the sale section and of course Chicopee. Thanks for the chance, this fabric is awesome for a manly quilt which is what I want to make, for my Dad, he is 80 this year!

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    I have ordered from Mad About Patchwork in the past. Pam is wonderful and her service is the best! <br />My favorite fabric in her shop right now is probably Brrrr. I am saving up to buy some before the holidays!

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    I love the shot cottons, especially the berry bundle. Thanks for a new fabric source, and a beautiful fabric giveaway!<br />ellen(at)myerly(dot)net

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    I love the website, blog and online shopping! The website store has some beautiful and inspirational fabrics, kits, quilts, books and notions! The clearance and sale items are awesome with great price discounts!<br />I would love to win this giveaway!<br />Blessings and Namaste&#39;<br />from<br />Debra J Webb<br /><br />

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    I really do like Madrona Road. The blue pickup truck takes me back to my childhood on a dairy farm with hay fields, Jersey cows, and my dad&#39;s pickup (but it was red.) Thank you for sponsoring the giveaway.

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    Thank you so much for showcasing a fellow Canadian! A great site &amp; so much to adore. Being here &quot;up north&quot;, I love the &quot;Brrrr&quot; line…I collect polar bear items &amp; this fabric is to die for! Thanks for a chance at the give-away.

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    It&#39;s a toss up between the Chicopee Bundle and Flea Market Fancy Bundle.<br />I also really liked the Candy Dish Pillow Pattern. <br /><br />I was lucky to buy some fabric from them when they were at Quilt Canada here in Halifax this past spring. <br /><br />Alexis<br />frogsarecool at gmail dot com

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    What a nice shop! Thanks for linking to it!<br />I love everything and it&#39;s hard to pick 1 thing but I like her prices and her selections, especially O Tinsel Tree :)<br />Peggy in NJ

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    I really love the selection of Kona bundles she has available. I think the variety is desirable in an online shop. Thanks for sharing it with us…and thanks for a chance to enter the giveaway.

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    I am a beginner and I&#39;ve been eyeing the &quot;sunday morning quilts&quot; book. Since I&#39;m new, I&#39;m working with tons of scraps from other projects…This bundle would be a great first &quot;real&quot; quilt :0)…thanks!

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    I love the brrr!,o’tinsel tree,kona bundles and die cuts, remix, stash builders – kona sky spectrum. Thank you for the giveaway..<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

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    I am a beginner and I&#39;ve been eyeing the &quot;sunday morning quilts&quot; book. Since I&#39;m new, I&#39;m working with tons of scraps from other projects…This bundle would be a great first &quot;real&quot; quilt :0)…thanks!

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    Well, I already bought the Mona dark FQ bundle and a colour card. I would love to get some of the shot cottons, but many are out of stock – so I guess I&#39;ll just keep &quot;stalking&quot; her site.

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    Chicopee all the way! Love Denyse Schmidt. This this GORGEOUS yellow and blue fabrics from Violet Craft is verrrry tempting.<br /><br />Thanks for the great giveaway. Please count me in.

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    I love Flea Market and all the shot cotton:):) great site, I will definetly order from them! Thanks for the chance for a great giveaway!

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    I really like the Chicopee fat quarter bundle in cool colours – so lovely. Thanks for the giveaway &amp; for the introduction to Mad About Patchwork.

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    Oh, I seriously love the blue colorway of Madrona road! and the giveaway ends on my birthday, maybe that makes it extra lucky for me? thanks for the great giveaway! {I&#39;d love to try those shot cottons someday, too}

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    What a great site at Mad About Patchwork! So many fabric selections!! One <br />new item that I just want to get is the Hex N More ruler. I could really<br />use that!! Thanks for the chance to win!<br /><br />wigglypup2(at)yahoo(dot)com

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    I saw Madrona Road: Wild Carrot Blue in your blog and decided I needed to take a closer look. I thought I liked it but after looking more closely at it @ &quot;Mad About Patchwork&quot; and now know I LOVE it! The collection is super but that is my favorite fabric in the line.

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    I like the Candy Dish pillow pattern by Jaybird Quilts. I also like the Aqua Red color story from Michael Miller and Chicopee by Denyse Schmidt (sorry, couldn&#39;t pick just one!)

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    Hiya! I don&#39;t like just items, I like the categories. Pre-Cuts &amp; Bundles and Odds &amp; Ends are 2 of my favorites. I like pre=cuts for the ease of use, and I always need things from the odds and ends section. But my favorite??? Has to be the Stash Builders—I mean, more fabric is always better, right??? Thanks for having the giveaway and introducing me to a new shop (just what my

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    Thanks for the fabulous giveaway and for introducing me to Mad about Patchwork. I popped over to their site…I love that they offer books and rulers and patterns in addition to fabric. I&#39;ll definitely be checking them out again. Madrona Road is a favorite…..can&#39;t wait to get my hands on it.

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    Mad About Patchwork has some cute fabrics. I love how they&#39;ve bundled the Shot Cottons, The Shot Cotton Sampler is pretty cool, having all those selections. Although I must admit, my favorite collection is the Madrona Road. I&#39;ve been in love with it from the very first time I saw it. Reading the story makes it extra special. I would love to have this collection. Each piece is so

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    So awesome! The three prints I have from it are all from the other colorway, I&#39;ll keep my fingers crossed! I love their shot cotton bundles, especially the warm one.

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    I&#39;m glad to know this shop because I&#39;m from Quebec … I really like the Brrr Sooo Cute collection !!<br />Thank you for this giveaway.

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    I really like that there isn&#39;t so many things to look at that you get totally sidetracked or forget what your looking for. I am loving Madrona Road collection at the moment. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    The best thing about the Mad About Patchwork site was clicking on Brrr! and finding you not only got to see the fabric, but could link to a Pinterest board with ideas on what to do with the fabric. I love this!

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    Madrona Road is on the top of my list. I also like the way the site is set up, it is very fresh looking and easy to use. Thank you for letting me know about this store!

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    I like the Brrr collection a lot! And Madrona Road…..something different about both of them I haven&#39;t seen for a while….the website is very easy to navigate which I really like too. Thanks for the giveaway!<br />

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    Thanks for a great Canadian giveaway…I love this shop especially all the Kona cottons including all the juicy new colours. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great package.<br />

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    I really like the fact that they have so many colors in the Kona Solids line – man, is it ever hard to find a really good selection all in one place!<br />Thanks for the opportunity to win!<br /><br />

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    I love Chicopee right now. I&#39;m getting ready to move and would LOVE to decorate my living room with some things made with this collection! I also love the Farmstand print from Madrona Road. Reminds me of my childhood out in the country too.

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    Andalucia! Want the Tumblers!!! That is such cooool Fabrics!! (am droooooling….)<br /><br />Saw alot of fabrics I love too….love the Colors! Prints! ALL of &#39;em!<br /><br />Thanks for chance to win some too! :)

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    I have ordered from Mad About Patchwork several times and just love their Kona bundles. Madrona Road looks so pretty, if I don&#39;t win I will probably order the set!

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    Great shop! I especially love that you can order 1/4 yd cuts!<br />Love the Madrona Road collection. Great colors! The Zoologie is adorable! The Chicopee Paisley is lovely too!

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    Come on, we all know the most awesome is madrona road! Just love it! Oh! And how cute is o tinsel tree too? I&#39;ve been enjoying your blog for a few weeks now, and it&#39;s great! I work at a cutting counter at a Joann fabrics, and am looking to do my first quilt!

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    The text prints are super cute! I also like some of the Chicopee prints, and the Pepper collection – black and white is one of my faves!<br />Anne Simonot<br />

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    I adore the soon to come Bella by Lotta Jansdotter for Windham! I hope to design a yellow and gray quilt for my bedroom soon, and some of those patterns would be just perfect for it.

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    I would love the shot cotton and Essex linen fabrics – desperately need some basics in the very rapidly dwindling stash…fingers crossed for the giveaway! Thanks!

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    My favorite thing in the shop is the Hex n More ruler – this is at the top of my wish list as far as needs (well maybe things I want besides fabric) goes.<br /><br />Thank you<br /><br />sandyb720 at gmail dot com

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    I searched this site and there was lots to love!!! But if I had to pick just one, it would be Madrona Road. Those colors (blues, yellows) are right up my alley. They made me smile,and of course I love that old truck! I also love anything Denyse Schmidt does so Chicopee would be a close second!

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    I love the Brrr! Bundle! I am dreaming of the holidays and snuggling up under a big blanket with a cup of coffee…the weather has finally turned into a fall crispness this weekend :)

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    I am totally in love with Winterkist so I love that the shop is expecting that to arrive. I would love to buy this whole range, just need to find a money tree!!

  66. says

    Ooh, great shop! I really love their thematic Stash Building section. Such great themes and color ideas. I love the polka dots and sunshine bundles. Thanks for the great find!

  67. says

    I love all kind of fabrics. But this time, I really adore the candy dish cushion pattern. It&#39;s terrific.<br /><br /><br />

  68. says

    I love the pepper collection and the black and white section. Fabric colors are beautiful for quilts, but sometimes it&#39;s fun to use black and white enhancing the designs!

  69. says

    Honestly, I LOVE that fabric! That would be my favorite thing :) But I searched the site anyway– what a great online resource! I would also love to get the &quot;Crumb&quot; pattern :)<br /><br />Thanks so much for the giveaway!<br />~robin<br />

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