Garden Quilt Show

In honor of Labor Day, marking the end of summer and a rest from your labors, here is some quilt-inspiration from an annual local garden/quilt show.
Sadly I did a poor job of documenting the names or makers of the quilts we saw (due in part to dodging scattered raindrops, and in part to keeping track of the 3 hoodlums I’d brought with me), but I’ll mention the ones I do know. Top right is called Crossroads made by Ann Lewis.
The middle and top left quilt is called Vintage Rouge and made by Meridy Palmer.

 Gerbera Daisy by Sharon Budge. Love it! Another great use for a Dresden/wedge ruler.

Left is Wash Day by Ann Lewis, center amazing applique and quilting by a talented quilter whose name I did not record, and bottom right is Higdon Camp by Ann Lewis as well. And you’re probably familiar with that Union Jack quilt.

And my hooligans, who cheerfully came with me since their dad and older sister were at a football game.  It helped that I could bribe them, knowing there would be ice cream available.

Happy day off!


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    Beautiful quilts! Kids and ice cream always worked for me :) I used to joke that my girls didn't need lots of entertainment on vacations – just give them some ice cream and a swimming pool and they were happy :)

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    The best way to keep hooligans happy! we called it I-C-E-C. It didn't take long for our kids to learn what that spelled. Love seeing the Quilts outdoors. I'd choose to go to a quilt show anyday over a football game!

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