Jennifer Paganelli and Happy Home

I begin this post with the highly biased disclaimer that I am a huge Jennifer Paganelli fan. I love her bold, cheerful color palette, her sense of style, and her lovely real-life personality. I had the chance to meet her at Market in Salt Lake City last year and she was so fun and so genuine. 

So when I was given the chance to review her latest book Happy Home I jumped at the opportunity.  I have a copy of Jennifer’s book Girl’s World and Happy Home definitely lives up to the precedent set there.  The book contains 21 sewing and craft projects, this time focused on home decor and celebrations, including pillows, bedding, bags, and party decor.  The book comes with full-size patterns in a handy pocket. I personally think the book is worth buying for the inspirational photography alone – the vibrant colors and gorgeous textiles will inspire you to create beautiful things to freshen up your own home.

If you want to see Jennifer’s personality for yourself, as well as the creative process as she creates the designs for her fabric collections (not to mention a glimpse of her huge collection of vintage textiles), you will love this short video.
I’m also happy to be able to share a copy of Happy Home with one of you readers! Just leave a comment at the end of this post. One per person, please. Make sure to leave a way that I can contact you if you win.  Giveaway closes Sunday, September 16 at midnight MST. Giveaway CLOSED.


WOO HOO….would LOVE to win this book!!!!


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    I think it is wonderful that you would share a copy of that book. I love the colors and would love to try a pillow or two from her. Thanks for the opportunity and for a great blog!<br />Amy<br />fat4addict at yahoo dot com

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    I have my whole house decorated in neutrals, but I would love my craft room to be that bright and bold and inviting. DH can&#39;t deny me that room. I think I can still take the ideas from the book and use them in the rest of my house, just the colors will be a bit of DH&#39;s taste.

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    Thanks for a link to the video! I love technology, years ago you would only see a picture of designers. Now, with the internet, you learn so much about designers and feel like they are a real person. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    Doesn&#39;t Jennifer just design the happiest fabrics? You can see the joy she puts into every print she creates. I watched the video a few weeks ago and loved to see her design process.<br /><br />Needless to say, I would love to win her book and know that it would inspire me to make many of her projects.Thanks for the opportunity.

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    OMG – the video was amazing! You&#39;re right, she&#39;s very down to earth and inspirational! If I don&#39;t win this, I&#39;m still going to buy the book! Thanks so much for sharing this great designer!<br />

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    This looks like a lovely book! If I win, I will share it with my niece who is interested in improving her sewing and is enjoying decorating her new home.

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    What a beautiful book! I will shamelessly share why I would like it.<br /><br />I have just finished treatment for breast cancer. I am so very thankful to be a survivor! My dear children, to help me move on with life just purchased a sewing machine for me. I am so excited to explore the joys of sewing–and this book–looks perfect!

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    love her too! I was looking everywhere for a fabric and then found it was one of hers and out of print. I&#39;ll just have to watch for when they are new so I don&#39;t miss one again!

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    Every day a special word or phrase comes to mind and weaves its way throughout my daily thought process. Today it&#39;s &quot;thoughtful consideration.&quot; I especially enjoyed the video clip you attached featuring Ms. Paaganelli. Jennifer&#39;s use of fresh, playful colors and her whimsical charm inspire this wishful reader to want more!

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    Oh I would love to win! We have moved almost every year I have been married and I hope to stay where we are for many years now. I can finally decorate without feeling like it is a waste of time because it will all be coming down in such a short time. This would be fun to use in that endeavor! <br />lklebs1 at yahoo dot com

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    I watched the video… Jennifer Paganelli is inspiring! I Would love her new book! I just want to sit in her creating room and stare at all of the 2,000 different vintage fabric. How would that be? Totally awesome!

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    The book loos lovely and gives great ideas to give a pop of colour to make Home more Happy. Thank You for a great giveaway. Luba<br /><br />

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    Gorgeous book! So fresh and &#39;ready for spring&#39;! I&#39;d love to win a copy….will keep me busy during the following months at home as I face some treatment…

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    It&#39;s one thing to read a blog, or visit someone&#39;s website or even a book… how delightful, though, to watch that little video, to hear about creation in her own voice… thanks for sharing, and for the opportunity to possibly win that lovely book!

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    Oh how beautiful is that video! Thank you to Jennifer. Yes, I would love this book and if I don&#39;t win I will buy it. I need some of her fabrics too. I like her simple patterns and bold colors. This is a book I will use! Thank you

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    I LOVE those colors too! I used to get teased by my friends when I was in high school because hot pink and turquoise weren&#39;t the THING in &#39;89. So good to see they are now!

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    Thanks for the giveaway &amp; I would sure like to take-away the book while your feeling so generous to give-away. Makes great reading at nite to wake-up &amp; start crafting!<br /><br />

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    I&#39;ve been eyeing this book for awhile now and would love to own one! Anything inspired by Jennifer is bright, cheery and happy. Thanks for the opportunity !<br />

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    I can&#39;t wait to get my hands on this book. I&#39;m moving into a new (to me) home later this month….It will be a very happy home with or without the book, but I&#39;m sure it would look happier with a few of those projects! Thanks for the fab giveaway!

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    I love the shot on the video where it pans out and shows her with all her stash behind her – I t must be heaven to work in a space like that! I would love to win this book!! Thanks for the chance.

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    I bought Girls&#39; World not long after it came out and my little girls were wearing new dresses shortly thereafter. This book would find a very loving home with me. I can&#39;t wait to discover what lies beneath the cover.

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    I&#39;d love to win the book! I&#39;m a Jennifer fan not just because of her fabric, but also because she named one of her fabrics Siobhan. Obviously she has great taste. 😉

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    It looks like a great book!<br />I loved watching that video – what an interesting process! I would love to work in an environment like hers, so full of light and colour. What a beautiful, classy and inspirational lady she is :)

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    I would be delighted to win this book! So many gorgeous projects to let your creativity run wild! I&#39;m mad about the tote since i&#39;m in need of something so dramatic :-).

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