Magnetic Travel Pin Case tutorial

Today I am guest-posting on the lovely blog Tea Rose Home, sharing a quick and easy tutorial for a magnetic pin holder, perfect for all that sewing on the go.

I tend to do a lot of sewing in the car (when I’m not the driver, obviously), whether on long road trips, or even just binding a quilt on the 40 minute drive to my parents’ home on Sunday evenings. But I have a bad habit of leaving pins strewn about the front passenger seat. So I finally came up with a portable pin holder to keep track of my pile of pins. A simple method for magnetizing it makes it that much more effective at corralling any strays. Hopefully no more carpool kids wondering why the heck our ghetto well-loved van door has a bunch of pins inside.
Tea Rose Home
To see the full tutorial visit me today at Tea Rose Home.  You might just find tons of other inspiring ideas from the very talented and incredibly sweet Sachiko.


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    Very cute! Now I know what to do to cover that ugly top. I have three of these altoid containers floating around. I use those old magnets that business cards are printed on, cut the shape of the base, and glue with elmers glue to the inside of the altoid container. No worry about stronger magnets. :)

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