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A really nice weekend here. A combination of time with extended family Friday night and Sunday night and a Saturday with next to nothing on the calendar (SO rare) made for a perfect combination.  Since our Saturday was not as crazy as usual, I forced myself to get out into the yard and clip back all my dying flowers (I’m so sick of yard work by this time of year.) But that evening I also had time to work on tidying-up my sewing room (made even better by watching Anne of Green Gables with my 11-yr-old) and catching up on some quilt blocks.

These blocks are part of the Bloggers Block of the Month from Canton Village Quilt Works. I contributed a block back in February. You can see my last round of activity here.  I haven’t made any all summer, so it felt good to catch up! The block above is month Block 9 by Cabbage Quilts.

And here they are so far. The blocks have a finished measurement of 8″.  Tomorrow block 13 will be divulged and then next month Jackie will share her assembly of all the blocks. I love seeing the different versions of the same block – it’s cool to see the different personalities they assume, depending on the fabrics, colors, etc.  One of my favorite parts of quilting – the endless possibilities.


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    The blocks are so pretty!<br />I&#39;m a City Quilter fan, also. Lucky for me, I can take the train into NYC and just walk a few blocks. I&#39;m spoiled!

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    It sounds like you had a perfect weekend.<br />It is finally cooling enough that I can work on our property.<br />It seems I spend every waken moment out there. :0)<br />Your blocks are so sweet. I love your color combinations!!<br />Have a great week. Love ya! Trish<br />ps. Anne of Green Gables is one of my very favorite movies!!<br />Since my middle name is spelled &quot;Anne&quot;, Woody

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    These are just beautiful, love the different blocks, the lovely fabrics and how you&#39;ve combinded them. I agree about the yard work…hard to stay motivated, especially now that the leaves have started to drift down over everything…much more fun to make quilt blocks!

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    Absolutely gorgeous!! Those tiny alphabet letters are divine! Do you know the name of hte line/manufacturer or where I could find some? Thanks!

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