Red, Pink and Aqua Half Square Triangles

A recent finish. (I feel like I’m on a roll. Maybe because the kids are back in school?) This one is a baby quilt sample made for the shop where I used to work, American Quilting. I used the left over squares from this quilt to create a bunch of half-square triangle blocks.

This quilt includes a bunch of Aneela Hoey prints from her Sherbert Pips and Walk in the Woods collection.  I loved using the little blue bird print for the quilt backing and it looked even cuter when it came out of the wash soft and crinkled.  The bias binding is also from her recent A Walk in the Woods collection.

The quilt measures 40″ x 40″. Kits are available for this quilt at American Quilting in Orem, Utah.  The kits contain 64 6″ squares and fabric for the bias binding and cost $40.  Back requires an additional 1 1/4 yard. The quilt is called Scooter Baby and can be ordered by calling 801-802-7841.
If you’re looking for a similar pattern, you might want to check out this one by Amy Gibson. I love the versatility off half-square triangles!


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    Todaty I went to my first &quot;Beinners&#39; Quilters Course&quot; lesson. Perhaps one day I willl create something almost as wonderful as some of the quilts I see on your blog. <br />Carol xx

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    So sweet! I&#39;m just wondering if you could tell me if for a quilt like this, where you have red fabrics mixed with the lights, if you prewash the red so it doesn&#39;t bleed when you wash the finished quilt (including that red binding fabric). I&#39;m always so unsure about that.

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      If you use high-quality fabrics from the independent fabric shops, you should be safe without pre-washing. I washed this and even accidentally left it wet in the washing machine over night and had no bleeding. If you&#39;re using cheaper fabrics, I would pre-wash my reds.

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