The City Quilter, New York

It’s been a month already (time flies!) since our recent trip to NY but I still wanted to share my visit to The City Quilter, so that I can add it to the list of my favorite Quilt-y places to visit in NYC.

The City Quilter is located in the ‘Chelsea’ area of NY at 133 West 25th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues.  It’s just a few blocks south of the Garment/Fashion District. We were there on a Wednesday evening and it was hopping – the store was full of customers.

The shop has a large selection of fabrics including many of the latest collections by the major fabric manufacturers as well as a collection of Oriental prints and batiks.

Some collections, including the newest, are grouped together, but the majority of the bolts are grouped by color along a L O N G wall on one side of the store. Of the quilt shops I’ve visited in Manhattan (each has their niche), The City Quilter has the most bolts of fabric and the biggest variety.

There is also a selection of wool projects and kits
and a large selection of the latest quilting books.
Attached to the City Quilter is a small quilt gallery.  This amazing Dear Jane quilt wasn’t officially in the gallery, but close by.  Cool to see a traditional Dear Jane quilt created from batiks and other bright prints for an entirely different feel.
The City Quilter offers a large selection of classes, long-arm quilting services, and is a Bernina machine distributor.  It was great to finally get a peek inside. I’d tried once before a few years ago, but went on a Monday – their day off (the shop is closed.) Just FYI so that you don’t make the same mistake.

And of course I could not walk away empty handed.  I found a few odds and ends: a map of Paris by dear Stella, Crowns by MakowerUK, and an in house print of the Manhattan subway system. The girl who cut my fabric wisely warned me not to count on it as a reliable method of finding transportation routes (as the Bronx and Brooklyn kind of overlap in the repeats) but a perfect NYC souvenir nonetheless.


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    I live on Long Island but manage to get into The City every so often and one of my favorite places to shop is The City Quilter!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the photos – viewing them urges me to make another visit!!!

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    Oooh, I used to love to visit the City Quilter on my business trips, but back then they didn't have the little gallery next to it. The first time I visited TCQ was my first trip to NYC — I thought it would be a good idea to drive in to Manhattan after work one day. I'd driven in lots of big cities before, but NYC is a different animal! I finally found TCQ and turned at the nearest

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    Thanks for posting this! My little sister lives in North Jersey, not too far from a ferry to Manhattan. Next time I go up there to visit, I'm definitely going to schedule an excursion to the City Quilter!


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