Fall Foliage and Modern Maples

This past summer I received a little fat-eighth bundle of the Rubies collection from Michael Oakshott of Oakshott Cottons.  I’ve been petting and ogling them until I decided the perfect use for these pretties.(Oakshott will be offering free shipping from Oct 3rd until the 10th if that just makes them even more tempting.)
These fabrics are nothing short of gorgeous.  Shot cottons are created by using different thread colors in the warp and the weft during the weaving process. All of these are created with Ruby red thread one direction and a different colored thread going the other direction including yellows, greens, purples, etc. As a result the colors have so much depth and movement for ‘solids’. And they feel like silk.

Last week we performed one of my favorite autumn rituals – driving up the local canyon near our home into the mountains on what is called “The Alpine Loop.”

 The color was even more spectacular than I’ve remembered it in recent years.

We always end at one of my favorite spots, Cascade Springs.

Every year I try to take charming pictures of my children in the awe-inspiring setting, but usually they turn out like this.

Or this. Oh well.

I try to remind myself that it captures our ‘reality’/personality with a more inspiring backdrop than the messy family room at home.

Seeing all of this vibrant color provided the perfect inspiration for that stack of Rubies.
I pulled out my copy of Pretty in Patchwork: Holidays compiled by John Adams. (I love this book!) and used Amanda’s Modern Maples pattern.  The blocks come together so quickly! I love it.

My progress so far.  I’m using an Essex linen/cotton blend as the back ground. (I think it’s natural, but it might be darker.) I’m so antsy to keep going on this one! Then I’ll have a permanent reminder of my favorite season.


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    Gorgeous photos. I was reading an article last week about how it&#39;s been the perfect weather this fall where I live for creating spectacular colour changes – must be the same where you&#39;re at too!<br /><br />The quilt is going to be so lovely too. Those fabrics are to die for, aren&#39;t they?

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    I can totally understand the need for the petting and ogling – those fabrics are drop dead gorgeous! Some day…<br /><br />And such a beautiful fall drive!!!

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    Fall in PC has had the yellows and reds together this year. Last year the reds were well before the yellows and the colors were best at the end of Oct not the beginning. <br />Love your choice of fabrics for that block. <br />

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    those blocks are just lovely.<br />and the real fall foliage? <br />wow. just wow!<br />fall in utah is amazing.<br />ask me how bitter i am about living in arizona.<br />cactus? <br />blah.

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    Fall is my favourite season if only for those spectacular colours. Thanks for sharing yours – the PNW doesn&#39;t &quot;turn&quot; the way other areas do. Loving your modern maples too.

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    Your fall photos are awesome &amp; your &#39;reality&#39; one&#39;s too! Love it! That&#39;s how my family takes pictures too! The Rubies collection is perfect for the maple leaf design! Love those colors!

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    Gorgeous photos, and what a beautiful way to welcome autumn!! I need to get that patchwork book. I have some vintage maple blocks that I haven&#39;t decided what to do with them, so this is perfect! Thanks! xo Heather

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    So lovely…perfect choice :) I loved the Alpine Loop so much when we visited up there; it seems to change the higher up you go. So much beauty! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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      I&#39;m often jealous of scenery so I can&#39;t say if it is normal or not, but you aren&#39;t alone :)<br /><br />Amy,<br />The scenery shots are breathtaking and the kids, adorable. That pattern with those fabrics will be amazing!

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    Ooh! pretty! I&#39;m excited to see the finished blocks all together. Also, love Alpine loop. Seriously breathtaking. <br />Xoxo<br />April

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    Hi Amy – I&#39;ve been enjoying your blog for the last month or so. Your photos in this post remind me of the Alpine Loop between Telluride and Ridgeway, Colorado. Are you nearby? I won&#39;t stalk you, just glad to know there&#39;s another quilter who enjoys these gorgeous mountains!<br />Chris in Durango

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