I’ve been on an adventure

Just checking in briefly. I don’t like to publicize the fact that I’ll be gone for a few days (not at home to protect my children and fabric stash), so thanks to the magic of pre-scheduled posts all appeared to be ‘same-old-same-old’ around here. But I’ve been away on an adventure.
My husband had business travel that took him to Geneva, Switzerland this past week and I got to tag a long! Since our flight connections just happened to be in Paris, we thought it would be a decent place to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary for a couple of days in the process. And it turned out we were right. We got home this afternoon and I’m already starting to pinch myself wondering if it was all a just a dream – a whirlwind of Renaissance painters and flying buttresses and people speaking French.
Maybe I’m in a crepe-induced coma. Or it could just be the crazy jet lag.  
So I’ll share more once I’ve had some time to process the memories and pictures and conquer the mountain of laundry that lies before me.


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    Yeah! I can't think of anything better than eating a warm crepe with nutella and bananas while staring up at the Eiffel Tower, except of course, sharing it with a great guy! Congrats! Hope it was an anniversary you'll cherish for years to come!

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    I&#39;m in Geneva! Come and visit! What a totally blissful thought to dream of sharing a cup of tea, and a chat. Or is it too late already and you are gone? The city is beautiful, despite all the local quilt shops having pretty much shut… <br /><br />Juliet (an Anglo-Swiss)

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      Oh no! I am already home. That would have been so much fun to have had a visit and a local tour guide! But I will remember if I ever get a chance to go back!! You are so sweet to think of me. I&#39;m sorry about the local quilt shops shutting… :(<br /><br />Thanks for your sweet offer!

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    First of all, congrats on such a wonderful way to celebrate 15 years, but you crack me up – how do your kids feel about being lumped in with the stash in the category of things to protect? 😉 Good idea, though – I could be someone you need to protect that stash from!! I&#39;ve got enough kids, though………. 😉

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    How wonderful. I was in Paris last year and just loved it, from the Mona Lisa to the Eiffel tower to the Arc de Triomphe. Enjoy the memories.

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    Paris, Paris Paris!!! My favourite place on earth! I went there last in 2011 and I can&#39;t forget it. I am so upset too that I missed a really cool patchwork shop by about a block! Just a few blocks from my hotel, walked down the street and just did not go down that smaller street by one block!Sigh! Will I ever get back there? Probably not. But I will always have my two visits there. Glad you

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      No way! I didn&#39;t even think to look for Patchwork shops in Paris, but that would have been a fun discovery! Do you have the address? Just in case I go back again before another 19 years has gone by…

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    Paris quilt shops that I know about: Most well known – Le Rouvray, 6 Ru des Grandes Degres, off the Quai de la Tournelle. On the left Bank, 5th Arr. The road is almost exactly opposite the bridge, the Pont de l&quot;Archeche that connects the Ille de la Citie to the left bank where the Museum for the Deportation of the Jews are,(very sad place , went to see it;breakes one &#39;s heart)and it is

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      Wow! We were right near there. Augh. That would have been so fun. Well, now I know for next time. :) I&#39;m going to add that info to my Paris post so other people can find it too! Thanks so much for the info!

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