Quilt Show in a Barn

A couple of weekends ago I was able to visit a semi-annual quilt show at a beautiful old estate outside of Salt Lake City.  I’ve gone before and look forward to it every other year. The estate itself is gorgeous and the beautiful weather that weekend made it even better.

This weekend I am away at the Sewing Summit and so I will leave you with some pictures of beautiful quilts in a pretty setting to keep you entertained while I am gone.
It’s called “Quilt Show in Barn” but this is a pretty posh barn.

While there I was able to meet some very nice blog readers. I loved it! Thanks again to you nice ladies for coming to say hi and introduce yourselves! I love when that happens.

The barn is the home of some very adorable Shetland ponies. It was very gracious of them to give up their home for a day. They didn’t seem too put out.  There were also some charming rabbits hopping around. I had a difficult time capturing them with the camera, but you might be able to spot one in the picture below.

I am enjoying my time at the Sewing Summit in Salt Lake City. I feel so lucky that it is close to home so that I can be here. I’m feeling inspired, if not slightly sleep-deprived. I have very minimal computer access while I’m here, so I will check in with more details next week as well as announce winners of the giveaway.  Happy weekend!


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    Oh my goodness! Now that we live out west, I'd really love to catch this the next time they run it. Do you know more information about the show/sponsors so I can try to find a way to know when they're doing it again?

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    Oh my goodness – what an amazing location for a quilt show! And the quilts are so gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing!<br />mummyquilts.blogspot.com<br />mummyquilts@gmail.com

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    What a beautiful estate and the quilts are gorgeous! Do you know where the quilts are from? I wish I could have gone but I was looking after grandchildren that day :)

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