Christmas Stocking Tutorial

Hello friends! Today I’m going to show you a simple method for making scrappy Christmas stockings. They’re quick and super easy (I promise) and a great way to use up your favorite fabrics or scraps. Using fat quarters, mine finished at 17″ x 6″.  You could enlarge the pattern and make the stockings any size you like, using the same method.

I used a bunch of gorgeous Art Gallery Fabrics from various collections including their Oval ElementsPure ElementsIndie and Rhapsodia

Fabric requirements (per stocking):
  • Lining – 1 Fat Quarter
  • Backing – Fat Quarter
  • Front – assorted fabric strips
  • Batting scrap 9″ x 20″

Stocking template here (part 1) and here (part 2).

Cut out pattern and trace two lining pieces (facing opposite directions) from one fat quarter.
Gather 15-18 fabric strips at least 8″-9″ long and various widths.
Trim batting scrap to slightly larger than the stocking pattern.
“Audition” fabric strips in the order you like before you start sewing.  Remove strips except middle two strips, but keep them in the planned order.
Place middle strip in place on the batting and pin adjacent strip right sides together. 
Sew strips together (and to batting) using 1/4″ seam allowance. If you have a walking foot, I suggest using it. Press strips open.
Continue adding fabric strips using the same method of sewing right sides together, then press open. (Pressing will help keep your fabric strips neat.)  When all strips are sewn to batting you can quilt by stitching over the fabric strips at whatever density you prefer. I just eyeball the lines using the stripes as my guide 
Lay stocking pattern over quilted piece and cut stocking front trimming off 1″ at the top. Cut a backing piece facing the opposite direction from the front also minus 1″ from the top.  You will now have a front, back and two lining pieces. 

Match up the pieced front with a lining right sides together (toes pointing the same direction) and a back and lining piece right sides together.  Sew top edges together using 1/4″ seam allowance. Press seams open.  Match up two new pieces with lining pieces right sides together and front/back right sides together. Sew all the way around matched pieces using a 1/4″ seam allowance and leaving a 4″ opening in the lining.

Before turning right sides out, trim fabric close to seam allowance on the lining pieces and clip curves of the outside portion of the stocking. Turn right side out and topstitch lining gap closed.  Tuck stocking lining inside the stocking, leaving the top of the lining sticking up 1/4″ to create contrasting trim. Carefully shape and press the stocking, esp the top edge (see below).

To create a hanging loop, cut a scrap 1.5″ x 6″. Fold in half and crease. Open and fold sides into the crease. Press. Fold in half again and top stitch open sides closed.  Fold loop in half and pin to the inside of the back seam of the stocking. Sew it in place at the same time you top-stitch the top edge of the stocking. I top stitch at the top and bottom of the ‘trim’ to give it a finished look.
And that’s it! You’re done.  You could even do the same pattern and just make ‘solid’ fronts for your stockings.  
This tutorial was originally on  Art Gallery Fabrics blog as part of the series of tutorials from the Fat Quarter Gang. 
make your own Christmas stocking using fabric scraps


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    I like keeping up on facebook best, but also use many of the other options too. Thanks for a great tutorial! It's perfect for the sewing project at Hopeful Threads this month!

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    Cute stockings!!! I love non-traditional colors for Christmas.<br />I subscribe to the AGF blog and follow them on Twitter. Thanks for the stocking tutorial and the chance to win.

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    Great stocking tutorial! My favourite way to follow is with bloglovin&#39;, but I follow with twitter, facebook &amp; google too. Bloglovin&#39; just makes it so easy. Thanks for the chance to win.

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    I just took a break from Using Up my full bundle of Rhapsodia and Elements, which I love! I sure would love a similar refill of art gallery fabrics! I follow agf in blogger and by email subscription. My birthday is on the 16&#39;th so I hope my number comes up :^D

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    I follow AGF everywhere. A bit of a social media stalker. I get a good laugh out of their videos they post on You tube. Love your little stocking and the palette of colours you chose.

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    I love your stockings… especially because they are in non-traditional colour scheme!! I think that I need to update some stockings in our home and will follow your tute… thanks!!

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    I follow them in my Google reader. That way I am sure not to miss a post. I also love to read their post on Facebook, but don&#39;t always see them. <br /><br />Great stocking! Love the fabrics.<br />Sandy A

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    I am really liking the introduction of aqua as a Christmas color. I have a pattern with presents and some fat quarters in red, aqua and green that I am itching to stitch up into a large lap size quilt. These stockings may be just the ticket to do a smaller project and still slake my color combo thirst!

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    Oh, my favorite way is with Pinterest. I love Organize It! I do follow their blog with Google Reader and I&#39;m a follower of yours, too. :)

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    I follow on Facebook. Thanks so much for this tutorial! I am SO doing this for my children – today! I live in Germany and they don&#39;t have the whole stocking thing at Christmas – so only my hubby and myself have stockings! My little ones MUST have some of these! I&#39;m smitten! Thanks also for the giveaway!

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    I &#39;connect&#39; best with creative elements and minds on Pinterest @ sowing stitches. Sometimes I&#39;ve been known to get lost on Twitter and Facebook before I ever arrive at my destination. <br /><br />sowingstitches [at] gmail [dot] com

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    I follow AGF on Facebook and Pinterest. I love the stocking tutorial!! I had a brand new great niece born yesterday and I&#39;m definitely using this to make her a cute stocking for Christmas!

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    I want some christmas stockings! The kids have grown and gone, so the decorations have been gone for a few years, but this year I want it back since I just moved into my first house ever! I want to expand my &quot;likes&quot; in colors and design as I tend to be very &quot;tailored&quot; in what I do…nothing out of the box…so I&#39;d love to start with these fat quarters!<br />quiltingnanny@

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    I love these stockings. AFG is awesome and the fabric is superior. Thank you for sharing. I follow them in all places but my favorite is facebook.<br /><br />Thank you<br /><br />sandyb720 at gmail dot com

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    Since I don&#39;t Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, it&#39;s great that I can follow AGF with RSS Owl. Thanks for the chance to win! And I love your stocking tutorial. How did you know I need to make three stockings before Christmas?!

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    I follow them on pinterest. What a lovely collection of fabrics! I&#39;ve never purchased any Art Gallery fabrics, but I admire them constantly. Right now I&#39;m not allowed to buy fabric until Jan so winning this bundle would be fantastic!

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    I&#39;m not entering the competition, but just wanted to say what a lovely day me, my sister and my 5 month old niece have had making this Christmas stocking. Feeling so happy and festive. Ho Ho Ho!

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