Really? It’s November?

Today was a Sewing Saturday with the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild. I used the opportunity to solicit some input on my modern maples. I used an Essex linen/cotton blend for the back ground and I’ve run out and haven’t had success matching it. I’ve been playing with layouts using what I’ve got, but I’d like to to be bigger, so I think I’ll make one more effort to get the right match. sigh. One day I’ll learn to write down the colors of the solids I order. But it was nice to have the talented guild ladies give me some good input for fall-back plans.

And now a few public service announcements.

Anyone else in disbelief that it is officially November?!? Me too. Which means it is officially time to start making Christmas presents!  I’ve got a few places where you can get some good inspiration:

Sukie is hosting a party featuring projects from a new book, Ruby Star Wrappingby Melody Miller and  Allison Tannery. You can find out all the details, list of upcoming projects, etc. here:

Ruby Star Wrap-Along
The Holiday Bake, Craft & Sew along has started on Skip To My Lou and goes through the month of November. You can also find projects and recipes from years past.
Holiday Craft Along Banner
And in case you’d rather polish your procrastination skills and distract yourself with pretty images and interviews from Quilt Market in Houston last week instead, you may want to check out this video by Creativebug:

That’s enough hodgepodge for now, but hopefully there’s something to get your mojo inspired. Or you can keep living in denial like me.


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    Hi Amy<br />I love your blog, its always full of beautiful inspiration, I just wanted to tell you that today I finished my union Jack quilt that I first saw on your blog, I have some blocks on my blog but in a few days I will post about my finished quilt, I hope you might get time to stop by and check it out.

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    Hi Amy!! This will hopefully help on your colour dilemma- If you ordered the fabric online or from a store they should have a record of what you ordered, specifically what colour you ordered. Now if you can remember where you ordered from and maybe approximately when (depending on how much you order) then you may be one step closer to finding your correct shade!!! I hope that helps and I am in

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    I&#39;m sticking with total denial! Love your maple leaf quilt! I keep all of my fabric receipts in a notebook so that I can go back to them. It&#39;s not a fail-safe system, but quick and easy. I&#39;ve also started putting solids into bins labeled Kona, or Moda, or Free Spirit so they don&#39;t get all mixed up. HTH

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    Hey girlie….nice blog header and love the polka dot background!<br /><br />Yep…we put stickers with maker/style/color number on a lot of our basics and blenders for future reference. <br /><br />November…no….not yet….arrrghh!;)

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    I&#39;m in denial about everything this year. October was a total blur and November is shaping up to be more of the same. I REALLY can&#39;t believe Thanksgiving is just 2 weeks and 3 days away — Barf! Thanks for the video link — very interesting!

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    Ahhh, I am all too familiar with running out of a solid and not being abel to find the right match. Funny, when I saw pics of this quilt on IG I thought it was a lot smaller than it is. Love the colors, good luck with color matching.

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