Monday, December 3, 2012

16 Simple Handmade Christmas Gift tutorials

I'm having a hard time believing that December is really here. Which means, time to start brainstorming ideas for Christmas presents. So I put together a quick list of easy crafts and gifts you can make yourself. Many of these are my own tutorials, others are tutorials by others that I've personally tried and tested. Almost all of these are relatively simple projects that don't need a lot of past sewing experience.

Sometimes these gifts were born of lean years where I needed to use my available resources (i.e. fabric) to create gifts for not only friends, but my kids. And nothing shows real love like a gift you've made with your own hands. I've got a few new ones up my sleeve this year. Good luck with your own creating!

Christmas Projects
Felt Snowflake Tutorial
Peppermint Pinwheel Easy Dresden block

Simple Gifts:

Jedi Robes by

And my favorite non-sewing quick gift is Make-it-Do's stove-top potpourri mix.  It's effortlessly pretty and easy to assemble in mass quantities.
image from Make It Do
Stove-top Potpourri kit

If you're looking for more ideas and inspiration, you may want to check out HGTV's 31 Countdown to Christmas projects.
image from A Glimpse Inside
Good luck and happy gift-giving!

PS If you have links to other great go-to gift ideas and tutorials, leave the links in the comments!


  1. thanks for the gift ideas, Amy!
    Did you know that HGTV has used your mini-stockings in their Countdown to Christmas? It's on Dec. 18th, I think. Congratulations! I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas season.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Amy!! Love your tuts!!:) I love the stove-top potpourri and made it as gifts for a few people last year. Thinking of doing it again this year. Love the smell!! Now heading over to HGTV's website - thanks!

  3. What great ideas, thank you! Especially liking the idea of a magnetic pin bowl!

  4. It's nice to see so many of your ideas in one place. Thanks for all of the suggestions!

  5. Thank for sharing all of your ideas in one place!

    BTW-I am also in Christmas denial!...I mean how could it possibly be December already because I don't know what happened to November.

  6. thanks amy for including my tutorial. :) And I love the roundup!!! your projects always make such cute gifts!!

  7. Thank you, Amy, so many great ideas!

  8. Lots of great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thank you so much for the ideas! You are awesome!

  10. These are great! Thank you, thank you for the quick and easy ideas! :)

  11. Some great ideas there, thanks :o)

  12. I love your quilted table runner. I have made and given away so many of them (and kept a few for myself)! Everyone loves them. Thanks

  13. Your notebook cover is awesome! And, I am about to create one tomorrow. Please feature great classical artworks as gifts like paintings, figurines, sculptures, etc. I've been giving them as gifts on all occasions but I think I've run out of idea. :) I buy my gifts online like ebay, Glasslilies and in art and street galleries.


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