Brights Christmas Quilt

Sewing time has been more scarce than usual (not to mention blogging time) with all the busy-ness of the holiday season. But I managed to squeeze in some sewing recently and I actually have a new finish to share. It’s even a Christmas-y project.

This quilt was created for the shop where I used to work, using lots of prints from Robert Kaufman – mostly Ann Kelle’s Jingle collection with a few other Remix dots, and some Michael Miller Ta Dots. I love the graphic simplicity and cheerful colors of all of these prints (aren’t those snowmen cute?) and it was fun to put them together in a quick quilt.

I used my Retro Christmas pattern (available in the Pattern Shop). I think I like it even more than my original Retro Christmas quilt. I’m trying to figure out why. Maybe because the colors are even more vibrant? I don’t know. This is such a quick project to sew up and it feels satisfying to have something new done. This pattern is very Charm Pack or Layer Cake friendly.

I sat and bound it one night while watching a show with my family on ESPN about Bo Jackson. Brought back lots of memories of living in the early 90’s. And it made me feel a little old. But what on earth does that have to do with Christmas or quilts? Pretty much nothing, other than every time I look at that binding, I’ll think of Bo Jackson. Does anyone else do that – associate a project with the show they were watching at the time they created it?

Kits are sold out. Kits for this quilt are available at American Quilting in Orem, Utah by calling 801-802-7841. The kits contain a variety of fabrics for the blocks, red cornerstones, binding and includes the pattern for only $30. Not included: 2 yards of white to complete the front and 3 1/2 yards for the back.

You can also find Ann Kelle Jingle fabrics and other Remix dots at the Fat Quarter Shop.

I hope you are all faring well with your own seasonal sewing, to-do lists, roasting chestnuts on an open fire, and the like.


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    I love that quilt! I'm hoping to knock one just like it out before Christmas for my brother and sister-in-law. We'll see if that happens. :) I'm using half of a Joy layer cake and sparkly aqua sashing! Should be fun. (I wanted to make myself one too, but I think that will have to wait until next year! But that's what the other half of the layer cake is for.) :)

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    I love that pattern Amy! I have a stack of squares just waiting for my Christmas quilt to be made — {sigh} — doesn't look like it will happen this year though. Maybe I should squeeze it in the week between Christmas and New Year's — then it will be done for next year!

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    Amy, it is beautiful! I&#39;ve had a layer cake of Sparkle All the Way (I think that&#39;s what it&#39;s called) for almost two years now, looking for the perfect quilt to use it in. I think I&#39;ve found it! Hopefully, I can make it work with a layer cake! Thanks for the links to all the great fabrics you used! Such a fun holiday quilt!<br /><br />xo -E

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      P.S. Just clicked over to your Etsy store. I might do the Lattice quilt w/my layer cake, but I still LOVE this one (sew many quilts, sew little time)! Thank you again for the inspiration (and for the links to the awesome fabrics!)

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    Yep…I think you like it better cause it&#39;s brighter but Whoa…those retro prints are da bomb and I can&#39;t wait to final use the ones I got from you!:)<br /><br />Have two small Humbug bags to finish but right now I&#39;m enjoying the company of the boy…he surprised us with an early visit up from Richmond…maybe he knew we needed to see him more this year since the girl won&#39;t be

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    Your quilt is so cute and bright colored for Christmas. :o)<br />Funny thing. My children would ask, &quot;How many Pride and Prejudice <br />movies did it take to bind your quilt?&quot; True story. We measure<br />hand quilting or hand work by how many I watch. ha ha ha. :o)<br />

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    LOVE this! I made your quilt last year from the pattern and retro kit in your shop and it sold out from under me. Maybe Santa will find time to make another yet this year!

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    Yes, I definitely have memories attached to quilts and also to fabrics. Some of the memories are quite odd. I also have fabrics that I have not a clue where they came from! <br /><br />Great quilt!<br /><br />blessings,<br />pam

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    Very cute, I loved this fabric so much I made 2 quilts using Jingle and some remix dots and other prints as gifts. they are currently winging their way back to me from Natalia, bet iIwatch the Food Network binding them.

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    Amy, that is such a beautiful quilt! I love the colors, and LOVE the binding. Another inspiring quilt!!<br /><br />So funny that you mention thinking about Bo Jackson whenever you look at the binding….that kind of thing happens to be ALL the time! Last year I was prepping for a craft fair, sewing along while watching the entire series of Lost – every time I look at one of those project

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    I chose your quilt as my Quilt pattern Spotlight for December.. Link them back to you for further comments and information. Granny Judy at

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    that is just a treat for my eyes. we&#39;re in utah now and would love to get together with your family soon, post-holidays. :) merry christmas!<br />nikki

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    I have often done take along projects when I know I am going to have to wait, for kids getting off work, Doc and dentist appointsments, when I have had to do laundry at a laundry mat, etc. I always remember what I was doing when I was working on those projects! <br />Your quilt is to die for…I love it and the colors!

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    Love it! The pictures made me smile. This project is going on my to do very soon list. Thank you for sharing! My favorite memory of finishing a quilt was when I finished binding my 3rd baby&#39;s quilt while in labor at the hospital. I hung in there with my little needle and thread until it got too painful with my 11 &amp; 1/2 lb baby and no epidural….will never forget that binding! :)

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      Thanks so much for the head&#39;s up Jessica. I didn&#39;t know it was doing that! I tried re-installing the pin it button, but it is only showing up in a single post format for now. sigh. <br /><br />Thanks again for letting me know! And I once bound a quilt while getting induced as well. We are quilting die-hards. :)

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