Fabric pretties + snowflakes

We have had a grey, blah, foggy, smoggy, icy winter in these here parts. Cruddiest winter I can remember. I feel like I’ve relocated to the Planet Hoth. So I’m looking for any kind of color and sunshine I can get my hands on. Even if it comes in fabric form. (Or should I say especially if it comes in fabric form? wink, wink)

This happy bundle, totally fits the bill, don’t you think? I’ve been such a fan of Lizzy House’s Pearl Bracelet design ever since the first teal piece I bought a couple of years ago. And to know it was being printed in every color of the rainbow?? Dreamy. I got this fat quarter bundle from Westwood Acres. So pretty. And cheerful! I know I’m going to need a few of those colors in bigger pieces of yardage before it’s all gone.

Another recent acquisition from Westwood Acres is this fat quarter bundle of Allison Glass’s Bike Path print in her Lucky Penny collection. Such pretty colors and a great blender fabric. I’m getting up the courage to actually open the bundle.

One more recent fabric favorite: Stamped by Ellen Luckett Baker for Kokka. I don’t know what it is that I love so much about this line – between the bright, primary colors (totally me) and the simple graphic design on the linen fabric – but it just calls my name.  I couldn’t resist getting some. I think it was Anna’s bag that first made me fall in love. I may have to shamelessly copy pay homage to that bag. Stamped is available from Pink Castle FabricsDry Goods Designs, and Sew Mama Sew.
For as much as I dislike winter – especially this one – there are some perks. My favorite one being the fact that it’s great stay-inside-and-sew weather. No yard guilt. I don’t want to leave my house at all, so I am sewing up a storm.

Another perk, is occaisional pretty/coolness like these giant snowflake/crystals that covered everything last Friday. I grabbed my camera and tried, with mostly mediocre results, to capture some of the magic. But I got lucky with a few shots. Here’s a little sample of the big, perfect snowflakes that covered everything!

Hope you’re staying snuggly warm (if you’re in the Norther Hemisphere that is) and finding your own silver-lining to this blah time of year.


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    It's funny, the rest of the UK is covered in snow (to the extent that both my parents, who were travelling home from working away in different places yesterday, got stuck on the motorways because lorries were playing silly buggers and getting stuck on the hills. My dad got home at 3 am, and my mum at 4 am, although she was definitely worse off as she'd just left Barcelona at 22C before

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    I&#39;m with you – I do love the winter for the no-guilt sewing time. Not that it stops me in the summer, but this way, I don&#39;t have to worry about yard work. Just some shoveling of snow every now and again.<br /><br />Lovely fabrics. I like playing with bright colors in the winter. Bring my own sunshine into the sewing room!

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    Hi Amy.<br />The snow flake pictures are so pretty.<br />I can&#39;t get over how tiny and perfect <br />each one is!<br />Your fabrics look like lots of fun!<br />A wonderful alternative to the outside<br />chill. Try and stay warm! :o)<br />Trish xo

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    Would be really hard for me to use any of those pretty fabrics. Just wanna drool over them for a while. So ready for winter to be over, but I guess spring is just around the corner!

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    Amy, now you have become a fabric enabler. I just might have to pick up a few of those prints. I did already buy the 1/2 yard stack of the Pearl Bracelets. Aren&#39;t they yummy?

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