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Bloomerie Fabrics
Today I would like to introduce you to a new sponsor, Bloomerie Fabrics. 
Cool Spring Fat Quarter Bundle
Bloomerie is a wonderful online shop specializing in modern designer fabrics (including brand new Type), a handpicked selection of quilt and sewing patterns (which are on sale at the moment!), books, notions (including those cool Wonder Clips!), magazines and embroidery supplies.
Berry Marmalade - Fat Quarter Bundle
Bloomerie also specializes in putting together their own, in-house coordinated fabric bundles.

And today Bloomerie has not one, but two generous giveaways to you kind readers.

First: a $30 e-gift certificate (open to anyone)

Second: magazines… the following issues: Stitch Spring 2013, Stitch Winter 2012, Stitch Autumn 2012 and Haute Handbags Autumn 2012 (open to US only)

To enter to win one of these prizes, visit Bloomerie and come back here and tell me something you’d buy with that gift certificate if you were to win. Giveaway open until Monday, January 21 at midnight, MST. GIVEAWAY CLOSED.

Winners: paulette said…

I would definitely order some Bella solids for a quilt that I am planning…that Venus stole my heart!! thanks for the chance!

Carol D. said…

I would definitely buy the Berry Marmalade collection.
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  1. says

    I like the bundles that they have put together, but I always need bella solids, too. Wish they weren't sold out of the PB&J precuts…. they are too too adorable.

  2. says

    Love this new on-line store. How do I pick? I love all the bundles that they have put together. That is always my challenge of putting fabrics together and they have done the work for me. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. says

    What a pretty store website! If I were lucky enough to win I would definitely pick up some floss from Sublime Stitchery, as well as some Summersville that they currently have on sale for 40% off which is amazing. I also pinned their website to my Pinterest Fabric Sources board so all my followers can check out their great selection!

  4. says

    Love the way they are displaying fabric, I saw so many nice things I had to stop looking 😉 I would love to buy from the Hello Pilgrim range.

  5. says

    Probably Lizzy House Hello Pilgrim Leaves and Berries! I already have the pilgrim stripe for this collection. AND every time I see the leaves and berries it reminds me of " The Most Dangerous Game" I can see it turning into a great quilt for a little boy!

  6. says

    What a great sight! I would definitely have to pick up that Cushion and Dust bundle. So cute! Oh, and anything Marmalade. Love that line. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  7. says

    What a tough decision! First, i was thinking I'd get some novelty prints, because they're tough to find at my LQS. But then I saw that they carry Glamping! I might have to buy that.

  8. says

    I would love some PB &J precuts when they arrive. Although i would probably go for some of your beautiful bundles!!! What a great shop! Thanks for showing them off!

  9. says

    beautiful shop! I've been dying to get my hands on some of that sublime stitching embroidery floss. I'd buy tons of colors to play with!

  10. says

    The Bon Voyage embroidery pattern and some of the sublime floss! My daughter loves Paris and would LOVE anything I embroidered with that :-) …and it just looks like fun!

  11. says

    I'd probably get something boring, like the moda jelly roll in white – shipping costs to Canada are about to get ridiculous, so I'm wishing I'd set in some supplies for basics like that before hand! If I were in the mood to be more adventuresome, I'd maybe get one of those kits with all the aurafil threads. I've never used it, but everyone in blogland is in LUV so I'm

  12. says

    I'm loving that Cool Spring fat quarter bundle you featured at the top of your post! I'm really getting into purple these days after ignoring it for years in my quilts even though it was my favorite color as a kid. I think that Lemon Marmalade bundle would go well with it. Stitch is my favorite sewing magazine–always fun to read and full of great ideas.

  13. says

    OH, Strawberry Marmalade Please! I just LOVE it. That would just be for starters. There are so many others that I love…(Sigh…)<br /><br />

  14. says

    I would buy the Cool Spring Fat Quarter Bundle (LOVE IT!) and the Strawberry Marmalade Fat Quarter Bundle. Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  15. says

    I would get some green cheveron and some more greens to go with it. I am making a quilt for my daughter who will be off to college this fall. Thank you for the chance to win!

  16. says

    I LOVE the new Type line!!! I had no idea it existed until this post. The eyeglasses are calling to me! I was just looking for fabric with glasses on it yesterday. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  17. says

    First, I do so enjoy your blog. What fun it was to look over Bloomerie! The first thing I saw is what I want….Marmalade fabric. I am mulling over a quilt pattern to make with it. Thanks

  18. says

    I&#39;m so happy to find this pretty store! It&#39;s hard to choose, but maybe one of the Marmalade or Sea Glass couture bundles. I do love that new &quot;Type&quot; line, too! Love your blog!

  19. says

    It would take me a while to choose,so many great fabrics.I would probably get some Dottie fabric. thanks for the intro to a great site and the chance to win

  20. says

    Enjoyed visiting all the tabs at the Bloomerie website. The Lucy&#39;s Crab Shack material was calling me. It would be great for making a T-shirt type quilt with outgrown shirts, bottoms, swim suits and even undergarments! The Dutch-Russian embroidery pattern intrigued me too. So many choices!

  21. says

    There are so many great fabrics to choose from. I would probably get a fat quarter bundle. I love the green and yellow in the sprout fat quarter bundle. Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. says

    Spending it is going to be way to easy! I want at least one of everything. But I think I&#39;ll start with some of those adorable bundles. I can already see some wonderful quilts coming from those.

  23. says

    I would definitely spring for the Sea Glass Couture and the Festive Couture fat quarter bundles to make a sweet ombre spring quilt. I love solids!<br /><br />

  24. says

    Oooh, that Cool Spring fat quarter at the top of your post!!! It literally took my breath away when I saw it! I love making quilts for other people….but that quilt would be mine!

  25. says

    I love the in-store put together bundles! I especially love the Cool Spring fat quarters! They actually match a quilt I am working on for my 2 year old girly right now! Thanks for the giveaway! I&#39;ll definitely check out the shop!<br />

  26. says

    Wow, so much to choose from…. I&#39;ve been loooking at the Spring 2013 Stitch and it has LOTS of great makeables, so I would start with that. But what I really want to get my hands on is the new Glamping fabric, which means I would also need the camper stitchery and floss. Oops, I&#39;ve overspent, I&#39;m sure!

  27. says

    It&#39;s hard to choose but I love the Tinsel Fat quarter – Jess&#39;choice….I hope to get the chance to make a nice quilt with !!!

  28. says

    Beautiful fabrics. I&#39;ve been dreaming of some of Sweetwater&#39;s Noteworthy fabrics – especially the &quot;Bucket List&quot; design. Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. says

    I&#39;ve been wanting to try embroidery, so I think I&#39;d pick up some of that great floss. I like the &quot;Fruit Salad&quot; pack. Thanks!

  30. says

    I would have to use it for a couple Marmalade bundles. Just love those bundles. And the pricing is very resonable.<br /><br />rmk815(at)gmail(dot)com

  31. says

    Esprit Folk Art Aurifil Thread Collection is on sale for thirty dollars! a great opportunity to restock my threaed supply with fabulous thread. i would use that gifty for this!

  32. says

    They have so many great products. I love all the custom bundles and patterns. I&#39;m new to quilting and sewing so I love hearing about new companies you feature through your giveaways. Thanks for the change!

  33. says

    There are so many patterns I&#39;d put some serious thought into, particularly a bag… but first, their bundles are so cute… I would have to choose the Porcelain Orchid Cuzco Bundle first.

  34. says

    I love it all, but if I had to choose…either the Fox Hollow Boy Fat Quarter bundle or the Type fabrics. I also drooled over the embroidery kits, as I&#39;m currently teaching my youngest daughter embroidery.

  35. says

    What a generous give away – thank you. I would buy both the strawberry marmalade and blueberry marmalade bundles plus the peasant tope pattern and the embroidery alphabet and some of the sublime threads.

  36. says

    I&#39;d love to try the Wonder Clips, I&#39;ve heard so much about them. Thanks for the intro to the Bloomerie quilt shop, I&#39;ve saved it to favorites so I can indulge later tonight. ;-&gt; Toni Anne

  37. says

    I am such a sucker for charm packs! So I&#39;d go for some of those — Cuzco, 2wenty Thr3e, and the mini-charms of Tapestry and Odds &amp; Ends. Thank you for the chance to win! Thanks also for introducing me to Bloomerie, I&#39;d never seen their store before. :)

  38. says

    It&#39;s boring, but I would probably invest in some of the Bella Solids; I have a really lacking amount of solids in my stash…two. Ha! What a wonderful giveaway btw, I love Bloomerie! I stalk their website all the time &lt;3

  39. says

    I really like the Cool Spring fat quarter pack, featured in the picture you posted. I also love the colors in the Sea Glass Couture fat quarter bundle. And even though I don&#39;t really do much embroidery, I love the colors of her floss skeins.

  40. says

    Oooh what a great shop. Thanks for sharing. If I had a free $30 to spend I&#39;d buy some Fox prints from the Fox Hollow and Walk in the Woods collection for a very special quilt I have in mind.

  41. says

    What a great shop! Thanks for letting us know about it. I like so many of the fabrics and patterns but the embroidery floss looks wonderful! I think I would have to have one of every color!

    • says

      Some of that cool embroidery heavy tracing paper to make my own iron-ons. No fabric! Must say no. But if I didn&#39;t feel guilty about fabric, then some Noteworthy!

  42. says

    Funny you should ask that question today…I was just at Joann&#39;s buying some fleece and the fat quarters were on sale and I just decided on the spur I wanted dto do something wtih blues and greens…and couldnt&#39; find anything that I liked! the Cool Spring is perfect. But I also am dying for Noteworthy so….

  43. says

    I think the taffy pull stitching floss and something from the russian embroidery collection would top my list. Although the spring time colors in the fabrics are a tease too! All so fun!

  44. says

    There was so much I would love to have! Would love to have the Summer Sorbet Quilt pattern or the Feed the Animals coin purses pattern. As for fabrics, I can see Spring table runners made from the Strawberry Marmalade, Cool Spring, or Serenity Fat quarter packs. How can you pick just one?

  45. says

    Amy, I loved the fabric BUT everything, well ALMOST every fabric, I selected was &quot;Sold-Out&quot; I hope they plan to restock because one of the little &#39;peeves&quot; of mine is to shop at some of the newer on-stores but their inventory is so small I end up getting refunded or they simply don&#39;t re-order. Have you spoken with them about this issue? Are they going to restock? If so,

  46. says

    Oh my goodness! So many awesome things, I would definitely get some of that fabric if I won! I love the Fox Hollow Girl – Fat Quarter Bundle, but I would buy more! And some quilt patterns too! Fingers crossed, I might have to get some things before then since I am in love with everything!

  47. says

    I would get some Cushion &amp; Dust and Noteworthy. I was amazed at the fabric collections I saw in this shop that I haven&#39;t run across before. Great selection.

  48. says

    I think I would like the marmalade fat quarter sets and some of the thimbleberries patterns. Very reasonable prices! Looks like a place to come back to again. K-

  49. says

    Oh, My, the choices! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the Typewriter line. I used to type on an old Remington Rand typewriter, way before computers were born and this fabric takes me back to those times.<br />Love all the Bloomerie fabrics though.<br />Thanks so much.<br />Nettie from Spanish Fork, UT

  50. says

    I would totally buy that purple fabric for a quilt I want to make for my granddaughter. Purple is her fave color and this color combo is perfect!<br />Please count me in!<br />

  51. says

    What a great site! 2wenty Thr3e, Glamping, Cushion &amp; Dust, Noteworthy, Type and<br />Sublime Stitching!!! I am in heaven!! January 22 is my birthday, and this would be a wonderful present to me!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!<br /><br />wigglypup2(at)yahoo(dot)com

  52. says

    I like the Shades of Red fat quarter bundle, or the Dutch-Russian embroidery pattern. Thanks for the chance!<br />ellen(at)myerly(dot)net

  53. says

    Very nice shop! I like how they&#39;ve added the embroidery supplies in with all the fabrics. I also like the section where they&#39;ve picked their own bundles. I would have to choose one of the marmalade bundles. Thanks!

  54. says

    Here&#39;s what I would get:<br />Cool Spring FQB<br />Porcelin Orchid Cuzco FQB<br />Some Good Fortune yardage (the Lantern Flower Reflection)<br />Some Cuzco woven geo in Indigo…<br />that&#39;s where I&#39;d start, lol!

  55. says

    Wow this is a fun giveaway! I know that I&#39;d love to buy some yardage of Cuzco prints with money toward the store – it&#39;s just so lovely with the blues and purples – and the magazines sound like they&#39;re full of inspiration.

  56. says

    I spyed some really cute text fabrics but I&#39;m looking for a large print with several colors in it to make a quilt with a slice n dice technique so I think I&#39;d choose Tapestry, Mallorco in Coral.

  57. says

    I would get the 2wenty Thr3e Jelly Roll, a pack or two of the wonder clips, and a couple of mystery scrap bundles. Thanks for the link to the shop – I think I have a new favorite!<br />

  58. says

    What a great shop!I would get the bias ruler (didn&#39;t know this exists but now I need one ;)) and some pretty fabric, like the reunion jelly roll or the berry marmalade fq bundle. Thanks for the giveawy!

  59. says

    The tapestry cobblestone collection and are a bunch of those little scrap packs. That way I would lots of excitment to see what all was in it. Thank you for a chance to enter your giveaway. conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com

  60. says

    I&#39;m getting ready to make a sewing machine cover so I&#39;d buy some fabric for that… Maybe the Sprout Fat Quarter bundle or the Cool Spring Fat Quarter bundle!

  61. says

    Wow! What wouldn&#39;t I buy?! Cool Spring fat quarter bundle, Patina Cuzco fat quarter bundle, Glamping charm pack, Blueberry Marmalade…..there&#39;s so much wonderful stuff to choose from!

  62. says

    Wow! There is a lot to capture the eye. I am about to start a group challenge and am in need of solids so I would go for the Bella Solids in the color of the rainbow.

  63. says

    Thank you for this great giveaway and the introduction to Bloomerie. Love the shop. I would use the gift certificate for embroidery patterns and floss. Great designs and I have not used the floss. Would love to try it.<br /><br />Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  64. says

    There are so many splendid choices! I could really use the reunion jelly roll to make gifts for my family. The Trefle, Paris in Blue would be fantastic for my kids that love everything French. The Little Sprouts quilt pattern and Goddess apron pattern are also calling my name. : ) Thank you for the opportunity!

  65. says

    Besides what I just ordered (a pincushion pattern and the fabulous typewriter keys and letters fabrics), I would buy fabric from the Cuzco collection for a wedding quilt for my nephew and his fiance. It&#39;s just their style!

  66. says

    I&#39;d try and stretch the $35 as far as possible by buying charm packs…scrappy quilts are really my thing and a bunch of different charm packs would be just the thing to simultaneously stir my creativity and add to my stash. :)

  67. says

    There are so many great things to pick, but I would have to say that I would like any of the Marmalade color groups. Also, I would love to try the Russian embroidery patterns.

  68. says

    I LOVE the kitchy-kitchen-utensils-orange, but I&#39;d also have to get the cushions and dust fat quarter bundle. I&#39;d love to win! Thanks for the opportunity! They look like a great new resource for me!!<br />

  69. says

    I could have a cart-full in a heartbeat! Maybe some more type-love that line! And she has some fantastic sale fabrics. Love the cushion and dust fat quarter bundle. Thanks for the giveaway and the sharing this new to me online shop.

  70. says

    So many pretty fabrics! I&#39;d love to get some Marmalade and Cuzco.<br /> <br />Thank you and Bloomerie for a super giveaway and a chance to win.<br /><br />usairdoll(at)gmail(dot)com<br /><br />

  71. says

    Lots of pretty fabrics! I&#39;d love to get some Marmalade and some Cuzco!<br /><br />Thank you and Bloomerie for an awesome and generous giveaway and a chance to win. Two winners! Woot! Woot! You Rock!<br /><br />usairdoll(at)gmail(dot)com

  72. says

    I would love to use a voucher for a few of her lovely mini bundles! I like Petite berry (can&#39;t remember the name, and I have closed the window!) and Tangerine Cream, and Cuzco Patina, as some. I also love how Bloomerie has the fabrics searchable by color!

  73. says

    Oh my goodness Amy,too many adorable things to choose from. If I had to choose I think I would start with the &quot;Apples to Oranges&quot; sewing kit pattern.Thanks for the information on this site. By the way I just purchased &quot;Easy Quilts&quot; Spring 2013. Love your pattern in it. You rock.<br />Harriet J

  74. says

    I saw a great pattern – Marta Studio bin sewing pattern – I would start with that and get all the supplies I need to make some bins to organize myself. Thanks for the give away!

  75. says

    Great giveaway! I would choose a small packet of wonder clips and some Moda Precuts, I think. But there is so much to choose from; I am spoiled for choice!

  76. says

    Great giveaway! I would choose a small packet of wonder clips and some Moda Precuts, I think. But there is so much to choose from; I am spoiled for choice!

  77. says

    I would buy a few of the Marmalade &amp; Gypsy Girl charm packs. Thank you so much for showing me this site, I never knew it existed and they have a lot of REALLY pretty fabric!

  78. says

    I would buy a few of the Marmalade &amp; Gypsy Girl charm packs. Thank you so much for showing me this site, I never knew it existed and they have a lot of REALLY pretty fabric!

  79. says

    There&#39;s so much I would like to buy! In this case, I would select some of the boy-directed half-price fabrics to make boy and man quilts for my charity quilting. So many fabrics are definitely feminine that finding bright, cheerful fabrics I can use would be fantastic. My quilt guild gives quilts to families at a transition-from-homeless center and to men aging out of foster care; we have

  80. says

    I would love to buy the shades of red bundle. Red is my favorite color. I am in the process of kicking off a new home business which will focus on gift ideas for weddings, baby showers, graduations, etc.. and am trying to increase my stash of fabrics for all the new patterns I am creating!

  81. says

    I love this site–glad you are making it known! The embroidery patterns, especially the camping one (for my hubby who likes the idea of camping) and the fabrics (gotta get some Posy yardage to go with the charm and mini charms I just got). What isn&#39;t there to like about Bloomerie! Thanks for the chance to win!

  82. says

    As a new quilter, I&#39;d get the argyle pattern (I loooooove argyle!) and some fun small print fabrics in bright colors. I just can&#39;t narrow it down now, there are too many gorgeous prints!

  83. says

    Actually, you have it shown above I think : I&#39;m in love with the Strawberry Marmalade Fat Quarter Bundle … Nice shop by the way and Lucy&#39;s Crab Shack fabrics are on sale 😉

  84. says

    I would get the Michael Miller Color Card! I&#39;m a longarm quilter, so that would add to my thread color cards…and I&#39;m really into solids, and fabrics that read as solids, these days!

  85. says

    I would buy the Fox Hollow Boy and Girl Fat Quarter Bundles. They would coordinate with the woodland themed quilts I am making for two of my cousins who are having babies. Over the last year 11 people I know have had babies, and now another 5 are pregnant, I can&#39;t sew fast enough, And my fabric stash is getting low .These fabrics are so cute!

  86. says

    The fat quarter bundles are so beutiful! I would spend the gift card on some of these. I love the Tapestry Cobblestone, the Berry Marmalade and the Blueberry Marmalade. Oh, and the Tangerine Cream is cute, too, and considering orange is my least favorite color, that is saying a lot!

  87. says

    Maybe some Noteworthy and Marmalade fabric … or the wonder clips… of maybe some of the Japanese fabric. I don&#39;t know- too many great choices!

  88. says

    Fabric. A fat quarter bundle or perhaps a charm pack. I would have a hard time deciding which fabric because I love them all; however, the Berry Marmalade sure looks lovely!

  89. says

    I&#39;d pick up some of the Type Pencils and Glasses, and some of the Marmalade stripes! Perhaps some embrodery floss… I have a feeling I&#39;d end up spending quite a bit more than the $30 gift card!

  90. says

    I&#39;d pick up the remaining 1/2 yard of Far, Far, Away in Natural and then perhaps some fabric from the Blenders and Basics section.

  91. says

    Oh Amy, I am new to quilting and had never heard of Bloomerie until your post. After checking out their website I am in love. The Fox Hollow series caught my eye and I would love to do a quilt with those woodland critters for new baby. Fingers crossed…. Deidre as redcricut.

  92. says

    I was drawn to the Lipstick Couture and Sea Glass bundles. They would be fabulous for baby dresses with piping and in similiar color fabric print for the skirt bottoms. I also liked V and Co ombre jelly roll…that would be awesome for pleated pillows or modern strippy quilts.

  93. says

    I am drawn to the Lipstick Couture and the Sea Glass Couture bundles. They would be great as tops for infant dresses with piping and printed fabric skirts. I also like V and Co ombre jelly roll.

  94. says

    Too many to choose from… the win would only get me started! I love the Darling, the Type, well the list goes on. I would love! the mags too. Too cool a giveaway! I&#39;ve got my fingers crossed, because I&#39;ve never won anything in my life. LOL

  95. says

    I&#39;m really contemplating buying the Esprit Folk Art Aurifil Thread Collection by Marianne Byrne-Goarin or some type vintage typewriters…hmmm

  96. says

    &quot;Glamping&quot; by Moda is what I&#39;d run right out and buy with that gift certificate if I were to win! Cute campers, tents and glamor girls – my kind of camping!

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