Support your local quilt shop + a trunk show

Did you know that tomorrow, January 24, is Support Your Local Quilt Shop Day? It is. You can even tell your loved ones, who for some strange reason, may think you already have too much fabric, patterns,buttons, etc. I know that you were probably planning to scrub the grout between the tiles in your shower or sort your socks, but you really must set aside those distractions and do your civic duty and stimulate this fragile economy.
So in honor of SYLQSD I thought I’d share a weekend adventure from one of my own Local Quilt Shops (LQS). I’m pretty lucky- I have a great selection of LQS’s within a pleasant distance from my house. One of them is called Broadbents and it’s in an old ‘department’ store that was originally built in 1882 in Lehi, Utah. 
It’s gradually been added on to over the years, and now part of it contains a great quilt shop. There is a lot of personality in that store. Not to mention a cool vintage sign outside.

I was invited to come share some of my quilts and my own quilting journey on Saturday morning at a meeting of the Utah County Modern Quilt Guild. First of all, some beautiful show and tell. Lots of projects from a recent half-square triangle challenge. I’m so in love with using that coral color as a contrasting solid!

 Love the placement on this one.
 Another way cool layout.
 This one by Anna is from a Moda Bake Shop tutorial.
Loving the HST’s with the charcoal gray too.
This monogram was made entirely of scraps by Jill. (The person in the background with the camera was there representing a local newspaper. I haven’t seen the article yet. But I’m curious to see what comes of it and if she thought we were total weirdos.)
Then it was my turn to share a little about my quilts, my quilting philosophy and my quilt journey. (While the photographer is getting a great shot of my armpit.)

My friend Sydney took these pictures for me. I learned a lot about myself as I looked at them. Like apparently, I talk with my hands. Well, I knew that already, but now here’s photographic proof. This quilt is inspiring my “jazz hands” look.

 And I make a lot of weird faces when I talk. 
Finally, me showing off my air-guitar skills with a table runner. 
(Not really.)

Thanks again Utah County MQG for inviting me to come hang out! So many fun people to visit with. Thanks to all those who came and for all the pretty inspiration. I really need to go back.

Now, don’t be a party pooper tomorrow! Go support your Local Quilt Shop. Guilt free. 😉


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    You have some really pretty quilts, which is why I follow your blog! =) I love them. I also liked your faces and that you shared them! You are darling and made me smile.

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    our stores are not nearly as great as the stores in Utah. I'm going to Road to California quilt show this week. Hoping to find some great things there and get lots of ideas and inspiration

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    What fun times! Thanks for sharing and I will have to visit a local quilt shop too. We used to have a lot more in our area, but so many have closed the last couple of years. It's really sad. Now I really have to search for them.

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    I love Broadbent's! They are my closest local quilt shop. For some reason I always forget about them though. What is up with that? I alway find something I love when I go there but they just aren't on my radar much. I need to get over there tomorrow I guess. Along with a few others maybe? Thank you for reminding me!

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    I think the &quot;weird faces when you talk&quot; are great. And I love that quilt with the vivid coral fabric! I really don&#39;t have enough solids in my stash.<br /><br />Speaking of which, now that you&#39;ve ordered me to go fabric shopping tomorrow (I&#39;m going to tell my husband that it&#39;s all your fault), can you give some general advice as to how much of each fabric one should buy

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      Such a good question. I&#39;m the same as you – I usually buy a half yard or a FQ of a new print that I like and it&#39;s almost always plenty because I like my quilts scrappy. But having a good selection of &#39;solid&#39; background fabrics is such a good idea. I would buy at least a couple yards of something that you like, maybe 3-4 if you&#39;re going to use it for a bigger quilt. My go-to

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    I love all these quilts and would someday love to make a large quilt. As they say though starting small is best. So since I need a table runner for spring that is what I am going to start with. Don&#39;t have any idea what to do after I buy fabric or even how much fabric to buy, but I&#39;m up for the challenge. Thanks for the idea.

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    Great show and tell and funny comments!! I too always find I talk with my hand and have this sideways thing going on with my mouth…oh and the shruggy shoulder thing. Who knew I did that :) Thanks for starting my morning with a laugh!

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    Amy, I love your blog because of the color. I haven&#39;t found any other blog that has as much color that I love! I have made three of those runners you were doing the air guitar on. Thanks for sharing that tutorial. It&#39;s quick and easy, yet looks so complicated!

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    What a great group to be a part of and all those quilts are gorgeous! I was also excited to come across a post on Broadbents out in bloggyland! When I visit my hometown of Pl. Grove I love to stop at Broadbents with my mom and shop for quilting fabric.

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    Oh Amy you are so funny! Thanks for sharing all those great pics – lots of inspiration. Been meaning to ask – how&#39;s your Dad getting on?

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    Oh so many lovely quilts and beautiful colors! Thanks for sharing this, Amy! I talk with my hands too. I&#39;ve tried to stop over the years but I&#39;ve come to the conclusion that it&#39;s just a part of your communication style. I think it shows you&#39;re passionate and animated about what you do.

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    Beautiful quilts, Amy- thanks for sharing! I will be making a trip to my local quilt shop tomorrow. They&#39;re running a great sale on all fat quarters- can&#39;t hardly pass that up!!:)

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    What beautiful quilts. Looks like it was a fun place to be. No quilt shops or fabric shops of anytype closest is an hour to a walmart with fabrics otherwise 2 hours to a Joanns fabric store.

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    Oh my goodness! Hahaha, I love your commentary on your pictures. The jazz hands and the air guitar had me laughing really hard.<br />Beautiful blog, glad I found you! I&#39;m not a quilter (yet), but I love the tradition of quilt making and the beauty of quilts. When I got married almost 6 years ago, we were given 2 quilts, 1 made by my sister-in-law, and one made by the ladies of my husband&#39;

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